About Me

About Me

This is probably the most personal entry, so I hope you don’t get bored.

I’ve been blogging for more than a year, and I’ve just realized that there’s no “About Me” section till now. So this entry is dedicated to “About Me”. Here goes…

First and foremost, my name is not Ken Wooi and I like to play with Ken.

masturbation motivational poster

Many of you don’t know this, but “Ken” is not my self-created English name. Instead, it’s a part of my full name. I put my last name in front of my surname. So actually, people don’t call me “Ken Wooi” when they see me; it’s either “Ken” or my two last name.

Anyway, if your name is Yew Hon Fook, do get fookyew.com for your blog okay?

As the eldest among the siblings, I was probably the naughtiest one.


Yeah, me and my bad-ass bike! Cool eh?

And my parents used to buy me soft toys. Look, a picture of me and teddy bear.


As big as me. But look at its size now…

teddy bear

Teddy bear has shrunk! Time really flies…

I started kindergarten at St. John’s Kindergarten, Ipoh.

Can’t remember much but there was one embarrassing moment I can recall. I peed in my pants. Oh dear…


On an unrelated note – Mishal, look! You! =)

Upon completing kindergarten, I studied at St. Michael’s Institution, Ipoh during primary and secondary school.

st michael institution ipoh

Due to the English-speaking environment, I grew up as a “banana“. I don’t speak Mandarin well and my Cantonese sucks.

I wasn’t a brilliant student, but I was certainly active in the school band. Whenever I talk about school, I always relate my experiences with the Michaelian Military Band. Being in the band gave me many memories, and it’d take entries to re-tell every single detail about it.

I was a Treasurer and a Section Leader back then. And I participated in numerous performances, concerts and competitions.

band performance

Being in the band has shaped me into the person I am now. It made me realize that there are other achievements and objectives in life instead of aiming for excellent results in academics.

One thing is for sure, it made my high school life more interesting, and it made me dark like charcoal.


I’m the darkest. Can you spot me?

After completing my SPM (Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia, an examination for Form 5 students) in 2005, I continued my studies at INTI University College in Nilai.

I started with Foundation in Business Information Technology in 2006 and then proceeded to Degree in Software Engineering in 2007. The whole duration took more than 3 years.


Damn I look skinny last time, no tummy you know!

Anyway, it was a whole new environment being in INTI. Besides going to classes, I joined the INTI Concert Band and then got elected as the Treasurer of 12th INTIMA, the university’s Student Council. Yeah, Treasurer again – is it because I’m a trustworthy and honest person? ;)

inti university college intima

By the way, I’m already graduated from INTI.

Besides blogging and all, I like to listen to music, only certain genres. I listen when I’m relaxing, but not when I’m doing work. Also, I play wind instruments!

soprano saxophone

I started playing the Flute in 2001 and then the Soprano Saxophone in 2004, till now. However, my saxophone is collecting dust at the moment because there’s no band to play with.

Besides that, I love traveling. If I have the money, I’d probably go on a world tour. But so far, I’ve only manage to visit certain states and places in Malaysia.

redang snorkeling

I started blogging in May 2008. The purpose of starting a blog wasn’t defined during the initial stages, but it’s certainly a medium where I share my thoughts and documentaries in life.

Most of my entries are written with a pinch of humour. I believe that laughter is the best medicine – it makes people happy.

You might wonder whether I’m a funny guy in person or not. I can’t give you a definite answer but maybe it’s a little lesser than a pinch?

sold out

Anyway, I’m not sure how many people kenwooi.com has reached out to, but I do hope that everyone who reads/follows the blog will enjoy the entries.

I’ve never said this before, but I really appreciate your interest in kenwooi.com. Thank you for reading, thank you for commenting.

thank you

So that’s roughly all about myself. Once again, thank you for reading. =)

P/S: I can’t possibly elaborate every single info “About Me” in this entry. To know me more, feel free to read my entries by going through the archives.

181 thoughts on “About Me

  1. you sure have grown up alot ken..hehe..a very interesting biography bout yourself..hehe..not to mention your pros and cons to be included in..btw wat are you doing now..do drop by at my fb profile page yea cuz i dont really have a blog =) all the best to you and keep on laughing haha~

  2. hey, the ‘dark like charcoal’ picture, the guy next to you in blazer. that’s chong mun hou (ben) right?

    besides, u sure that’s a teddy bear? it look like a monkey/ape to me.

