Leaving INTI University College

Leaving INTI University College

I woke up in the morning thinking of what to do – assignments, projects, study? No, no more. Why? It’s because I’m unofficially (the convocation is in November) graduated from my course. I finished my last paper on Tuesday 7pm. I felt relieved, yet at the same time emotional – my years in INTI have finally come to an end.

It has been more than 3 years being stuck in INTI University College. Started off with Foundation in Business & Information Technology for a year, then proceeded to my Degree, Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering, the next 2 years plus. Time really passes by without us realizing huh?

2006: The first year in INTI was okay, studies were alright since Foundation was quite simple. I can recall my initial feeling when I stepped foot in INTI, my first class and the first batch of classmates. It was a totally new environment and that was the first time I stayed away from my family. No, I didn’t cry like a girl okay!

inti foundation students

Due to the majority of Chinese-speaking students, I didn’t settle down that easily. Yes, I admit, I’m a banana. But thanks to my classmates, I picked up Mandarin. Well, just basic words and pronunciation – not writing and reading. I suck at it.

I got elected as the chairperson of INTI Concert Band as well, probably due to the experiences I attained during the days back in high school band, Michaelian Military Band. Long story short, I enjoyed being a part of the band even though it’s somewhat a small band.


My foundation year finished off well. Great result and I decided to enroll myself in Software Engineering for Degree the following year. Don’t ask me why I took that, I’m not really sure myself.

inti university college computing

2007: In my second year in INTI, which is also my first year in Degree, things went well. Studies got a little harder but thankfully I still managed to cope with it. It felt good to be a Computing & IT student but the bad thing is, the girls are missing! Okay, I know, girls rarely find interest in computing matters. Yeah, I’m stereotyping!

inti degree students

Ratio of boys : girls = 5 : 1. All the girls ran to business and engineering already. Sad case huh?

Towards the end of the year, I got myself into 12th INTIMA, the student government body – 12th term of course. Met more new people and got to work, no salary unfortunately, with great people – students, staffs and higher management alike.

inti student council intima

2008: Things went well too in the third year – I mean, how bad could life be right? It’s just the same old routine – you wake up, go to class, meet some people, play and go to bed. And that repeats every day, unless that’s a holiday lah. *WooHoo no class tomorrow*

inti students

Okay back to topic. The Degree second year was okay lah. B and Cs started to appear in my result transcripts but they were still good enough to retain my scholarship. Oh yeah, I’m a holder of INTI’s 50% Achievement Scholarship. Definitely lessen my parents’ financial burden! *Thank you Dr. Sia*

A huge part of my life in INTI was contributed to INTIMA. Spending most of my time in the office and working with clubs and societies; the workload doesn’t seem to end. However I’m very grateful for being there – it made me improve myself.

inti intima speech

Therefore, my schedule got a little busier than usual. Juggling between studies and involvement in INTIMA was pretty tricky, especially when you have 5 subjects and 2 major events in a particular semester. Nevertheless, I managed to pull it off.

intima name card

Yeah, I was the Treasurer during the 12th INTIMA term. No no no, I know what you’re thinking! I didn’t get richer okay…?

2009: My final year in INTI. Things were great except for the screwed-up lecturers I got. I practically didn’t know what was taught in class at all, or maybe, just maybe, I was a little, just a little little lazy. Honestly! No? Alright, I was lazy and I procrastinated a lot. But the results I got didn’t show any signs of deterioration. My parents were proud of me, so did I – of myself of course. Heh! ;)

My Double-Module Project presentation, VIVA, went pretty well. The supervisors were good and I think my system and presentation were okay. But it’s entirely up my 1st supervisor, he might just fail me because I didn’t treat him McValue Lunch.

inti final project viva documentation

This is my Double-Module Project Final Documentation. Thick-ass money-sucking report!

The final year was also one hell of a roller coaster ride. When you think you know something, the next thing you know – is that you know nothing at all. That happens during exams period. I dislike exams; they make me feel stupider – because I can’t answer every single question on the paper.

