Malaysian Policeman Caught in Action

Malaysian Policeman Caught in Action

Look carefully.

malaysian policeman

The picture says it all.

P/S: The policeman came back with a coffee cup in his hand. ;)

68 thoughts on “Malaysian Policeman Caught in Action

  1. Ya…send it to The Star!!! Those hopeless people…I’ve seen them put on the siren and overtake all cars simply because they did not want to wait in line at the traffic lights – even though there’s no emergency!

  2. Bro, its that @ nilai? if not mistaken maybank right? i also saw many times liao….then when i ask the saman parking officer, the guy said that the police is do his job to take care the maybank.but when i went to the maybank, i ddnt saw any police there & oso i check other bank nearby as well.

  3. I’ve seen countless stuff like this… police patrol cars and the officers that ride in those cars are, it seems, invincible to some road rules and traffic laws that apply to the rest of us.

    Like for example, I have never ever seen before, in my entire life in this country, a police officer driving a police patrol car with his seat belts on. Never. They never have them on.

  4. You should send it to The Star newspaper and win RM50.

    And one more thing is that why police is exempted from wearing seat belt? So that they can get out of the car faster to chase thief? Or so that they can avoid bullets aims at them? Or is that when there is an accident, they wont fly out of the window.?

    Macam macam ada…..

  5. Malaysia police is like that ke la~

    They think they are the GOD in M’sia, so they do whatever they like..including park at NO-PARKING area……Grrrrrrr~~~

    You should take the picture the police holding the coffee too!! Anyway, thanks for taking the risk for taking the picture of this~

    So everybody know how “good” our police are! Pissed off *breath in …breath out…..uhhhh..ahhhhh*

  6. Hi Ken, ha ha, nice pic. Bet he has some questions to answer.
    Would you believe here even the Mayor got fined for exceeding speed limit, AND? The Chief of police got a parking ticket! Ha ha. Lee.

  7. personally, i really dislike malaysian police. My mum was involved in an accident with a drunk driver, and I was there as well. But the police took their bribe and the guilty party went off free. Useless …

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