Imagine The World Without Computers

Imagine The World Without Computers

Have you ever wondered how the world would be without the existence of high-tech everyone-is-using-it-now computers?

I bet it isn’t only me who can’t live without a computer – in fact, everyone has and needs a computer. Today, the “Computer Phenomena” has massively infiltrated almost all houses and buildings worldwide! If you don’t know what a computer is, you must be living in a cave. Go hunt a fox and burn it!

Eh, I think that’s how Firefox was invented! =D

The computer, together with the Internet, is a main source of accessing the virtual world of information and communication – connected with wires, cables and even through air across the globe.

For almost all of us, living without the computer’s communication services is like living in the olden days – chatting, file sharing and online interaction won’t be possible. Also, without a computer, everything is not automated and you have to do everything manually – using up papers and extra resources which is totally against the Earth going green.

Imagine how Facebook would be like without the computer. Perhaps every one would need to purchase a book with their face on it, and walk around writing on other people’s books or even their house Wall.

facebook wall 1

facebook wall 2

facebook wall 3

Without the computer, there won’t be Google either. Even if Google exists without the Internet, people will have to walk to a Google outlet and ask questions. They would be lining up to “Google” their daily problems.

google stall

And imagine how would blogs be without the computer? I bet everyone must be writing on a piece of paper and everyday people would walk to your house just to read that damn pieces of papers.

Or even worse, blog wouldn’t even have existed and people would go: “Huh? What’s a BLOG? Bi, Les Or Gay?

As a Computing and IT student majoring in Software Engineering, I totally depend on my computer (or laptop) to do my work. If I were to pursue this course without my own personal laptop, I’d definitely be labeled as: “Computing Student FAIL

computing student fail

Seriously, which Computing student doesn’t own a personal computer? And if I don’t own a computer, wouldn’t have existed too!

Furthermore, without a computer, I can’t do my assignments, play with Photoshop, interact easily with friends, engage in INTI-UC’s hostel Pathetic Online by Extreme Broadband (EBB), surf the web, blog and most importantly – keep in touch with the latest and hottest news.

Okay, maybe without the computer, I’d probably be doing something more… enjoyable and pleasuring in my room. Like this…

hostel room

Wait wait, before you dirty-minded minds start to get crooked…

reading book

It’s just reading a JAVA book okay! And it’s certainly enjoyable.

What were you thinking? Tsk tsk tsk.

Oh yeah, if someone tells me that MTV means Malaysia TeleVision, I’d probably believe it. But obviously I know that it’s Music TeleVision – because I’ve just “Google”-d to confirm. Heh!

Therefore, I would like to thank Charles Babbage, the father of computers, for his contribution that has led to the development of today’s awesome computers! Your great grand-computers love you! =)

61 thoughts on “Imagine The World Without Computers

  1. lol..ok! So i have a dirty mind! *tsk tsK*

    But anyways, i guess each and everyone of us is so glued to the computer and internet man..
    Even my 5 years old niece knows how to google the latest release of barbie dolls…and request them as birthday presents from us..(&#(!@^$^36~

  2. What else if you're on a bed and in that position. Definitely reading, right!

    I like that wall post man. LOL~

  3. Haha :D Yeah! Computers have certainly been a part of us right now. But then again….I thing I can still live without it.

  4. Think I already feel the cold. No computer????? I will lost my job, no life, no fren, no makan foods to share,

    OMG! I'll die lar!

  5. No computers?

    No problem.

    Steampunk universe for the win.

    Tubes, steam engines, bolts and gears. Awesomeness.

  6. Nice post! I've voted for you! : )

    LOL at your definition of BLOG!

    MTV = Malaysian TV? Haha!

    I think computer is a must in this modern world. But for me, I won't die if no computer. Will die of no handphone. Haha!

  7. I dun nid to imagine my life without pc/laptop or my netbook…I just need to go to MIL house, then I oredi can experience it!

  8. Now ain't that an adorable sight, your pillow case I mean. HAHA.

    & it's true though, yes imagine how life's gonna be without computers and internets. Yet again, what if they never existed? Just an example though, they wouldn't even know what's a google or Facebook walls. HAHA.

    & computer ain't all good anyway. Because of computers, most people on earth are becoming lethargic no-thanks to the wonderful inventions and creations and technology – making humans lazier.
    It's like cars and escalators, walking and running for humans making us having less exercise-sumptions. HAHA.

  9. Internet is the main reason for such rapid advancement in human race…i think…


    If not, its impossible for someone SMS'ed me early 7 o'clock in the morning telling Michael Jackson has seriously died!!! :P

  10. You better have sex with him back! Or else you'll be flooded with….MEAT!

    Heh….that would be nice.
    But hey, if there were no computers we would be used to it, though this doesn't mean that we would enjoy it. And still I agree that the excessive rely on computers made us less sociable (at least some of us) so I don't think it could be all bad being less dependent.

  11. Imagine life without computers…
    – All papers and journals have to be searched in the libraries, which will take much more time.
    – Can't Google as I wish from time to time. I will ask: what is google? Swimming google a?
    – Can't email. Apply jobs through letters, every day will sit beside the post box and wait for letters.
    – Can't play Facebook's poker online: I'll rugi teruk teruk if I play with real cash.
    – Can't read local newspaper online while I'm in Singapore.
    – Can't check for lowest airfares and pay it online conveniently.
    – You can't share this post, and I can't reply your post as now what I'm doing.

    But on the other hand, computer makes me become lazier, sigh…

  12. I like ur blog entry! I mean Bi Les or Gay!! LOLLLLLLLL

    and yeah just gave u a thumb-up cause u deserve it^^

  13. Nice writing. If I were to answer that question, I would say 'computers' as well but many people will just think of handphones. Hmmm…

  14. Thumbs up Kenwooi.

    Take this post as your special assignment for your course and get an extra A. Can?

  15. It's a shame that the MTV contest didn't support your pictures – they add a lot to the wit and humor of the post.

    Thumbs up for the good read and the blog love. :)

  16. if my world has no computers i think my life would be worst than urs.. hehehe~~ good post. i voted for ya.

  17. Done it! (the thumbs up, I mean.) The 2 pictures of writing on your house wall if there's no facebook made me laugh out loud. I love that! :D

  18. It is hard to survive without computers now. However I miss days without computer, where love letter is sent by post instead of email, people hire spy when stalking (not googling the person), or go fishing instead of fishing on Facebook…
    Nevertheless.. computer still very important. but computer is useless without google :P

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