Boobs Awareness Entry

Boobs Awareness Entry

In-conjunction with this month’s Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign, is presenting its Boobs Awareness Entry.

The reason why this entry is called Boobs Awareness is because boobs are the reason of the occurrence of breast cancer. Therefore, the existence of boobs is the cause. So we should be aware of the boobs first, right? =)

Now before we move on, let me show you the best WOW-factor we guys see in ladies.

gemma atkinson

English boobs. Wow!

japanese girl

Japanese boobs. Wow!

denis milani

Czech Republic boobs. Wow!

big lady

Err…boobs? Wow?

To be honest, the booby pictures make me feel relaxed, and stiff + sweaty at a particular body part of mine (don’t ask where) – except the last picture!

Okay, according to, Breast cancer is an uncontrolled growth of breast cells and it happens to 1 in 8 women in the United States, which is about 13%. Also, it’s always caused by a genetic abnormality.

And that’s all the information I’m gonna include, I don’t wanna bore you.

Therefore ladies, breast self-exam should be part of your monthly health care routine. And to all guys who are attached, married or cheating, it’s your responsibility to help your partner examine their boobs too.

I’ve bump into many blogs mentioning this topic, include a picture of how-to-exam-your-boobs and that’s all. But in, the demonstration will be done by my models. Yeah serious, my very own models.

This is gonna be a little interesting. Presenting to you,‘s models…


barbie doll

Oh, she’s sorry for the messy hair. She wasn’t groomed for a very, very long time already.

And the next model – Ken!

barbie ken

I meant Barbie’s Ken, not the Ken holding him.

So in this entry, is gonna teach you guys how to help your partner (girlfriend, wife or mistress) to check her boobs. So thoughtful right? No other intentions!

First step, undress her to the waist… or just let her undress herself. Don’t get horny okay…

While you control your horniness, keep your fingers together and use the flat part of three fingers to feel the breast.

breast self-exam

Press gently but firmly, feeling for lumps or thickening of tissue.

Imagine her boobs as the face of a clock. Start at 12 o’clock and feel along the boundary till you return to your starting position.

breast self-exam

Also, move your fingers in small circles, about the size of a 20-cent coin.

breast self-exam

After that, move down a finger’s width and repeat in smaller circles till you reach the nipple.

Then redo the process on the other boob. Simple right? So what are you waiting for, check her boobs now! Not check out, but check up!

Oh by the way, let’s thank Barbie and Ken for their special appearance on this entry.

barbie and ken

They are certainly very honoured to perform a demo for you all. =)

P/S: Don’t tell me Barbie’s boobs are obscene okay. Little kids see that too!

170 thoughts on “Boobs Awareness Entry

  1. shyt.. shyt!!! haha!! this post is so farnie!!!!!
    that were lots of boobs displayed, especially the barbie.

    oh, how to check men’s boobs?

  2. I dun think there is a DIY method for Male… as far as i know from the medical history of malaysia, total of 5 male die of breast cancer and non of it have the chance of curing.

  3. I am interested in the boobs actually…Really “WOW”!But wondering how come the japanese boobs can be that big??
    Anyway..Funny post…And i think that..the way to exam the a….hmm…quite like molesting the breast more than like self-exam the breast wo…lol

  4. Brilliant idea to use Barbie and Ken (doll) as demo subjects! haha, now I wish I’d thought of that XD

    To be honest, big boobs aren’t always fun. They’re heavy and most Asian clothing quite small at the bust area… so unless planning to “flash”, sometimes quite hard to get nice + cute clothing =P

  5. OMGGGGGGGGG!!!! This is like….a very creative way to demonstrate how to check for breast cancer in a simple manner…yup i agree above that no boobs were harmed and ….the use of the pun Ken is so so smart!!!! Hahahaha very interesting and hilarious PLUS informative post as well. Good job KEN! :)

    p/s: I still feel the four pics of boobs in the beginning part was highly unnecessary, but if you need to let readers know what boobs are…i doubt ur readers are unaware of that word…XD

  6. are you sure Ken is doing the right way or not? tat was FAST!!!! hahahahahah….cant simply do ok…it is a life threatening disease, must take your own sweet time and examine properly….refer to elaine in doubt…she is a specialist hahahah :)

  7. I hope you didn’t get turned on by the “learn self examination of breast cancer with barbie and ken” :P

    Why do you have barbie and ken o_o? You play with them?!

  8. haha hamsap ken wakaka..encouraging ladies to undress more to check breast lumps haha^^ken gona be like the doc in nip tuck =)

  9. oh god, boobs!

    i’m so stiff and sweaty now. :P

    lol at the ken/barbie demo! i thought girls are supposed to do it themselves, not with a helping hand xD

  10. omg you can always have funny posts there, including this one! by the way it is unfair to girls because they didn’t have a chance to examine the male’s boobs = =

  11. hmm..
    after reading this post,
    i felt more compelled to examine others’ boobs.

    i can help you examine your boobs for free!
    this is for a good cause. ahem

  12. I still don’t understand how Ken (the doll, not kenwooi) checked Barbie’s boobs.

    Maybe Ken (Kenwooi, not the doll) should demonstrate on a real person? Haha!

  13. By request, I hope I can see the man version on Boobs Awareness Entry….
    Can you deliver it Ken?
    I hope this is not a challenge for you, nothing is impossible…I want to see want is going on that post.
    Looking forward to read your creative post on that OK.

  14. Hahaha I laughed sooo hard at the ‘Err…boobs? Wow?’ bit! You know, I’ve never actually ever Ken before but had boxes full of Barbie and Kelly :S. Love the drawings and your usage of your models :P

  15. there is a doc gave talk in my frmer schol
    and she told us that a man realise his wife get breast cancer,his wife doesnt even know:)

    whoa yea mabel is right
    how bout those are plastic surgery boobies haaha

  16. Glad to see u write about Pink Ribbon stuff.

    To those who dunno wat i mean about Pink Ribbon, it is breast cancer awareness symbol, just like Red Ribbon for HIV awareness.

  17. Nice post! Funny yet educational…

    Btw, out of my curiosity, where did u get the dolls? U keep them for collection?


    *Kidding* Haha….

  18. Wow.. English boobs!
    Lol. U sui chai.. But seriously nice and funny post :)
    I wonder if Ken (wooi) does the examination for his gf, surely can’t finish the job before he gets “sticky and sweaty” on tat part again.. Lol!
    How does the gal actually feels with all the clock and 20 cents coin rubbing also :P

  19. Creative way of promoting breast self-exams :-)

    You forgot to ask Ken to get Barbie to lift up her arm and check around the armpit area too…maybe a Session 2?

    Congratulations on your graduation!!!

  20. Wow…. that is really creative… Breast examination using barbie dolls… Never thought that barbie dolls can be useful in demonstrating this methods…XD

  21. LOLing out loud!!! That was a really good post, bro… Damn funny yet educational. It didn’t hurt to have those booby pictures too =P

  22. Why do some people refer to womens’ breasts as “boobs?” Isn’t that like calling a man’s penis a “wee” or something. Isn’t that all just a bit juvenile? Let’s call them what they are!

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