Mysterious Face at Penang Hill

Mysterious Face at Penang Hill

Update 2012: Click here to read the newer version on Of New Tram, Buggy Ride and Penang Hill. :)


My first visit up Penang Hill, also known as Bukit Bendera in Malay language, was during my recent trip to Penang.

penang hill

It’s not far away from George Town, and the station to get to the top is located at Air Itam.

Honestly, I was amazed by the method used to get to the peak – by using a tram, or train.

bukit bendera penang

A one-way journey takes around 30 minutes, with a stop in the middle.

penang hill tram

The unique feature of this mode of transportation is that it runs on a railway, they call it a funicular railway, through the jungle of the hill.

penang hill tram driver

The tram is controlled by a tram diver. So many buttons that I wish to play around with it.

penang hill split

At two points of the journey, the railway splits, for both trams, one going up and another one going down, to pass by each other. I guess building 2 railways for both directions was a difficult task, considering that it’s located deep in the jungle.

Being myself, I was snapping pictures all along the way. So here’s the weird mysterious face part – I came back home, transferred the photos to my Macbook and when I was viewing this particular photo, iPhoto detected a face on it.

penang hill railway

With a glance, can you see a face there?

If it wasn’t because of iPhoto’s automatic face detection, I’d say that it’s just a railway track. But look carefully on the left.

penang hill ghost face

See that?! Wah, that kinda freaked me out you know?!

Yes yes, you might say that it’s someone’s reflection – maybe the person beside me or the driver. But no, a white man was beside me and the driver has little hair. The face looks more like an emo tanned-skin guy.

Can see or not? Can?

Anyway, back to Penang Hill.

penang hill tunnel

As we reach the peak, there’s a tunnel. Once the tram goes in it, it’ll be pitch black! Careful, maybe an emo guy will appear beside you. =P

Once you’re up there, you can feel the cool atmosphere. Very nice you know, almost like Genting Highlands.

penang hill bukit bendera

Penang Hill is located about 800 meters above sea level.

penang hill panoramic view

Here’s what I saw when I was at the top of Penang Hill. In fact, you can witness a panoramic view of George Town.

penang hill penang bridge

The famous Penang Bridge can be seen too.

penang hill old tram

At the top of the hill, there are restaurants, guest houses, hotels and souvenir booths. The old tram used during the earlier railway operations are being displayed too. It’s made of wood.

penang hill mainland

Last but not least, you can also see the mainland. Wonderful isn’t it?

Oh yeah, another attraction at Penang Hill is the Canopy Walk, where you walk along a route hanged up in the air. You get what I mean? Usually you see that in Amazing Race, but this one nobody is gonna shout at you “Faster Faster Damnit Faster!” when you’re there. You can take your time admiring the jungle.

But unfortunately it was closed when I visited. Good also lah… I think I’m afraid of heights. =P

Anyway, if you’re visiting Penang, don’t miss this place! If you got pictures of that emo tanned-skin guy again, tell me ya! Thanks! ;)


Update 2012: Click here to read the newer version on Of New Tram, Buggy Ride and Penang Hill. :)

42 thoughts on “Mysterious Face at Penang Hill

  1. I never been to Penang before T_T owez wanted to go. I should plan a trip!

    Woi! Dun scare ppl la with that pix @_@ aiya…gimme goosebumps lucky morning liao.

  2. hahahah u sure or not no tanned guy behind u? but then har maybe the sun or the angle or watever make the guy looked tanned lar….otherwise gud luck to u lor….hope u dont see him again in other places….did u watch the thai horror movie SHUTTER? hahahhaahahha…………anyway, i think i shud visit penang hill again the last time i went there i was 12 yrs old…..24 yrs ago….you do the math! hahhah:P

  3. I can’t see anything also…and i walked up to the peak before going down by tram okay…haha and my sweat made me extra cold at the peak…=)

  4. I went to Penang Hill before too. Good view at the peak :D And the mysterious face? I saw it when I first saw the picture. You sure that is not the guy who stood beside you? lol! But it’s an amazing discovery lol!!

  5. Oooh using tram.. it is the same as Hong Kong’s Peak. They use the same too and it runs beside housing area! but of course since the place is like so popular and expensive, the houses are stars houses. If I remember right lah :P.

  6. Ooooh a face in the screen… I thought I saw one in the grass hahhaa…

    looks like the driver to me no matter :P. Still can see another guy behind wearing blue shirt leh :P.

  7. Emo tanned-skin guy? Hmm… I can’t make out what it is. If you’re seeing a face, it’s kinda big, huh?

    Anyway, I’ve never been to Bukit Bendera and would love to go up there one day :-)

  8. woah..that picture with the face is scary!! btw, i’m from penang and i’ve stayed in those old scary mansions up there a few times before and i’ve heard loads of strange stories about penang are not the only one..haha!

    btw, it’s so wrong to eat the chocolate mask..i was just kidding la..haha!

  9. hey..about the ghost picture…i think it’s the woman’s leg a.. look above the ‘face’.. seems like woman’s hands hugging a bag.. maybe her leg is fair so than the light make it bigger and look like a face..hehe

  10. I’ve been to Penang Hill before with my family, around two years ago. Somehow, the mysterious face, I can’t see it clearly.

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