  3. Wuah very nice About Me post oh. LOL wahh still got bear since young GG.

    wuah pretty school building @_@”””

    so after high school went to college putih sudah balik? XD

    Hey we’re both leo XD

  4. wah, you still keep ur kiddy teddy bear, i think i threw them all away liao, lulz…

    if following that site naming rule of yours den mine will be “ooiang.com” (ang chun ooi). hmm. :/ sounds wrong.

    i think i should have an about me page written too. :)

  5. ohhh so finally an entry about urself……there are a few things i like about this entry:

    #1: u and teddy back then
    #2: u and in ur uniform…..love that hat….so…………………-.-!!!!
    #3: totally agree with u…excellent academic results dont guarantee anything in life
    #4: i am leo and i am the eldest too wakakakkakaka

    LASTLY: I knew you can BLOW, bro!!!!!! -.- hahahaha

    ps: what happened if someone’s name is Tan Fook Mee? :)

  6. good morning Ken, one thing for sure, through blogging, i know u better though we r one generation apart.. lol.. through blogging, i know u r my son’s frens though they r never as active as their mama… through blogging, u r so willing to help this auntie get her own domain… through blogging, i find u r very good in writing good posts… and lastly but not least, through blogging, u r indeed a good blogger to keep updated with!!! (pssst, yours truly here still need some assistance later on, please bear with me.. *wink*)

  7. wanted to learn the Soprano sax too last time,
    but i only can afford a Clarinet LOL!.

    so yea i play wood wind too!…
    i hope u still practice, cos i forgotten all the notes and how to play d.

  8. So, whoever calls you just Ken probably knew you from INTI. But those who call you by Wei Ken would most likely be friends from St. Michael’s and your earlier-day friends, right? Hehe…

  9. haha…im a michaelian too but probably 1-2 generations above you. I was also from the band, from the Cadet band which already closed down. There used to be milltary and cadet bands back in the early 80s.

  10. Oh, so you are not Ken Wooi! Well, you’ve certainly had me fooled! LOL!

    So you know how to play flute and sax! Can you show us on Youtube?

    It doesn’t matter whether you are funny or not in real life, as long as you are funny in your blog! : )

  11. i also shud write own personal story about ymself as my name is not vialentino…hahaha

    anyway, u look so cute and adorable in ur baby pics bro…nice to read ur personal background…

  12. I believe you have done a hell of a great job bro, No doubt you are one of the best blogger around in your own niche. :p

    And I think you are better than Kennysia!

  13. I am back extra ealy today and check on your blog.
    Wow! Really good intro about yourself!
    I should upgrade myself because my entries are all so casually written.

  14. Hi~ Haha… you are really funny & hot~
    That’s why u r popular in the blogsphere… jz after a year~
    Wooi Wei Ken = kenwooi.com
    then mine shud b kaichew.com…. haha but i choose KafeChew.com
    Nuff Nang~

  15. awwww!!! the baby pictures are soo cute. you’re right, time does fly… but it always adds values and memories to life. good to know you haven’t lost your collection of pictures and hope to see more!!

  16. I like the 2 pictures of you with teddy bear. Big boy d.. LOL.. Btw, I do like almost all your post as it’s really interesting. Hmm.. Nice post again=)

  17. can’t find your chatbox la…

    well, mun hou is my friend here in mmu. we knew each other thru events we joined 3 years ago. he told me he’s from st. michael but didnt know u guys know each other. what a small world!

  18. Hey! You’re my junior from Inti! I studied there b4 it obtained its Uni status… so… *ahem* can guess how old I am d la! =)

    Really enjoyed yr blog! Keep it up!

  19. Kenwooi the Soprano SAX-maniac then (2004) and after 5 years “a” grows older and became “e” so it’s Kenwooi the Soprano SEX-maniac now (2009)!!! Still sounds the same..:P

  20. wow..so many comments they leave for this post..about you..everyone makes fun of your name..lol…what i want to say is..frankly..you haven’t got much of sense of humour in person la..and..shy as well..but you can always make me surprise with your funny post..good job..

  21. hi!! it’s a really nice, personal post.

    u should do this on a more regular basis =)

    let ur readers know u better but of course sometimes tougher when u get haters.. well, with popularity, u get good n bad press.

    since u know my cousin, jason, u might even know my ipoh cousins!! or we might have mutual friends who were in the same school as u.. only thing is, we’re waaay older than u! =p

  22. wow you still have your teddy with you? haha. i like the pic when you were a baby with that England baby shirt on :) you should keep your teddy, pass it on to your kids one day. hehe. great post.

  23. thanks for sharing these with us… (like da pee-in-da-pant part :P)
    i thought ur name is ken wooi something something haha
    u just remind me that i’ve been procrastinating my about page :|

  24. is ken part of your childhood playdoll as well? this is not the 1st time you feature him in your blog..i’m guessing he played an important part in your childhood memories =)

  25. Gosh, never know you go to St. John kindergarten. I went to the same kindergarten but I am 1 year younger than you but I go to kindergarten at very young age 2+. Really. Maybe we meet when we are young. haha..

  26. Do i know u from somewhere? primary school????? u look familiar. xD but i couldn’t recal

    Wanted to visit your blog to see if I know you, but it’s a broken link.

  27. Hi Ken,

    I was a Michaelian too. Live on the Michaelians’ spirits. That was one of the things that awed me till today, when I first entered this awesome institution in Lower 6. To our beloved Alma Mater…. Cheers.

  28. Looks like I am your senior in school. Me too was in the band, for one year if my memory serves me right.
    Good job with the blog and I do enjoy reading it.

  29. Hi ken..
    I’ve enjoy reading your blog and all your article, even this is my first time I’ve came here & read you blog..
    Nice & interesting blogs..I like!
    I’m leo too and born in 1988..(^_*)
    Its means that u same like me..

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