Intriguing Ipoh: Railway Station & Town Hall

Intriguing Ipoh: Railway Station & Town Hall

It has been quite a long time since I last wrote about Ipoh. So it’s about time…

This is about 2 distinctive structures located in heart of the city – the Ipoh Railway Station and the Ipoh Town Hall.

ipoh railway station

The Ipoh Railway Station is certainly one impressive building in Ipoh.

ipoh railway station architecture

It was built with a unique architecture called Mughal style, from India. That’s why it’s sometimes known as the Taj Mahal of Ipoh.

ipoh railway station lobby

There aren’t much people using the train service here these days, unlike other railway stations – probably due to the abundant availability of bus services.

ipoh railway station train

Even I myself prefer to take a bus down to KL instead.

ipoh railway station inside

Nevertheless, the train service is up and running – just in case there are no more buses. =)

Next up, another impressive building in Ipoh, which is located just opposite the railway station, is the Ipoh Town Hall.

ipoh town hall full

It was completed in 1916 and was initially used as the Post and Telegraph Office. The architecture of the structure was designed by a famous British architect. It features Greek and Roman elements.

Then in 1948, it was used as Ipoh’s District Police Headquarters.

ipoh town hall sky

Finally in 1962, the building was used as a public auditorium – till now.

ipoh town hall inside

The hall is mainly used for functions, performances and events. Back in 2001, my high school band organized a concert here.

Anyway, the Ipoh Town Hall undergoes numerous maintenance, renovations and upgrading every now and then.

ipoh town hall side

However, there is something extra interesting about the Town Hall – the renovation at the back is always not complete.

ipoh town hall renovation

The metal grids used by renovation workers are still intact since a very long time ago, till this very day. The reconstruction never seem to progress, because mishaps always happen when they try to complete the renovation.

Well, most probably some spirits still linger around, preventing the workers from “invading” their residence.

ipoh town hall back renovation

Since then, the back part of the Town Hall is in a bad state. Therefore, only the front part is being used.

ipoh town hall upclose

Maybe you can call it “Beautiful face, ugly ass”! =P

Anyway, in between the railway station and the town hall, there is a beautifully landscaped garden.

ipoh garden

Pathways are available – allowing people to take a stroll and enjoy the view there. Oh yeah, it can be a sweaty experience if you’re there during day time.

And in the middle of the garden, there’s a tree called Ipoh Tree. It’s quite obvious in the following picture.

ipoh tree

Well, no need for further explanations, as you can definitely guess how Ipoh got its name from.

Okay, that’s all for now. Hope you enjoyed this mini virtual tour around 2 remarkable landmarks in Ipoh.


Stay tuned for more Ipoh entries!

P/S: It was definitely a sweaty experience for me when I was there snapping these pictures! The sun damn hot lah!=P

105 thoughts on “Intriguing Ipoh: Railway Station & Town Hall

  1. ow…great to be a virtual tourist to Ipoh with such good tour guide. Been to Ipoh many times but dont know much about it’s historical buildings. Only know to go there eat and eat and eat :p

  2. Hi Ken, wow! Your pics really brought back memories to me.
    I used to stay at Ipoh Station Hotel very often back in 70’s, early 80’s.
    Have couple of interesting stories too.
    I know Ipoh quite well as back early 70’s lived at Canning Gardens for a year, then got transferred to Penang, then Singapore.

    Used to poach for haruan fish at the Taman….and Taiping lakes too.
    Bring my GF, at night, sit by lake and throw a line in…I sure got some real monsters too, but threw them back as I don’t eat freshwater fish, just for fun.
    You’re a very good photographer, Ken. Outstanding! Lee.

  3. not bad wor…must certainly visit ipoh when i am back..u know i have never stepped foot in ipoh before u supply me with where to visit and claire’s makan places…must visit ipoh hahaha…btw the buildings all looked very clean haahhah

  4. is that a new DSLR camera i see you holding?? are u a photo junkie these days?

