Laguna Redang Island Resort

Laguna Redang Island Resort

Laguna Redang Island Resort is certainly a great place to stay at. The view of the beach there is just amazing.

laguna redang island resort beach

laguna redang island resort beach bar

Honestly, who wouldn’t be fascinated by the mesmerizing sun, soft white sand and crystal-clear water? I bet almost every one will be thinking of stripping nude and just run frantically into the sea – except me, of course.

Overall, the facilities are excellent. Cozy rooms, relaxing surroundings – it makes us feel like home. How I wish I can have this lifestyle forever.

laguna redang island resort rocky beach

The beach right outside the resort is an ideal place for seashell hunting, as demonstrated by my friends. Just look at them.

laguna redang island resort seashell hunter

They were too indulged in their search for seashells – even when I screamed “SHARK!” loudly, they ignored me and kept on staring into the water. Eesh!

laguna redang island resort girls

For your info, I was their guardian during the trip – I protect them from the other perverted guys in the group. You know why – it’s because guys these days… *sighs*… never mind.

The front part of the sea is pretty shallow, allowing us to roam around easily. However, Chu was kinda nervous that he almost drown – luckily I was there to save him.

laguna redang island resort drowning

Chu, you owe me. ;)

Well it’s fun to be at the seaside. Wonderful scenery and yummy salty water. By the way, my apologies for not including pictures of sexy bikini girls at Redang. Also, for your information, is absolutely a clean blog!

laguna redang island resort group

Group picture – Kira, Ken, Lysa, Adrian, Chu, April & Wing.

Another favourite location at the Laguna Redang Resort is the swimming pool.

laguna redang island resort swimming pool

We always jump into the pool after our snorkeling aka shark hunting sessions. There is a Jacuzzi too! It feels so orgasmic when the bubbles enter my swimming trunk.

Anyway, we attempted a stunt at the swimming pool too.

laguna redang island resort stunt

Well, my shoulders kinda ached after that due to the numerous attempts to get the best shot! Nevertheless, it’s a great shot! The guy in the middle is totally awesome!

No no, not the one on top, not Adrian… I meant the guy at the middle bottom – the one with his head in between the legs of the top guy. Yeah, yeah – THAT guy! Awesome right?! =D

Oh yeah, we managed to see a male monkey. It was jumping along the beach, probably hungry I guess. Spotting a monkey at Redang was pretty rare and fortunately – we got a photo of him.

laguna redang island resort monkey

Since he’s so cute, we decided to buy some food for him. But guess what we saw along the way.

laguna redang island resort monkey notice

Yeah, please do not feed the monkey. So we didn’t. He’s probably still starving at this moment. Sorry, monkey!

Anyway, if you haven’t been to Redang Island, visit now before the sea gets more polluted. And yes, I’d definitely love to go there again! =)

54 thoughts on “Laguna Redang Island Resort

  1. hey there..u got went to medan kidd today?

    or mayb i see wrong people…

    cause I cant really regconise you but i saw a guy which look quite similar to you today

  2. LOL

    “I was their guardian during the trip by protecting them from other preverted guys in the group”

    haha are you sure you are not preverted too :P ?

  3. woh ken… u’re a real gentlemen protecting the ladies from urself… real restraint on ur part… XD

    And i wasnt drowning u monkey!

  4. Lol! Come la we go. But we have to do EXTREME STUFF! XD

    your blog a clean blog?? A 80 year old toilet which has never been washed before also cleaner :P

    Nice one, beach monkey!

  5. whoa~~ i m sure it’s not cheap to stay in that resort based on their facilities..hmm..but would love to travel to there in the coming days..

  6. I would love to visit there. Plan to bring my mom and baby brother, maybe next year. Want to go to a nice place with wonderful people :D My older brother betrayed us as he went there all by himself (with his friends) *pff*

  7. No, not awesome. Adrian? Should have just jumped and ricochet on your head! HAHAAAAAA.
    & oh please Ken, being so modest – I think you're the perverted pervert who's dramatically "protecting" the beautiful alluring females in luscious bikinis. HAHAAAAAAA.

  8. monkey ken ~~
    I believe he’s getting fatter and fatter now that he knows how to buy food for himself =)

  9. I think it must have been very fun leh. Unfortunately I can’t go to Redang anytime soon. *Praying it will stay clean*

  10. What a good laugh, no feeding the monkey…
    And you guys had have a wonderful Redang trip, thanks for being my tour guide!

  11. Looks like you had an enjoyable time! Redang is definitely a nice place to go!

    Btw, if I make more than one comment at your McD post, does that count?

  12. oh man…..way cool. i have to get some day off as well…..been weeks bro. how’s life treating ya. cheers and god bless :)

  13. hahaha, so you are the beach monkey??

    BTW, the rocky rocks picture is postcard quality. *2 thumbs up*

  14. haiyo of coz nice la..
    if nt mistaken my fren told me laguna is the most expensive.. i only stay at redang bay leh

  15. Wow, I shld promote and sell this place for the Russian. All they wanted is Langkawi and KK. Pffttt. Btw, how’s the room ya? Do u have pic of it? (Sorry for too much qn, working in Russian Market Inbound Travel agency here) =)

  16. haha…
    learn chinese lar!!!
    haha…orang cina tapi tak boleh baca cina..LOL
    y every1 is goin thr tis year?

  17. please keep your clothings and belongings indoor at night.. the monkeys are stealing them??please do not feed the monkeys.. you think you can exchange your clothings and belongings from them with food?? don’t be silly..

  18. It’s a very beautiful place, looks like you had so much fun out there.

    Hmmm, that a nice beach for cute bikinis! =P

  19. Nice pictures captured :) Like the one where the guy stands on his friend in the swimming pool. Luckily, there was no swimmer around that can knock that guy over. Huhu. And I wish I could go there…

  20. Really, paradisaical. Who wants to leave a place like this right? Maybe not even the workers want to leave. :)
    Hope I can visit while there’s a place to swim…

  21. Hi Kenwooi
    What a beautiful resort. Where exactly is it?

    It looks like you all had fun there…and behaved yourselves???

    Happy Days

  22. wow… redang trip! i wanted to go this month but can't make it >.< sigh… my housemate going this weekend sad

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