Ipoh Food: Sun Seng Fatt Curry House

Ipoh Food: Sun Seng Fatt Curry House

If you’re looking to have noodles, especially curry noodles, in Ipoh, here’s a great place for you to stop by – Ipoh Sun Seng Fatt Curry House.

ipoh sun seng fatt

It’s located in the old town area of Ipoh, quite nearby to Nam Heong.

ipoh sun seng fatt menu

From the name “Curry House”, you can basically say that their main dishes are related to curry. For example, curry noodles, duh!

ipoh curry mee

There are other types of dishes – dry hor fun, soup hor fun, curry hor fun, kai si (shredded chicken) hor fun and whatever fun you want.

ipoh hor fun

Hor fun is a type of flat noodles.

Also, you can try bee hoon noodles – a type of thin fine noodles. Again, you can get it dry, soup or curry. The choice is yours!

ipoh curry mee

Do try out their dumplings too – quite huge.

ipoh dumpling

Ideally, you can drop by this place for breakfast or lunch. One advanced thing about Sun Seng Fatt is that they use PDA to take your orders – unlike most eateries in town. High-tech huh?


54 thoughts on “Ipoh Food: Sun Seng Fatt Curry House

  1. have been a patron of this place for many years whenever I visited Ipoh, but sadly, I;m afraid that its standard has dropped. Still worth an eat though. ^_^


  2. whats the point of using pda to take orders? so they can ‘tweet’ the order to the chef?hehe

    hey,thats kinda a good idea..u send direct tweet to the chef,and tweet what people ordered…and put that on tv in the shop.that way,people can see what others are eating(and get some ideas)..even if they are at home! that would be a cool idea..

  3. wow look nice, this is not a good post for me to read now >”<

    is making me hungry,

    btw should try when i am back to Ipoh XD

  4. Eat curry for breakfast? Erm….no thanks.

    Sun Seng Fatt Curry House? Do they sell fat(t) curry?

    And I believe that you have to state that, even though the house name is “Curry House”, they sell curry….don’t underestimate human kind stupidity…

  5. Olla Ken,

    Thanks for commenting on RnR (bukan tempat rehat di highway tu tapi restnrileks ye.. haha)

    Oh my, the shop is generous with prawns. Look awesome!!

    When it comes to mee, i love mee kari the most compared to mee sup, mee jawa, mee rebus or laksa.

    I dont mind having curry for breakfast, but not curry as in a mee, but like roti jala with curry or roti canai with curry. : )

    It is interesting to hear that they are using PDA. Hey it is good, they are going Green. Less papers used. : )

    Orait Ken, have a great weekend and do have a great day everyday ya

  6. Yum! Yum! You’re not from Ipoh, are you? Thought you’re from Johore or something …What a coincidence! I also posted on those meat dumplings in my post today – we call them pian sip here!

  7. Kenwooi..why U want to “kill me”..with such a yummiiiiii…..good food..wow..you have here so many topics..good to read..and also I like I lot youre themplate..Nice work,you did here indeed..

    PS..my site is in romanian language btw..you can return to kamasutra..:))

    Have a beautiful week-end..!

  8. So long time no go eat ‘sui jiao’ lo .. erm, how much ha the dumpling there ? @ my place so ‘gui’ leh .. 10 biji in 1 mangkuk cost me 3 ringgit + (>.<)" ..

  9. owh! I THINK I’ve been here before! Food there was great! Ipoh has lotssssaaa good food man! Got white coffee, fried kuei tiao, custard .. and!! i remembered eating pork satay somewhere around Ipoh too! Should explore that area more often~ ;D

  10. hey there, just found out your blog,
    are you Ipohnian ?
    actually that place also quite famous for it’s dry curry chicken mee if i not mistaken ,
    maybe you can give it a try …

  11. Yum yum! Makes me want to organize a road trip to Ipoh :D It’s so cute that they use PDA to take customer’s orders. High tech kopitiam ;)

  12. Haha! Really high tech lorr..
    I really miss the food in Ipoh larr.. I visited Ipoh twice but I tried most food during my second visit. There’s this Chicken Hor Fun (don’t know the exact name) very very nice. I miss that super a lot! Hopefully will get the chance to go back there and try out more food.
    I miss the Heong Peng there too :( Nehh, the one with purple packaging.

  13. it opens till 3pm only and closes on fridays.

    yea the dumplings are quite huge compared to other eateries in town. they’re more worthwhile i surmise.

    lets go Yeolde English on your next and final homecoming from INTI! =D

  14. WOW… i never been here before la.. must go one of these days… i always frequent back the same old shops for my breakfast and lunch…do post up more food outlets when u come back to ipoh… :)

  15. Dude, can the above food beat Penang’s delicacies? =) Oh and by the way, I’d suggest the tag cloud from my blog that’d look great in yours. It’s originally a WordPress feature converted to Blogger. Thanks a lot for spending your precious time at my blog! ;-)

  16. Wow! So hi tech? Use PDA to take your orders?

    Ooh! The food looks so delicious! I like those prawns!! Yummy!

    And those dumplings too! Are they prawn dumplings? My favourites!! : )

  17. omg~~
    started to miss Ipoh food..
    family going this coming weekend.. gonna miss it *sob sob*
    cos i hv to Work.. ARGH!~!!!!!!!!!!

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