During my last paper, as I waited for the exam time to end, I kept thinking. Thinking of the wonderful people I’ve met, the friendships I’ve formed – and also some assholes I’ve encountered. There are many types of people, seriously many. You may get to know their existence by walking pass them every day and go “Oh yayaya, I see him before” when your friends mention about that someone. In fact, not everyone will end up knowing your full name or even the exact spelling of your name!

inti friends

So yeah, I’m glad that I’ve friends who walked me through my life in INTI, especially close friends and those who offered help when I’m in need. Words can’t describe how much I cherish the friendships I’ve made. But sadly, we’ll all be apart now. Hopefully we’ll be able to meet up somewhere in KL again lah, or even better – UK. Who is rich that time must sponsor me okay?

inti friends

To those I’ve met and not got to know better, it has been a pleasure knowing you all. And to those I’ve got to know better, you’ve been such great friends!

inti friends

We’ll keep in touch with Facebook okay? Do drop me a line or two if you miss me. But please lah, don’t spam my Wall okay?

So that’s it – the end of another chapter of my life. What lies ahead of me now? Probably a super-high salary job – that’s the only thing I could think of now. Or Masters? Study again? Can’t decide now anyway.

Till then, take care everyone! =)

67 thoughts on “Leaving INTI University College

  1. my fren here has juz finished his uni life.. so jealous.. haha..>..< juz wish u luck 4 ur upcoming working life or maybe ur return 2 study master? =]

  2. Well, good luck in your future……..
    Going to miss you…..
    Keep in touch….
    If got time, come back and visit us……haha XD

  3. Awwwww, you do know this is one of your longest post’s right?
    Most of the time you entries are quite elaborated but this time, hehe, means something obviously mustn’t be elaborated
    Hmmmmm, I wonder how is it gonna be for me when I go Sunway, what do you think about IMU? XDD

    & apaalahhhh, less girls doesn’t mean much what
    most importantly, acquainted friends :DDDD

    & FARK LOOK AT YOUR thick-ass money-sucking report :)

  4. Hi Ken, great Post! from the day u entered college till the final papers.. looking forward to seeing your graduation pics over here …
    So u r from Inti too .. tough years but u have managed through… got to be proud of that…
    God Bless!

  5. Congratulation, dude!! You’re our officially!!! You’re an adult now!! Hahahahahhah~

    Bulu got get longer or not…?? heheheh~ joking~ Anyway, enjoy your adult life….. :)

  6. Congratulations on graduation!

    Now be the time where you be meeting the working life. I wish you good luck and best wishes! It isn’t as bad as people say it is :P. It just depend on how you look at it. ;)

  7. i’m sorry to hear you’re leaving already :(

    there’s been many times when i see u around campus and i wanted to approach you and go “Hi. KenWooi? OneMadFabGirl here nice to meet you”. Haha.

    anyways, good luck in your future undertakings and do continue blogging!

    take care and it’s been a pleasure reading your blog =)

  8. Congrats!! Finally you can throw away all those books, rite? haha! So what’s your plan for the future? Looking for a good job? Start your own business? Or relax and lepak for one year? LOL!

  9. Earlier congra to u bro. when wan chia makan big? haha

    its funny to see that u need to print out ur innocent-look-passport-size photo on ur cover of ur thesis report XD

  10. nudge nudge! congrats!! great memories in inti ya…how much i miss inti now :( haha and reminds me of how i bug u bout the treasurer book now! HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA

  11. Hey !
    Collage life yeah I love and want my collage life again.
    This is the life when we learn many new things and we enjoy.This
    is only the part of enjoyment,study and learning.

  12. Wohooo…Congrats Ken,Feel free at last eh??hehe..all the best to you.Good luck in your job hunting mission…hopefully you will get your dream job soon

  13. Gratz on ur unofficial convo. lol. Sounds like u and me have some similarities man. But no, I’m not a software engineer. in fact, I’m the one responsible for ur tax return or probly ur accounts. hahahaa~

    Din know ur from band. I kinda miss band tho. lol. anyways, time to get back to reality. time to serve the community, earn money, get married, have kids and grandkids. XD

  14. hey Congratz! At least… no more exam stress for the time being haha! So what are you doing now? Looking for a job? I guess there are also some graduates going backpacking after graduation.

  15. Ken, condolence that you’re stepping into adulthood :D congratulation that you’ve a free for all session now in the dog-eat-dog world … make sure you don’t make the same mistake by entering a work zone devoid of gals :P

  16. Wow, so it’s time to leave and move forward? Well, that’s how life is, with many cycles and cycles which we go through. Some are harder and more fulfilling, others aren’t that significant in our life but everybody goes through these right?


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