    Yeah, just got it recently. And no, I’m not addicted to photography yet. =P

  5. wah. u and Borneo falcon made ipoh come alive..and intriguing, yes.. that is the word! i never take pictures before in railway station, perhaps i will take one.. the last one looks very very nice la.. the design.. oooopss.. of course the “actor” as well la..

  6. First thing when I saw it, it came to my ming “Church!” haha!

    Lovely building indeed. I love the last picture :). The arches are beautiful. Oh look the photographer is there too!

  7. Nice pictures. Btw, not too long ago The Star newspaper mentioned about a tunnel linking the train station & town hall (or smth like that). Did you get to see it??

    Okay that’s something new to me. Nope I didn’t see it. Don’t think such tunnel will be opened to the public. =)

  8. yes indeed the sun is very hot nowadays, anyway i prefer driving up or even take a bus to Ipoh than taking the train… same as if i travel from sg to KL… still prefer bus ride :) and yeah say no to flight :(

  9. hey you’re wrong! MANY ppl use the KTM service, for it arrives on time, safer, and cheaper than taking bus! RM10 for the economy fare, and RM18 for the slightly better seats.

    I choose the train for it stops at Kl Sentral, usually taking about 2.5 hours or so.

  10. Used to school at Ipoh, and god knows how I miss that town.
    Its funny that I never went into that building.
    Btw bro, hope you can write about Bangunan Sultan Abdul Samad, it has been renovated for government purpose, it is where Kementerian Perpaduan, Kebudayaan, Kesenian dan Warisan Malaysia (KPKKW) is currently situated.

    My friend, an Utusan Journalist went there last year and the interior was extremely changed.


  11. Beautiful face, ugly ass >_< hahaha

    you know,I think I've been to Ipoh before. that's where there is a temple in this big cave isn't it? not really sure. i visited malaysia yearsssssss ago, so i can't remember all the details.

  12. Miss Ipoh arrrrrr…every time I go back Ipoh I’m sure drive out with friends makan and go everywhere :)
    Since staying in 1st Gdn, last time going school sure past by Town Hall & Railway Station.

  13. Train rides are cheaper but our KTM intercity trains are SO SLOW!!!! It takes more than 24 hours to reach Alor Setar from KL….IMAGINE THAT :)

    WOW! The town hall is still under construction?? I saw the same scaffolding few months back.

    Nice post! Definitely looking for more from ken wooi – especially Ipoh Food.


  14. it’s my favourite building in ipoh too!
    btw, i prefer the train to the bus, although the journey takes slightly longer…

    p/s…here is where i got my first saman as well..

  15. Nice post and the pics are great. Its been a while I visited Ipoh eventhough my kampung is in Taiping. The last time I was there I played tennis for Selangor MSS at the MBI Tennis courts.

  16. Last Sunday, I just pop by Ipoh, my very first time visiting this beautiful places, the fond thing I will remember is the Taugeh chicken rice and also the nice line up trees with shades, along the way to the ipoh city….
    Railway, one fine day, must visit, looking at the beautiful shots you had made.

  17. Oh you had a chatbox, didn’t you? you took it off?? :(
    anyway, crows are uglier than even pigeons >_<
    if pigeons are the rats of the sky, then crows are the cockroaches eww

  18. hey , actually this is my 1st visit to your blog ,

    i found your link bout ur last post , banana . :)

    n im so glad that u r writing post bout IPOH .

    im an ipoh babe , n im so glad that someone actually see the beautiful side of ipoh ,

    n yeah , all people loves IPOH ,

    ngee ;p

  19. I think one day I’ll just go backpacking through M’sia and Thaliand. From what I’ve seen so far, more cultural and heritage sites then Singapore. Most heritage sites here are air-conditioned. Well except fot my church. 150 years old and no air-con?? Damn unfair that the National Museum is air-conditioned.

  20. I have stayed and worked in K.L. and now returned to Ipoh for my retirement years. Live is simpler and food cost cheaper in Ipoh and with quality not so much commercialised. The traffic jams are only when it rains but not very long. There is no water rationing, We have abundance of water. For fun we go to the Lost World in Tambun. Cameron Highlands is not that far away from Ipoh. From Cameron Highlands we can travel to the East Coast.
    Ipoh is the best.

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