Launching Banner FAIL

Launching Banner FAIL

This banner at a new food court in First Garden, Ipoh caught my attention.

launching fail

Hmm… So, if Phase 3 is lau-ching, what’s Phase 1 and 2?

P/S: To understand “lau-ching”, you need a ‘powerful’ command in Cantonese, or a dirty-minded Cantonese-speaking friend. ;)

Edit: Okay, the meaning is in one of the comments. Look for it!

On an unrelated note, I’ve just lauched’s Fan Page on Facebook. Feel free to be a fan, and interact with me. See you there! =)

77 thoughts on “Launching Banner FAIL

  1. you missed the letter “N” on our “launched” fan page.

    fuyoo. Got fan club already. like maikel jeksen liao

    It was on purpose. =)

  2. now I believe my friends said tat designers failed their exam but still can become a designer ~

    xD hahahaha ~ ps: I’m ur fans now @ facebook =P

  3. haha, didn’t notice that also.. survey results say we tend to recognise words by the first and last letter so what is missing in between is rarely noticeable.. hmmm, “lauching” huh?? maybe it mean “to stay on loving” in cantonese?? :D

  4. Eh, what will this food court going to offer? Normal typical food court or with franchise shops like old town, starbucks, mcD like tat? Do update me hor coz long long time didn’t go back Ipoh.

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