Ipoh Food: Foh San Dim Sum

Ipoh Food: Foh San Dim Sum

Update 2012: Click here to read the newer version on Ipoh Foh San Dim Sum. :)


Foh San is probably the most well-known dim sum eatery in Ipoh.

ipoh foh san dim sum

This is the new Foh San building, located in the middle of Ipoh town. They recently moved to this place to accommodate more customers, as the previous one was lacking space.

ipoh foh san

It opens very early in the morning and it’s usually packed throughout the business hours, especially on weekends. Some customers might need to share table with others.

The building consists of 2 floors. This is the view at the top floor.

ipoh foh san

And this is the ground floor.

ipoh foh san

As you can see, most of the tables are occupied. It’s very spacious but due to the high number of customers, it seems packed.

ipoh foh san

The waiter and waitresses will be pushing their trolleys from table to table and you pick the ones that you want. Alternatively, you can go to the food counter too.

ipoh foh san dim sum

Foh San is quite famous – people out of Perak would wake up early in morning and drive all the way to Ipoh to have dim sum. Thankfully I’m living in Ipoh – it’s just about 15 minutes drive from home.

ipoh foh san chrysanthemum tea

One of my favourite drinks is the chrysanthemum tea.

Besides the usual dim sums, you’ll have other type of food served.

ipoh foh san pao

There are many types of paos (buns), char siew (barbecued pork) pao, kaya pao, kai yuk (chicken meat) pao and lots more of other paos.

ipoh foh san chee cheong fun

They also have chee cheong fun, with prawn or char siew.

ipoh foh san fried

And fried LIUs and yam, with mayonnaise.

ipoh foh san fried

If you’ve been following my blog long enough, you’ll know that I love “LIU”s so much! Crunchy and yummy! The one I had in Foh San is simply delicious, together with mayonnaise of course!

So if you’re visiting Ipoh, don’t miss out Foh San! =)


Update 2012: Click here to read the newer version on Ipoh Foh San Dim Sum. :)

111 thoughts on “Ipoh Food: Foh San Dim Sum

  1. LOL..Foh San is 富山.. i thought of 佛山…. which WONG FEI HONG came from. xD

    Anyway… Nice food though… Most Cantonese love DIM SUMs… I am one of them xD

  2. Somehow I think Foo San starts to lose it’s quality but still remains its glitter..it’s juz a name with no quality anymore…Sad case, the service is not that good and it’s not really that tasty..

  3. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…………….the place is huge………i love LIUs too but then i love anything that is fried lar hahhaha…with the mayo har…yumyumyum…….i think wen i come back the next time i really have to visit ipoh leh now bcs of u and reanaclaire i realize so many good food and places to visit there…..cheers….:)

  4. not easy to find dimsum good ones here in Sibu although there r shops selling pau etc… as a concept it hasnt really caught on.

    yr pics do the place justice. they look fabulous. read yr comment on tekkaus blog i think abt nuffnang. interesting

  5. this dim sum looks better than axian dim sum….i miss ipoh, melaka and penang dim sum actually…yummy ler.

    click on ur exabytes nn ads…enjoy ur weekend!


    I just woke up and looking at that makes my stomach growls. *prays hard parents can read minds, get me chee cheong fun! *bzt bzt bzt~

  7. This must be the IN-place to go to in Ipoh! Claire also posted on it. Looks good and I really MUST go, should I happen to drop by Ipoh… But sometimes when such restaurants expand, the quality drops – can’t cater to such a big crowd. Food not so nice, service poor etc…and the people stop coming.

  8. For the uninitiated, we DO have the Mitsu Tea House here in Sibu for dim sum. Very good choices there and very delicious too… The chef is from Shanghai. There are others that are not so good and a fairly new one quite a distance out of town but I haven’t been there to try. The newest one here just opened recently (a fairly big restaurant that has expanded – now very big and selling dim sum in the morning)…but so far I have heard nothing but bad reviews, so I will not bother going.

  9. I had wanted to eat at Foh San on my last visit to Ipoh but we got there late and the restaurant was about to close. Not much food left for us to order so we left.

    Have eaten at Foh San in KL though. Food is good but expensive.

  10. I think we went here too…perhaps the old one. On a Sunday morning…had to wait for a seat.

    The new building looks modern! I shall go there one day…but not on Sunday =P

  11. Are you in Ipoh or what?
    Almost every time i come here it’ll be a post about ipoh. XD

    This post make me miss dim sum so much. Can’t remember when was the last time i had it:S

  12. Well, I gotta agree that it’s always nice to have Dim Sum when you are in Ipoh but most of the time especially during holiday seasons, the waiting time / queue is really nasty and can be a major turn-off for the Dim Sum houses in Ipoh.

  13. I don’t really like dim sum that much, but I think Foh San is not bad. At least better than Tai Thong in my opinion.

    I think we lack dim sum variety in Malaysia. Always the same kind of stuffs I’m getting bored! Maybe should go Hong Kong for some good dim sum?

  14. nice…as an Ipoh born chap who stayed so near (walking distance) to the old fohsan during my childhood days, I must try this when im back. Wonder what happen to the original fohsan?

    The original building is already closed. =)

  15. I hate doing the whole yum cha thing (the environment is too noisy!) but I love dim sum. It’s way too expensive over here, though, so I haven’t had any of that for years!

  16. Hi Kenwooi “now you see it now you dont” thought I saw it in your blog on ‘Foh San’ and remembered it was then in Claire’s blog. Now it came back again, gee thinking to myself I am dead man could be facing some serious eyes problem or STML(no relation to HTML) it’s ‘Short Term Memory Loss’..lol. Echo some of the views that we do have limited choices (not sure about Foh San phew real huge building) or perhaps I am not a keen ‘dim summer’. Nice pixs thanks..

  17. Hi Ken, wow! Thats a huge restaurant. Must be really popular too.
    Used to have dim sum at a restaurant at Foo Choo Choon street, can’t remember the shop name, but it had those antique polished granite tables.
    And the dim sum was delicious too.
    Nice pics. Best regards, lee.

  18. just went to lisa717’s blog and now it was your’s. hehe… why suddenly into food blog already?

    food and dimsum… a good motivation to finish my project here and go back to kl. hahaha. =D

  19. Hahaha. I love their dim sum especially siew mai. But nowadays their food is not so nice d compare to last time. But overall it’s okay. =). the ming kok dim sum also not bad.

  20. I like dim sum too, and the best one is the yam one. So nice but it is quite oily.

    I have been to Ipoh once but my relative did not bring me to this restaurant. Ai yak!

  21. OmG,the new fo san is so grant…and i haven’t go there yet…i miss ipoh diam sum…so when i back,we go yum cha at thr…u treat me diam sum,i treat u tea..ok???hehe

  22. I’ve been there before! :) my parents love to go there for breakfast whenever we head back to our hometown. It’s like a must stop by area. haha! :) Nice blog. ;)

  23. You always got to eat good food kenwooi.
    Imagine, i got to pantang!
    Anyway, thank you for sharing, can see also OK!

    Happy Sunday and take care yeah……

  24. They look delicious :(

    My friend brought me to another place for dim sum when I was in Ipoh. The building is old but the dim sums are unbelievable nice :)

  25. this is not the first time i read about this ipoh dim sum. maybe its worth taking a drive to ipoh and have a go. you have a very nice blog layout. my first time visitng you, i think.

  26. yeah..i am back to ipoh..I can eat while i walk
    i haven’t try the new foh san…
    the old one….situated very near to my house..30 sec of walk



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