Japan Not Horniest Country?

Japan Not Horniest Country?

I went through a list stating the Top 10 Horniest Countries. As I start from number 10 onwards, my mind keep saying – Japan is gonna be number 1, the horniest country!

No need for explanations. I bet everyone knows why Japanese are horny.

Surprisingly, Malaysia is listed at number 7. Can you believe it? Are Malaysian girls THAT horny to reach such ‘achievement’?

malaysia beauty

From that picture above, yeah, maybe.

Once I clicked number 1 and while the page was loading, my mind keep chanting “Japan, Japan, Japan”.

But, no, it’s not Japan. It’s…

greece beauty


WHAT?! Greece? I thought they are very holy since the country is well-known for the famous God and Goddess? Right?

Japan is no where in Top 10. So, where the hell is Japan? How come Japan is not in the Top 10 Horniest Countries?

japan beauty

Japanese are well-known for their, ahem, you-know-what videos. Anywhere you search the word “Japan” or “Japanese” on the Internet or P2P software, you’ll bump into you-know-what videos.

You want proof? Okay, here’s one image of Aki Nishimura, a famous Japanese p0rn star, being banged by a nerd-specky geek. But, I’m warning you – the image you’re gonna see is not suitable to all audience. If you’re below 18, please skip the link.

Okay, if you’re above 18 and you know what you’re expecting to see – CLICK HERE.

Very exciting picture huh? Oh if you didn’t click, are you thinking twice? Don’t worry, the link is still available for you.

Anyway, for those hardcore lovers of Japanese you-know-what videos, you’ll learn that…

1) They love toys.
2) The girls can dress up as anything you can ever imagine.
3) They scream as though no one will hear them.
4) A rap3 attempt will turn into a 2-way s3x.
5) The girls love being tortured.
6) And the list goes on…

sexy japanese girls

Before that, I’m gonna admit – I NEVER watched you-know-what videos before! All these information are given by my friend, named… err… err… someone lah.

By the way, if you’re disappointed with the first image – here’s another image for you.

This time I’m serious – Aki Nishimura in ActionCLICK HERE.

Oh yeah, you can check out the Top 10 Horniest Countries by AskMen.com if you’re interested.

Anyway, I think Japan should be Number 1 in the Top 10 Horniest Country. Don’t you agree with me? =)

77 thoughts on “Japan Not Horniest Country?

  1. the list is HORNY, and having a lot of p0rn (or something related) means horny. To them these things are art….yes ART! and trust me, they are really not as horny as we think they are.

  2. You know what? I don’t think Japanese are horny. They just don’t appear horny to me even though they have all those p0rns and stuffs.

    Definitely. Malaysians are hornier. And the horniest people in Malaysia stays in Kelantan. LOL!

  3. Imho just because the Japanese let it out there, doesn’t mean they are horny. I prefer to think of them being EXPRESSIVE & CREATIVE ^^
    And maybe because the are, their p0rns and stuffs became so popular..

    Had never thought about the horniest country though..
    Seriously ! “””^^

  4. LOL.. Malaysia is 7 thx to Chua Soi Lek and Anwar Ibrahim’s sensationalized scandal I think.. lol..whether true or not.
    And of cos, thx to ppl like Ken Wooi! =P

    Well.. partly right.. ppl who are most surpressed from outside, will be wildest and horniest when inside and not seen.. =)

    But I alwiz thought Malaysians are more guai mostly.. at least compared to Singaporeans! ^.^

  5. I think Japan didn’t get to be on the list because it was a small country…

    Funny how countries don’t reproduce islands that could make them bigger… & finally be on the top ten list

    What? haha Anyways… nah! :P

  6. You might think so, but Japanese are usually very reserved. Their s3xuality is very repressed, hence the outbursts of interesting approach in h3ntai and Japanese p0rn.

    I’m sure if you’d take a look at the list of s3x satisfaction of countries’ citizens, Japan ranks very low.

    Brazil and Russia deservedly comes up top in the ranking., although a list by AskMen is hardly academic and makes any sense. I can’t believe that Malaysia is no 7, but if any, I believe that Malaysians are horny in a bad way.

    Malaysian men sometimes do not treat women with the respect they deserve, making inappropriate passes, s3xist remarks or staring like it’s nobody’s business.

    Teens jump into s3x without proper knowledge of safe s3x and teen pregnancy, but are too shy to talk about it. You yourself heavily self-censored your post. =)

    One day, with more education and liberalisation of s3x and s3xuality in Malaysia, Malaysians will surely get more matured on s3x.

  7. Hmm, interesting post there. I’d say it’s not much of a shock that Greece is ranked the highest (certainly unpredictable but it makes some sense).

    Here’s why:

    1. Although Japan may have excellent track record in the adult entertainment industry (from your post’s mention of search results’ priorities for the term ‘Japan’ or ‘Japanese’), still there’s not much link between ‘horny’ and ‘HUGE numbers of you-know-what videos’. Having a lot of something usually doesn’t make it any ‘good’. It’s the quality that counts, am I right?

