Graduation Ceremony @ INTI University College

Graduation Ceremony @ INTI University College

I’m officially graduated on a Friday the 13th! Yay!

inti university college graduation stage

Nothing much to be said besides expressing my happiness for graduating from INTI.

Anyway, we registered ourselves at 8am at the Sports Hall, and had photo sessions.

graduation photo session

That’s roughly the number of people graduating on that day, both Degree and Diploma holders.

business information technology

BITCU. Business & Information Technology, Coventry University. That was the Degree I wanted to study when I stepped foot in INTI, but somehow I changed my mind and studied Software Engineering instead. Oh yeah, try pronouncing the abbreviation. ;)

The ceremony was held at the Multi-Purpose Hall and it started at about 10.30am. My Software Engineering course was the last to go on stage.


That is my Head of Programme, Mr. Goh, and I.

You know what he told me before he announced my name? He said “You still owe me a McD Burger!”. Well, that’s because he helped me promote my McValue Lunch contest entry during class. Yeah, in class! Cool eh? =)

Sir, one day… One day ya? =)

graduation receive

So that’s me, accepting my certificate from the Pro-Vice-Chancellor from Coventry University, UK.

After the ceremony at the Multi-Purpose Hall, we went back to Sports Hall to take pictures and have refreshments.

first class graduates

Here is the group picture of the First Class holders.

graduation flower

I got this bouquet of flowers from my parents.

graduation group

Feels gay holding the flowers.

Anyway, I don’t fancy wearing the mortar board. It ruins my hair (not that I have stylish hairstyle or what) and I didn’t wanna take it off initially.

But I had to – since we wanna take a photo of us throwing our mortar board.

graduation friends

So I had to “adjust” my hair. And I think I look totally better with my hair instead.

graduation throw mortar board

I wonder who created this throw-mortar-board action. What does it symbolizes? Freedom? I think so…

By the way, I finally know how the ‘cape’ is worn. Actually just wear it, fold it a little and that’s it!

graduation gown coventry university

For your information, the cape’s blue and gold colour represents the colour of Coventry University. Now we know why it comes in different colours.

inti nigeria students

The Sports Hall was packed with people after the ceremony. Graduated students were busy taking pictures for memories and some were eating the free food.

graduation food

And unfortunately I didn’t eat the free, I repeat FREE, food because I was too busy snapping pictures.


But in the end, it’s better not to eat since many friends made remarks that I got fatter! Aiyo…

In case you guys missed it earlier and still wondering what classification I got for my Degree, I think this picture will do the talking…

first class honours

It’s a good effort I guess? =)

Anyway, besides the flowers I got from my parents, I got this too…

graduation plant

A gift from INTI – a pot of… plant! The guy behind must be thinking I’m an idiot.

So that’s all, this entry wraps up another chapter of my life! Thank you INTI for everything, except for making me fatter! =)

P/S: I didn’t include pictures of friends and myself here because I don’t wanna bore you guys with my fat face, but they’ll be certainly be uploaded to my Facebook.

155 thoughts on “Graduation Ceremony @ INTI University College

  1. congratulations!! now you’ve officially got out of the playground and welcome to the cruel rat race of the society!

    okay, i sure made it sound bad.

    LOL at BITCU xD

  2. Congrats! Conventry? Nice place. Twinning programme? Did u get to go there – most noted for Lady Godiva sitting naked on a white horse? LOL!!! BITCU…just miss by one letter! Hahahahaha!

  3. Congatz…. u grad liao.. but i’m still struggling with my last two terms…!!! and double congats for first class honors!!! not easy wor….

  4. uwaah 1st class…

    u r truly nerd lah…

    btw congratz…

    /me having hard time noe with the very final semester final exam…lol

    but still can blogging


  5. yo bro….i am back from krabi…thanks for ur support and visit to my site.

    reminds me of my graduation time at inti….same hall….
    inti really good education biz…till now got so many students ler…

  6. congrate my fren!
    First class honor in software engineering… definitely clever brain you have there. Hahaha..
    Mine will be April 2011…haiz….1 more year to go. Also targeting first class^^

  7. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 1st class honours….CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!! and btw who gave you that pot of plant har? was tat a joke? hahahaha….ok lar still not too fat…..hahaha now welcome to the real world!!!

  8. kool! someone got the 1st class! wow! many the congrats to you! can tell really lame jokes thru blog, and still score in exam one.

    seriously, i had no idea you’re friends with the guy holding the pink bouquet. what a small world this is.

  9. The guy at the back is probably thinking, “Wahh so cheap one ah, everybody else get expensive bouquets and he angkut the pasu straight ah?” LOL

    Congrats on graduating first class. Must be proud.. So what’s ur plan for the future?

  10. WAH~~ FIRST CLASS!!!
    So geng one!!

    btw.. welcome to the real world… you have no idea what u got yourself into now..
    enjoy your freedom while you still have one now.. muahahaha…

  11. Congrates for achieving feat in your life! Enjoy it while it last, cuz the next thing which gonna come and bug you is endless job searching and door knocking. ;)

  12. oh wooooots! First class honours yawww Congratulations btw :D
    My brother’s from INTI college Sabah. So i don’t think you
    know him. He’s very.. invisible anyway :/
    He has just got a diploma for IT

    I think he wants to take software engineering next sem in INTI UC too.
    something like that lah if i heard correctly. lol
    so what is it that you learn in that course?
    making softwares like Windows or something?

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