Kellie’s Castle

Kellie’s Castle

Kellie’s Castle is not exactly in Ipoh but it’s probably the one and only historical place nearby.

kellie's castle

The castle belonged to the late William Kellie Smith. It’s located rather out of place – in his rubber plantation, in Batu Gajah along Gopeng Road.

kellie's castle

It has 14 rooms and a tall tower, tall enough to have a panoramic view of Ipoh town. Okay that phrase is from the brochure – I was up at the highest floor and saw nothing close to Ipoh town. More like a jungle out there.

kellie's castle

The design displayed many Islamic architectural features.

kellie's castle

If it had been completed, the castle would have been the first building in Malaysia to have the first imported lift.

kellie's castle

Skilled artisans and construction workers were imported from India to work on this project. However, it was delayed due to an epidemic that hit the workers. The construction then halted in 1926 when William Kellie Smith died in Lisbon.

His wife, Agnes Smith relinquished all her interest and the plantations were managed by several local companies.

kellie's castle

The unfinished castle was therefore abandoned.

Right behind the castle was Kellie’s first house named as “Kellas House”. It was built in 1905 where he stayed with his family, before deciding to build a castle in front.

kellie's castle

The house was partially destroyed during the World War 2. But it’s more of a preserved wreck now.

Although Kellie’s Castle has been there over the years, much of the structure is still intact.

kellie's castle

The amazing thing about this castle is that Kellie planned to build an indoor tennis court and a rooftop courtyard for parties. The tower’s rooftop is damn high you know – I was kinda nervous when I was up there.

Anyway, some local said that the spirits of William Kellie, or a little girl that resembles his daughter, still wanders along the corridors.

kellie's castle

This is the so-called “haunted corridor”. Boo!

As you walk inside the castle, you’ll see signs exclaiming “No Obscene Act” and “No vandalism”. However, some visitors tend to be a little over expressive during their visit.

kellie's castle

So yeah, may Kellie haunt bless you two, Deanna and Dennis.

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  1. hey ya!! gahaha.. this kellies castle.. when i’m young my daddie sesat jalan when finding for it.. end up din go.. hahah..thanks for the info btw..the sejarah n stuff.. hahaha

  2. hah, when i read “It has 14 rooms and a tall tower, tall enough to have a panoramic view of Ipoh town.” i was like.. huh?so impossible… i find many perak tourism brochures and travel guides not accurate wan… not updated sumore

  3. This castle is so famous which I heard a lot about it from many of my friends.

    They may feel ‘high’ for having a party on the HIGH rooftop. Haha…

  4. the roof is fixed by a production house to be used as a helicopter pad for a movie….i forgot the name of the movie, the main actor is aaron kwok

  5. haha..i rmb got 1 midnite i wit my frens ntg to do n too boring..all went to kellies’s castle for fun..we climbed inside cos it’s midnight(around 12.15) wen i reached there..lingered aroung inside for 1 n half’s reli ended with patrol police waiting for us at the entrance of the castle..haha..copied our IC numbers..then makan liao RM200~ (the ticket reli expensive)


    Aaah, I love Kellie’s castle for the deer, seriouslyyy!

    Ahha, I lived in Ipoh also, yknowww. :)

    For.. hmm..

    4 years.

  7. hi Ken, thanks for putting up the pics of Kellie castle, i never been there before.. i tot it was not open up for tourists, yes, heard that it is haunted… hahaha.. from the pics u took, it looks very clean and well taken care of…

  8. Nice pictures, Ken. The place sure looks cleaned up and pleasant looking. Yeah, I heard there are spirits there. In fact, all old and unoccupied buildings do have “occupants”.

  9. “So yeah, may Kellie haunt bless you two, Deanna and Dennis.”

    I love this! Hahahaha

    My uncle even went there to stay for one night. Nothing happened.

    My bf’s ex snap group pictures and one of it got “something” in the picture.

  10. I didn’t know the existence of this place. It looks nice though. Did they really see William Kellie or the girl at the corridor? Wow!!! That’s interesting!!! Maybe you should capture more pictures of the corridor. Who knows? You might capture something more than an empty corridor!!!

  11. thanks for visitng.. love your blog because orange is my latest favorite color.. i have a hard time clicking on your site so i can follow it.. :( have a great day

  12. Hi Ken, Wow! Is that Kelly’s castle? Holy Smoke!
    I used to pass by, one and off stop to take a look back in the late 60’s and early 70’s…it was just covered with jungle foliage.
    And snakes galore!
    I used to go cut bamboo there too…..
    Used to travel extensively that area, to Batu Gajah, Telok Anson, Pantai Remis, and love the udang galas there…..
    used to fish there too, bring home easy more than 30 every trip.

    Guess Ipoh has changed a lot now.
    Must return to check it out one day. Lee.

  13. Hi! Nice to meet you, online. LOL Do I know you ar? Lol It’s just some girl. Actually it’s just a few girls who’s in love with my bf. Or so I think. LOL

  14. wow!! Feel so nice after seeing Kellie’s castle still has her charm to attract visitors there (i am half Batu Gajah people)

    It isn’t in Ipoh.. It is located along the way from Gopeng to Batu Gajah.

    kenwooi, did u see the ‘Bear like’ tree?

    Yeah I did! =)

  15. Hmm.. It this coincidence? Another blogger friend went to Kellie’s Castle and also to Foh San… hmm…

    Now I wonder… Did you both plan this together? :o

    I always wanted to visit Kellie’s Castle. I heard if you are lucky, you can still see her. Hmm..

    Who knows :P lovely pictures!

  16. maybe the castle was not haunted,maybe his soul was there because he want to make sure that his uncomplete castle is clean and beautiful as before.(hahaha)

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