St. Michael’s Institution Ipoh

St. Michael’s Institution Ipoh

This is my high school.

st michael institution ipoh

St. Michael’s Institution, Ipoh.

The school was founded in 1912 by a group of Bros Brothers as they purchased a land in Kampung Pisang. It started off as a small bungalow, which served as the school building. Later on in 1921, the main building, which is the current building, was built.

Many said that the school’s architecture made it look like a church.

st michael institution ipoh

Despite the renovations to the school, it has never lost the architectural “feeling” of the past.

Anyway, as you walk into the school’s foyer, you’ll be greeted by a man and a boy with crooked necks.

st michael institution paterfamilias

The statue is called Paterfamilias – the term is Latin for “father of the family” and it held supreme authority over his children.

st michael institution ipoh

When Brother Ultan Paul took over in 1975, the school was then extended to accommodate more students as the demand rises.

st michael institution food court

This is the food court. The food is cheap and affordable. I remember eating chee cheong fun and chicken fried rice during recess period. Those were the days…

st michael institution scout den

The scout den is not far away from the food court. I wasn’t in scout, but their activities are interesting as they normally do “hand jobs” on woods. On the other hand, I was in the school band – we do “blow jobs” on metals.

st michael institution conference room

This conference room used to be my classroom when I was in Form 5. Damn, why did they renovate the room? Wanna meditate and reflect on my memories there also cannot. Different feng shui already.

st michael institution classroom

During the Japanese occupation, the school was used as an army transit hospital camp and also the Headquarters of the Japanese Government in Perak. The classrooms were used as offices for the governors and generals.

Besides that, there are some locations in school which were used to execute prisoners. I heard they were cruelly put to death. Well, that’s why we have a lot of ghosts’ stories in school.

st michael institution hall

The school hall isn’t a large one. The annual stage productions, also known as dramas, examinations and also assemblies are held here.

And this building is the new primary school block.

st michael institution primary school

More like an imitation of the original building. The old primary school used to be a single-story building, but it was already demolished. Too bad I didn’t manage to take pictures of the former primary school, or else it would bring back a more nostalgic feeling.

Anyway, one of our “favourite” past-time places was the toilet.

During the mid of my education period, the school built another toilet, a new one. The former principal, Mr. Louis, proclaimed it as a world-class toilet. Have a look…

st michael institution new toilet

Equipped with more than 10 cubicles and glass doors, it was such a relief for us students. Previously, we had to endure this…

st michael institution old toilet

Yeah, no kidding. Smelly cubicles with green yucky fungus growing at every corner. The atmosphere was terribly unbearable, to be honest. Doing “business” there is a dreadful experience. But eventually we got used to it.

There was once, I was doing big business. The lock wasn’t working – nevermind since there were no students. But as I was “pushing”, suddenly the cleaner uncle pushed open the door. We eye contact-ed for a while, I was speechless, he said sorry and closed the door.

I think he’s the only guy who saw my wee wee, besides my dad. Damn…

75 thoughts on “St. Michael’s Institution Ipoh

  1. wow… this update really gives me a little memories of refreshing every part of my own school too… but kinda sad that my school has now totally been renovated and rebuild into the new buildings…..

  2. Our school’s old toilet is not as bad as some other schools I had the opportunity to visit. Some were literally vomit-inducing. Compared to those, ours is a fragrant field of flowers!

  3. Ken, all the pics impressed me a lot until i saw the last that is still existing..right? But SMI has changed a lot since when i was younger…much younger.. now the kids are more blessed to have such a nice school to go to…

    Ken, hope to see u online one of these days.. wanna buy the hosting thingy and since u r the sifu, no other better person to ask… :)

  4. Wow, you are from Ipoh ah.. Haha.. I never attend SMI but I know it is a great school with great students.. There was a time I wanted to apply for a place but sadly I can’t, it is rather far from my home.

