Conquering Fort Cornwallis

Conquering Fort Cornwallis

I’ve never heard of this fort until I visited Penang recently. To be honest, pronouncing the name accurately took me quite some time. Corn-Wall-Is?

penang fort cornwallis

Fort Cornwallis, a star-shaped structure, was erected at the place where Francis Light landed to take possession of Penang Island.

penang fort cornwallis star shape

Today, this historical site is popular among visitors. Once you enter the fort, you’ll first see a rifle and Francis Light’s statue.

Since I’ve never handled a bullet-ed weapon before, I quickly picked up the rifle.

penang fort cornwallis rifle

I have a rifle. I’m pointing at you! Don’t mess with me! I SHOOT YOU!

But on second thought…

penang fort cornwallis francis light

I’ll shoot the poser Francis Light okay? =)

Anyway, the fort is decorated with many old cannons of different sizes. There is a small canon nearby. Quite small.

penang fort cornwallis small canon

Very small, in fact. I think my ‘cannon’ is larger than that!

Fort Cornwallis served more as an administrative centre for the British despite it’s defensive design. Throughout the British colonization, it survived without much attacks from the enemies.

penang fort cornwallis wall

It was once surrounded with a moat, but now it’s surrounded by cars.

At the opposite side of the entrance, there’s a display of an old British canopy model.

penang fort cornwallis colony model

Can you imagine yourself living in such environment for years? We’re considered lucky to be living under a roof instead of a cone huh?

penang fort cornwallis fire place

This is Kenwood. Trying to cook a tiny wood with invisible fire.

I wonder how they survived back then with all the wars, bombs and guns. If I were living at that time, I think I’ll be the noob-est rifleman. Die on the first battle.

Oh by the way, I spotted another cannon there!

penang fort cornwallis canon

A little bigger than the first one, but still small. Like I said earlier – my ‘cannon’ is larger!

On another side, you’ll see a row history galleries.

penang fort cornwallis gallery

In each room, you’ll see artifacts and historical items from the past.

And towards the end of building, there are examples of prison cells used back then.

penang fort cornwallis prison

That’s roughly all the interesting parts in the fort.

So, Fort Cornwallis is a must-visit place if you’re on a trip to Penang Island. It’s located near the Esplanade, not the Singapore’s one okay? Penang’s one!

Oh yeah before I forget, I was saying that my ‘cannon’ is larger right? Wanna know why?

You’ll surely agree with me after seeing this!

So here’s why! See for yourself – My Large Cannon!


penang fort cornwallis seri rambai canon

Told ya! ;)

87 thoughts on “Conquering Fort Cornwallis

  1. Last post was ‘small birdie’ overnight transformed..Large Kanonwooi. lol Come to think about it Fort Cornwallis is a nice place after all. Very often I parked my car there but did not bother to ‘explore’. Thanks.

  2. ROFL…..ur last pic is a CLASSIC!!!!!!!! ok lar you win lar, Kennysia dun even have tat large canon hahahahhahaa….btw i brought my parent to penang afew yrs ago but since we were there late so we didnt manage to get it, but u really think it is a must to go in ar?

  3. Hi Ken,

    In blog, the issue of copyright does not really exist. There are so many bloggers that sometimes, our style of writing tend to be the same. My style of writing could be the same as many photographers out there too. So far, no body can claim that the have the right to that particularly style of writing. Probably, your way of writing your blog is just a coincidence with kenny sia. Hahaha…

    Anyway, that fort. It seems to be a good place for me to take my history photography. I can turn that place into a very old place by using photoshop. kekekeke.. thanks for sharing anyway.

  4. Ken, i been to penang so many times but i never been inside this cornwall.. :) it is in the esplanade, right? good to take kids there… but now they r grown up already.. hahaha..

  5. You never heard of Fort Cornwallis? What do they teach in History in schools these days? A whole lot of useless stuff, I hear – this tamadun, that tamadun… No wonder nobody likes History and everybody seems so ignorant of their heritage…their own country’s past.

  6. I C u visited Penang eh? Hmmm….where have u been? Don’t know Fort Cornwallis? Excuse u. Happy that u visited. Have a nice time. Tried Penang food? Read my blog 4 places to eat? I mean where I eat.:o)

  7. hello!! I came here but didn’t go in! I read that the cannons were misaligned so they literally couldn’t defense! HAHA seems like guys really like to pose with cannons. XD

  8. is this the current most hippest place to visit?? i’ve seen many bloggers blogged about going there.. or did you guys all go there together?? hahaha..

  9. I’ve been to Penang but never go to Cornetto Walls ice cream. OK, I mean Cornwallis! LOL!

    Anyway, after reading this post, I think no need to go already. Haha!

    Wah! Your “cannon” is really huge! Gasp ; )

  10. Corn -Wall- Is – I must bring my son to visit this place.
    Good for his ‘History / Sejarah’ subject. Thanks for sharing.
    I will called it Corn-‘ Wall-E’ is..

  11. wah.. now then i can read.. from my boss laptop, all the words in your blog are not bigger than 2mm… =.=”
    wah.. the cannon is so big………..

  12. Ok, I will sure be here next time I visit Penang.
    Btway, Mr. Ken, can you be the free tour guide if I want to go.
    I hope you are kind enough. Nanti, i belanja OK!

  13. Cone for that time is a great luxury you know Ken.
    Yes, we are lucky and you are even more luckier.
    You must give credit to the photographerlah for taking most of your handsome photos…

    May be you can have a session to introduce your teams that help you along.
    I am sure they like to be appear here, famouslah……
    Can I be featured here too?!

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