Malacca Food: Ban Lee Siang Satay Celup

Malacca Food: Ban Lee Siang Satay Celup

Undoubtedly a famous delicacy in Malacca – Satay Celup. Basically the main ingredients are poked with wooden sticks…

malacca food satay celup

And the gravy, usually a little spicy, where you dip (celup) the food. More like satay-cum-steamboat style.

malacca food satay celup

It’s kinda different from the typical satay we usually get from Kajang, or wherever, where you have chicken meat, beef and those alike. However, for Satay Celup, it’s the “Liu”s.

malacca food satay celup

Good delicious yummy “Liu”s.

All you do is just grab a stick of the “Liu” of your choice and dip it into the gravy.

malacca food satay celup

Let it cook and it’s ready to be served, and eaten.

malacca food satay celup

One stick costs RM0.50 or RM0.60 depending on the colour code of the “Liu”. Cheap huh? But when you keep eating, it’ll be quite costly.

The Satay Celup I tried was at Ban Lee Siang Satay Celup during my recent trip to Malacca. It’s located in Malacca Town near Jonker Street.

malacca food satay celup

This eatery is known as one of the famous restaurants for serving Satay Celup. Definitely not to be missed if you’re visiting!

Oh yeah, once you’ve filled your tummy, there’s another activity you can do over there.

Play with the sticks.

malacca food satay celup

Stack-up sticks. =)

58 thoughts on “Malacca Food: Ban Lee Siang Satay Celup

  1. Love the taste, not the process of cooking it tho =\
    when everyone dip their sticks in the gravy.. looks a big disgusting ><||
    The last time I ate was over here too! xD

  2. This shop..everytime i go it’s super long queue..never had a chance to eat! Anyway tried b4 :)
    Btw, do you know that satay celup is quite dirty? they dun really replace the gravvy but just add on add on with everyone’s savlia in it :P (sorry ar, demote ur blog abit here.. LOL)..

  3. Been there a few times. I don’t really enjoy eating there…hmm…do I? I only eat their satay celup when my friend from other state wanna taste it. :p

  4. I like satay celup. I have tried it at two different locations. One’s along a shoplot with satay celup shops next to one another. The latest one I tried was at McQuek’s last Dec.

  5. OMG~~~~
    Damn miss malacca satay celup~~~
    very yummy yummy right??
    next time you should try “Capitol Satay Celup” the hotdog stick there got CHEESE!!! ohhhhh my favourite…

  6. I tot the best satay celup was at the capitol satay celup.. in which they put a large sign board ..”Don’t be misled”.. They claimed they are the orginal of them all.. Whatever it is, as I was back from the historical city over the weekend, nothing there really tingle my tastebuds.. Name it all.. Chicken rice balls, nyonya food, etc.. They are all mediocrity at their best. No offence to our Malaccan frens here.. But Malacca food is simply no match to Ipoh food =)

  7. haha…”lut lut”…
    indeed, i tried before..its just the same like others…
    perhaps, the gravy is the one that makes it special though…
    yet, I dun c the “special-ness” in there…hehe..
    nice post though..^^

  8. “ingredients are poked with wooden sticks”.. hahaha, i really love that word poked, so gross~~ :p hmmm, i remember going there with another friend years back, and i think we consumed more sticks than you all.. hahaha :D

  9. owh.. now I know that it’s called Satay Celup… all this while i just thought that it is under the category of Roadside Steamboat.. hihihi… this is because i usually eat this near Subang KTM station and near Berjaya Time Square. I say that if the sauce have a mixture of sweet and spicy.. It’s would be greater… :)

  10. Sorry to break it to you dude, but you went to the wrong eatery. Take your car, drive INTO Jonker Street from Tamil Muslim Church, its all one way-street you wont get lost. You will pass by 2 satay celup shops, both owned by Chinaman and right next to each other. The corner shop IS THE satay celup shop you have to go. But beware, AT ANY TIME OF THE DAY, there’s a loooooooooong Q of people ON THE ROAD just waiting to get a seating place

    My boyfriend stays in Kota Laksamana, 5 mins away from Jonker. I know Jonker better that you pal. I hang out at Geograoher’s slurp chendol from the pioneer’s son himself at his stall opposite A Famosa and eat the famous 15-vege lunch set RM 7 indian lunch set Selvam’s

  11. is this better or Capitol? or is there any other better ones?
    last time i tried was at Capitol, but after the 10th sticks or so, dipped into the satay sauce, cannot tahan la …
    got the jelak feeling ….

    Never tried Capitol. But this is tasty! =)

  12. So you like satay celup? me too … I used to think Capitol satay celup was nice but not until I chanced upon a new shop called Satay Celup Nyonya at Taman Melaka Raya, road heading towards Dataran Pahlawan. Unlike the others, this sauce has a tangy twist with a little bit of sweetness. I think this satay celup is now DE BEST!! Sedap sekali!! Hygienic and clean and each stick is only RM0.50 but it’s not halal tho!! Go try and judge it for yourself … Bon Appetit ;o)

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