No Discount at Batu Ferringhi

No Discount at Batu Ferringhi

I was at Batu Ferringhi night market, a place in Penang Island, a few days ago and I saw some amusing notices along the stretch of stalls.

Here are some ‘creative’ notices displayed to prevent people from bargaining for discount.

penang batu ferringhi market

Human eater says absolutely no discount!

penang batu ferringhi market

Hanky panky?

penang batu ferringhi market

Me: Don’t want discount, cheaper can ah?

Him: NO!

75 thoughts on “No Discount at Batu Ferringhi

  1. Thats my hometown right there. Sure remember those signs alright!!!

    Buy dvd from there, very cheap. The far end near the hotel got one dvd shop completely covered with white cloth and very cramped.

    RM4 dvds. And honest shopkeepers who tell you the truth when you ask them


    If not clear they will tell you not clear, if cinema recording they will tell you. They got indexing in their head or something lolz

  2. In reply to Pee Ter, I know there’s a shop in Batu Pahat which sells DVD at RM3.50 per piece. It’s so darn cheapo! The owner is honest too as he’ll tell you whether it’s clear version or cinema version.

  3. great idea carson! haha. they’ve warned the customers not to hanky-pankin, they’re afraid they’d get into confusion. nice one! =)

  4. I think we should turn the way around: we don’t ask for discounts, instead, we don’t give tips.

    Look who’s bargaining now..heh =P

  5. waaaaaaaaa how come do bisnes like tat one? really dont want to do bisnes is it? or it is just tat times are really bad and discount will eat into their profits? :)

  6. hahaha…i think the phrases is funny leh! Anyway, if u really want to purchase things in Batu Ferringhi night market, get one Penangites fren along with u, then the price will be cheaper…hehehehe.

  7. Hahaha! OMG! are those for real? It’s funny! they’re way too cruel! i mean, straight foward :P but people still ask for discount, i believe hahaha

    Thanks for sharing! :) and thanks for the visit Ken


  8. Lol I just came back from Hong Kong and I do see those sign. :)
    -.-I just ask the price and walk away after staring at the sign and they start giving discount :P.
    Well you have to make sure to let them see u stare at the sign before walking away :P

  9. but did it prevent everyone from bargaining? Hardcore bargain hunters sure cannot resist to bargain one!

    Funny signs but not so funny if I was planning to buy anything there.

  10. Hi…Kenwooi….

    Love your site…so unique and fun to ‘lepak-lepak’ here…

    I laughed like crazy loh!!! The salesman’s transparency is sooooooo transparent!!!

  11. This is friggin funny! I live in Penang and have been to Batu Ferringhi numerous times but never have I ever come across these signs. I remember seeing even more hilarious signs in China and forwarding photos of them to my buddies. Looks like I need to make a trip to Batu Ferringhi with my Canon iXUS after all! Cheers mate!

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