My Graduation Robe and I

My Graduation Robe and I

I collected my graduation robe (I don’t wanna say “gown” because it sounds like a dress) a few days back. If you have been following me on my Twitter, you should have known about it.

Back at home, I tried it on. This is how it looks from the back.

graduation robe cape

Quite messy huh? The ‘cape’ I mean. How to wear it nicely ah?

The weird thing about this ‘cape’ is that it looks like a pants when I first unfold it. Maybe it’s suppose to be worn this way?

graduation robe cape pants

Okay looks pathetic, definitely not then.

So that’s the problem – I don’t know how to wear it properly. It’s like a piece of cloth dangling behind me.

Makes me feel like Superman. Look it’s a bird! It’s a plane! No!

It’s… someone with a graduation robe + cape + mortar board!

superman blue sky

Up, up and away!

Then I took a picture with this flower-looking mini windmill.

flower garden

I look beautiful, don’t I? ;)

Oh yeah, the ‘cape’ can be worn as a hoodie too. Take a look.

star wars obi wan kenobi

This is Obi Wan KENoobie. Cool eh my blue light saber! *Waound Waound Waound Waaa-ound!*

If you don’t get what “Waound” means, what?! it’s the sound of light saber swinging here and there okay?

Anyway, wearing the graduation robe makes me feel like someone special. It’s like I’m a student of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. I think I can be the main cast in the Harry Potter movies!

Presenting – Ken Potter!

harry potter

Sorry ya, my Hogwarts classmates (especially Hermione and Ron) are not smiling like I do. They’re just a little emo + angry because I’m Dumbledore’s new pet!

Now, where is that bald Voldemort… *ImpotentPetronas!!!*

Anyway, ever since I’ve finished my days at INTI University College, I’ve been looking forward to the convocation.

It’s on the 13th of November 2009!

Daddy and Mummy is gonna be soooo proud of their son! =)

133 thoughts on “My Graduation Robe and I

  1. Well..there’re still a couple of years for me to put on the graduation robe..hope u have a bright future for always..;)

  2. I like tis entry,seriously speaking…so creative with tat picture…lol…like da 3rd pic oo…hey, why don’t u join da Mister Potato (by Nuffnang)’s competition? I’ll vote for u for sure :P
    Congrats for ur great day!

  3. cepatnya u want to grad

    i still got another sem to grad my diploma
    and 3 more years to grad my degree

    total 6 years = can u imagine this ????



    hope u won’t break your chair anymore

  4. hey Ken, u r so creative, how did u do all that.. the beautiful garden, the up up and away sky, star wars, and harry potter pun ada.. hahhaa.. u r really something..
    lastly and not least, a BIG CONGRATULATIONS

  5. HAHAHA!!! Damn funnny weyy. The harry porter pictures. HAHAA!!! I believe that your parents are so going to be proud of you! All the best in your future and undertakings! God bless =)!!!!

  6. Sweeet entry. Haha Kelakar :”)
    Made my flu go away. lol. wanted to comment on ur about u entry bt 2 much commnt malasla. haha anyways. : ) congrats on the grad. : DD

  7. Congrats Ken, you don’t look beautiful but so so handsomelah…..
    Must really belanja!

    Am I invited?!
    I just want to witness the live Ken Potter in action……
    or may be Mr. big riding hood travelling in the woods!

  8. I am so proud of you Ken.
    Really really proud of you.
    Please add into your postlah.
    I really mean it….

    Really cool Ken, can you organise a giveaway on your ken potter’s shot?

  9. I guess tonight, I will have my graduation dream too.
    Sweet dream and good night…
    Happy graduation and all the best in all your current and future undertaking Ken.
    Reasons to smile:)
    Make a wish…want do you want for graduation?

  10. congrats ken….this is the same robe i wore last time in inti…they never change the color at all….

    can start to look for job already….hehehe

  11. 13th is coming very soon! it’s just 2 months ago that i got my convocation, now starting work oledi for 5 months, haih!

    damn i miss my college days!!!

    and LOL kenwooi potter xD

  12. HAHA!!! sorry for being away man..
    been dead busy with my magazine job.
    but will keep updating my blog whenever i got time for it.
    haha! congratz to your graduation! i still have no idea how to put it on.. ><

  13. Congratulation to u Kenwooi. Hey, you are really creative. By the way, what “field” are u in, I mean your studying?

    Software Engineering. =)

  14. impotentpetronas!! and petronases all over malaysia got BOMBED!! XP
    great post there, and u’ll look good in that ‘pants’ LOL congrats for ur convo! ;)

  15. Stop playing with your graduation robe, boy! Lolz… I can’t imagine anyone fooling around with this piece of thingy like u..

    Congrats and welcome to the real working world soon! :)

    Feels good wearing the robe and being seen / clapped by parents when you go up to receive the long-awaited scroll.. been thru it b4 ^.^ Only thing is, they group us by the “class” of the degree.. those with 1st class receives first..followed by us in 2nd class.. lol… so still makes it a bit sad :P

  16. hey broo…u’re so funny…hahaha~~!!

    like diz entry so much…nvr tot dat graduation robe can be so useful like dat.


    anyway, congrats on ur graduation day!!

  17. Hello Congratulation! Another funny post!

    My classmates and I plan to run across roof of the shelter that’s directly infront of the principal office in our graduation robe next year. Hehe.

    This is after we recieve our diploma.

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