Maple Story Addiction

Maple Story Addiction

My little brother is an avid gamer of the online game, Maple Story. Well, I used to play it too but after some time, I stopped because I got bored of it, eventually.

This is actually a re-post. I wrote about the Maple Story Addiction last year but I think it’s fun to share it with everyone again. After all, who doesn’t like games, in general, right? =)

Anyway, it wasn’t easy getting the screen shots especially when other dumb characters disturb by asking questions like “What you doing?” and “Wanna train with me?”. So bothersome.

Okay, you’re addicted to Maple Story when…

1) You stay in front of the computer all day long playing the game.

maplestory maple

You kept pestering the current user of the computer (if applicable) to let you use the computer, aka Maple Story.

2) You don’t say businessman or engineer when asked about your job – you say warrior, magician, bowman etc instead.

maplestory job

Assassin? I wonder who he’s gonna assassinate. Hmm…

3) You talk about experiences percentage.

maplestory experience

The higher level you are, the more “PRO”s you get from the noobs.

4) The only monetary value you talk about is mesos.

maplestory money meso

The usage of “PRO” applies here too. The more mesos you have, the PRO-er you get.

5) You WOW to big numbers – the PRO damage.

maplestory pro damage

You always talk about Weapon Attack (WA) and Magic Attack (MA) – hoping to gain higher level and wear better clothing to achieve PRO-er attack damage.

6) You get angry and curse when someone defames you.

maplestory defame

In Maple, you get defamed when someone decreases your fame by 1 and you’re so affected by it.

7) You virtually murder your ex-partner after he/she divorces you.

maplestory divorce

True story. One advice, get a non-pixelated real human partner. You’ll get more “satisfaction” from that, if you get what I mean. ;)

Pardon the vulgarity displayed. It’s true though – kids nowadays are very “expressive” in the online game.

And that wraps up my Maple Story Addiction entry. In-game names and guilds have been censored to avoid any unwanted attention, if there would be any.

Well, if you possess these signs, you’re surely one hell of a Maple Story lover! =)

55 thoughts on “Maple Story Addiction

  1. haha..
    played some mmorpg before…
    get addicted quite awhile…
    cure from mmorpg for me was dota..
    but now cure for dota is internet surfing + photographing.. =P

  2. In CabalSEA, they use to call Maple players the Mapletards while the Maple players came into CabalSEA call the Cabal players Cabaltards.

  3. Haha…I’m one hell of an addict man…you forgot the part where they always come out with new patch and I have to take the whole bloody afternoon downloading the stupid patch which most probably cannot be used and then I’ll have to download the whole installer…==

  4. Wow! Unbeliavable! You’re addictor..You was Maple story addictor before??

    One of my friend too…She was crazy about Maple Story…untill now.. =___=” She will on her pc once finish work! Beh Tahan! hahahah I think you talk well with her..can help to advice her to stop, and accompany me go shopping? HAHAHAHAH

  5. yo~~ hi hi.. elaine..
    i got pretty clear idea who was u talking about.. =______=”

    yeah.. really beh tahan… =.=”
    Zzz.. always talk about level, skill, wat wat magic thingy..

  6. lol been there done that… though of course I am no Maple Story addict… I don’t like the game. :P Looks too kiddy lah!

    I am a much more 3-D person… CS ftw? haha

  7. ai yoh, maple story ,,,, my eldest loves it to the max lah,,,,, i tried but didnt like it,,,, hey any recommendation for me, games for the 43 years old or not?

    hey have a great week ahead,ya?

  8. hahaha.. ur character’s conversation from maple story are so cute!!

    hehe, i’ve never played any online games. not really into it. but this post is a good insight to how playing online games would be like! Good post XD

  9. lol, maple story still got people play ?
    i thought that is long time ago story already ?

    My uni friends all playing dragonica o ..
    something like maple story o..but easier to lvl up

    btw, thanks for compliment my pictures ,
    i really appreciate it…

  10. Mapple seem very femes around the world ho .. I ever think to go on with mapple because my frends ask me ply with him but .. better i don’t
    why ? = scare addict to it … hahaha !!

  11. Once I recalled …

    When I was in F5, my friend behind me always absent and sleep in the class because of this super addictive game; MAPLE. She’s pretty lucky to get 2A’s for her SPM because of this.

  12. never played maple storyb4… but my bro did even until now…i wander why…i only addicted to RYl and RAN online…hahaha…but now facebook game!

  13. had my fare share of online game when i was between college =D spent half year doin nothing but ragnarok online-ing… contributed quite some $$ to cyber cafe too… online games are evil…

  14. I don’t play computer games. Not enough time to sleep already, some more want to play computer games? haha!

    Good! Now with your tips, I know how to identify anyone who is addicted with Maple Story! : )

  15. OMG I was once addicted to maplestory like crazy tooooo!! LIKE REALLY REALLY CRAZY!!! wont even go to eat or sleep or shower.. everyday 24 hours mapling!! LOL!! Now quit ady~ luckily! *phew*

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