  5. War…how come your high school looks so majestic? LOL :D It looks really beautiful..not like mine…

    Then again…you made me miss my High school too. *sob* :(

  6. haha…nice post….juz some updates…(1)the old boys toilet has been renovated…(2)the conference room is named “OMA SECRETARIAT”…..lolz..=)…~Ques Ut Deus~…keep da michaelian spirit burning…chill

  7. you know what…
    that world-class toilet never open to public 1…
    dont know keep there for what…
    i been to the the girls’ toilet b4…even worse…
    only got 2-3….
    stupid ler~~

  8. Nice sculpture at the school foyer!

    Wow! World class toilets! LOL to your experience in the old toilets! Only 2 guys saw your wee wee in your life? Sure or not! : )

  9. A fellow LaSallian I see…I’m a LaSallian too but I’m at LSPJ (La Salle Petaling Jaya) during my Form 6…It was one of my best times at school! Once a LaSallian always a LaSallian!

    HAIL to the LA SALLE!!!!

    haha, and i remember the other song..
    Michaelians may be noisy and rowdy
    but my friends we are sure we’re not lousy..
    haha.. SMI!!!

  11. Ahha. My mom used to drive us by SMI all the time. I went there to take a piano exam once, I think.

    AHA. The statue.. it has like.. that.. kinda .. holey.. texture thing..

    And I found like.. something.. growing there, I think.

    Hm. I got a friend’s mother who teaches there.

  12. that school look like st john’s institution
    the hall and the infrastructure
    and the statue, to remember the name of those statue.
    i guess all the school by brothers and missionary shares something in common. =D
    “fide et labore” hehe

  13. yukkss!!! i hate that toilet!!! my high school toilet is a lot better~~ but most of the time, we sneak into the teachers’ toilet which is a lot cleaner.. :p

  14. Hate to say this but your sec school is very very similar to mine. Mine was also the Inggeris-looking school XD

    And the toilet, lololol!!! It’s no different too…

  15. Wah… pictures of the school.

    Talking about nostalgia, back in the Primary school days, the tables and chairs in the canteen weren’t like that. All we had were just long tables and long benches, and there weren’t even any fans to begin with!

  16. Wow..the cleaner uncle is such a lucky man! LOL..
    Ur description of the toilet is sooo bad.. hey, remember we used to hide there too while playing treasure hunt during band camps.. safest place =P

    And u pervert.. “metals” blowjob vs “wood” handjob.. does it mean band members are stronger..since metal is harder than wood? Wakakaka ^.^

    Anyway, great memories to recall… i miss SMI too =)

  17. this makes me wanted to post about my school someday too! its in the history ok— residence of a british resident in perak jww birch!

  18. I was from SMI (Strong Men Institution), studied there for 11 years from Std 1 to Form 5 in 1972. Bring back a lot of good memories. Was in the Cadet Corp of Drums and still proud to be a Michaelean. Thanks for the memories. God bless.

    1. I am an Old Michaelian and studied in this Majestic School for 11 years too and left in 1979. I was also in the Cadet Corp of Drums being the Drum Major in 1979.

      Fantastic pictures and certainly bring back good nostalgia.

  19. I’ve missed the Centennial celebration last Sat. I was from the class of ’88. Enjoyed every moment at SMI..Strong Men Ist…ha..ha.
    Dedicated teachers, multiracial classmates, the best “Assam Laksa”..and also got my kid study at cont. the legacy.

    1. Hi Fujiyama! I am looking for a friend who studied in SMI too. He was also from class of 88 (Form 5). Would you happen to remember anyone with the surname Hew?

  20. Was a student from 1960-1969 .Wonderful school,bring many good memories,reading posted articles and viewing photographs.Yes,time when Br.Casimir,Br.Vincent were teachers and Br.Paul was Director.God bless St.Michaels.

  21. was a student from 1961 to 1972 and in the cadet corps of drums from 1970 to 1972. share my feelings with Alan Crosbie on Bro. Casmir, Vincent and Bro Paul. how we love them and our Alma Mater.
    But times have changed. your mention of doing a blow job in our old days would have brought Mr. Oh Teik Toh, our discipline master on you. Did you know he was a Judo instructor?

    1. You don’t happen to know where the St Michael’s school library, tuckshop and bookshop were before July 1968 (ie. before the 6th Form U-shaped 4-floor block), do you?

      Just curious.

  22. I remembered my classroom,Form 4 Science 1 was somehow “special” as it was located beside the Marian Library, far far away from all the other Form 4 classrooms which were at the main block. Everytime can go to Library to lepak and “curi makan”. Those were the days i can never forget. That was way back in 1975. Any ex classmates out there can still recall that “special” classroom of ours?

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