    2. Considering ‘horny’ as ‘s3xually aroused’ or ‘lustful behaviour’, I don’t think Japan is fit for the term. Japanese popular culture evident in their anime, movies and the like stereotypically depicts modesty, politeness, and erm…cuteness. I agree with Zurairi AR on this point. Although perversion in Japan has been emphasized to a certain extent, it is still not up to a disastrous level. It’s no wonder Malaysia stands at No.7; many Malaysians are absolute perverts. Though I have no significant statistical data to back this up, I’m sure you realize it too.

    3. From a movie’s perspective, motion picture ratings are generally very much lenient on s3xual content in European countries compared to the rest. Having a headstart in the race to deliver s3xual satisfaction could be a factor. It could very well fuel the ‘horny’ factor in their lives. It’s part of their culture after all. Malaysia has been notorious for censorship in films and the media but yet gains a top spot in the rankings. Why? Look at point #2 above. And Malaysia may not have the widest distribution in the local adult entertainment industry, but is still deemed ‘horny’. Why? Look at point #1.

    Just my opinion on that. No harm intended to any party =)

  8. Maybe because they are so open with s3x and stuffs which make all this people less horny… Eventually because the other two country you mention thinks that sexual lust or s3x is a disgrace (hence whore and stuffs like that) so the people are hornier?


  9. Japanese men work so hard that they lose their s3x drive.

    That Malaysia ranks no. 7 is, at first thought, surprising. But think again, aren’t Malaysians thirst for Tongkat Ali?

    On the ugly side, incest is rampant in this country. Remember in my post that I joke about legalizing prostitution? Well, that’s a joke. But seriously, those horny grandpas should visit brothel instead of raping their granddaughters.

  10. I begged to differ, Japan should still be in the Top 5 though. Maybe its too commercialized until it becomes “normal”?

    As for Malaysia…so far most prawn stuff out there are all scandals =.=.

  11. Malay girls are the horniest of the three major races. Need to get laid? Find a malay gf.

    Honestly, worth the effort. Noone is asking you to marry her, so you dont have to be a muslim =)

    40 year old virgins should give malay girls a try. *Winkz*

    (Sources are from friends who had malay gfs before, ive only had one gf, so not much experience)

  12. haha wow. i can’t believe msia made it into top 10 :O duno whether to be proud or offended. haha. and i clicked on those pics :P very “hot” hhahaha.

  13. Hi Ken, ha ha, thats interesting. Always thought the Italians or French are.
    But women are women everywhere….what would we do if not for women, and money too.
    Have a nice day, Lee.

  14. people these days are unbelievably free to be creating lists like these. XD
    what is the quality or characteristics that they judge us for?
    us as in Women in a capital “W”. :)

  15. Japan should be number one at all means. They got all the H-thingy. I saw the ranking and I was like holy moly. China was at 4th. Haha. Most of the other 7 are europe or meditterian. How unusual?

  16. Singapore lah, Singapore shld be no.1.

    Think Annabel Chong from Singapore, she made it to the Guiness book of Records for having sex with hundreds of men at one go.

  17. Well, i thought japanese is very strict…
    I read from somewhere saying that japanese newly-wed couple is banned from having sex for first 3 months after they get marry…

  18. I am pretty sure the Japanese are damn horny and s3x crazed humans cos I had a Japanese housemate in US plus I mixed with the bunch of animals from the land of the rising sun. They often made me shake my head in disbelief. The ratings screwed up lah, don’t believe them!

  19. iishhh… feel like kena con-ed d… anyway…. malaysia really got top 10… Woot….
    such a waste that japan didnt make it.. hmm.. u sure this ranking wasnt rank by them…. TOP 10 honry countries in nihon jin’s perception.. LoL

  20. i really don’t know how to comment on this post coz I have no clue which is which. What could be the classification of being the horniest country?

    btw that’s horikita maki…she’s a japanese sweetheart =)

  21. Haha… yeah you are right. Greece do have a lot of god and goddess. Perhaps you don’t know that they got The God of Sex who named Aphrodite, symbolyse love, desire, sex and beauty. A brightly colored butterfly (Argynnis aphrodite) of North America was named after her.

    As the god who named Priapos, the Greek God of fertility, who was symbolysed by a giant penis. Priapula is a worm that were among the major predators during Cambrian period was named after him.
    … Read More
    Greece should rank no. 1. Don’t you agree? hahaha…

    As for Japanease, they only got “Sticks”. That is why they don’t fet the first place. in Askman.com. Hahahahaha…

  22. the perception that you received are from the media alone. The p0rn actors in the movie can’t become the yardstick for that context. Serious. I guess that surveys are based on real people with real experience. Enough said, I don’t think Japanese are “you-know-what” from my point of view as I have Japanese friends.. They are more or less conservative like malaysian.

  23. They get out all the horniness with the you-know-what videos. It’s not such an underground and secretive thing there like it is in the US, leading to a lot less sexual frustration. At least this is what I have heard.

    I have also heard they have sex robots, though….

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