Prolawyers & Gang

Prolawyers & Gang

We always come across law firms everywhere.

Here are some typical law firm sign boards that we usually bump into.

lawyer advocates and solicitors

I noticed that the law firms’ name are always the name of the owners – normally added with “& Co” or “& Associates”.

lawyer advocates and solicitors

And usually law firms owned by a Chinese will contain the lawyer’s full name.

lawyer advocates and solicitors

It got me thinking – why must put their own name as the firm’s name?

Yeah I know it’s because of a partnership or some rules and regulations they have to follow when forming a law firm company.

But how cool would it be if they’re allowed to name their company with any name. For example…

lawyer advocates and solicitors

Since we have some self-proclaimed “Probloggers”, why can’t the lawyers do the same? The “& Gang” sounds totally cooler right?

And since there are a lot of suing, what about this…

lawyer advocates and solicitors

Triple Sue & Associates. Just sue it!

lawyer advocates and solicitors

Oh yeah, you sue they settle. Sounds more professional right? ;)

Anyway, I hope I don’t get sued by writing this entry!

76 thoughts on “Prolawyers & Gang

  1. Hahahaha :D Sue Sue Sue Sue! Kenot tahan! Funny lar your post. Just hope they won’t sue you.

    Anyway I think they put co because they hired the other lawyers? :)

  2. LOLZ loved the alternative names.

    They hv to maintain a regulated appropriate decorum in order to be able to maintain an air of higher class to charge and squeeze their clients with high fees ma.

  3. How I wish to have another name than my own as the name of my firm. Nowadays, if anything goes wrong, people curse my name first (as the first name in the firm) before anything. Some firm did play on the word at the back such as ‘& Rakan-rakan’ or ‘Syarikat Guaman…’ or whatever, as long as allowed by the Bar Council

  4. Hi Ken,

    Interesting postings indeed. I wonder what lawyer solicit… money and more money!! A good signage would be:
    “Manikam Manigo & Assoc.” :)

  5. Here in California people sue each other over completely pointless stuff. I was on a jury case just this year where a woman tried to sue her, soon to be, ex-husband because he was looking at her. Wow I look at people all the time maybe I’ll need one of those lawyers ha ha ha.

  6. You can’t actually compare “pro” bloggers & lawyers right?
    Lawyers have to manifest out their capability and blah,
    bloggers are just bloggers! :D Everyone can blog, and no one is pro at blogging, is the matter of WHAT you blog about matters ;)

  7. well, i think they must name their firms as per the regulations.. so whatever imaginative names you gave them, most probably they can only put them into their taglines :p

  8. For the comment above, because law always talk about black and white (must have evidence) lol!

    Well, Ken, I like the last one – You Sue, We Settle xD

    But I wonder if we can easily sue people in Malaysia though :S

  9. Spend so much go law school, dont put own name like not glamour wor. However there is still a possibility of forming a firm called Sue, Sue & Sue. Just need to get 3 fella with the same name :p

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