Malaysia, A Potong Country

Malaysia, A Potong Country

If you’re a Malaysian, you’d probably have known about the recent “potong” phenomenon. Yeah, potong! However, this entry is not entirely about “Cut the wires. Cut the charges. Cut the lag”.

It’s about a potong country. By the way, potong is “cut” in Malay language.

Anyway, here are some reasons why Malaysia is a potong country…

1) Potong Internet

Quite recently a new wireless broadband provider, called P1 WiMAX, has somehow trademarked the word “potong” to themselves. Whenever anyone talks about potong, it’s always about P1 WiMAX, or a more common meaning to many men – circumcision!

Take a look at one of their advertisements.

p1 wimax advertisement

Yeah, believe it or not, I’m one of the people featured on their advertisements! Cool right? Okay, actually, don’t believe it. I haven’t cut also anyway.

2) Potong penis

Since Malaysia is an Islam country, and the majority of the citizens here are Muslim, it’s not surprising that many of Malaysians potong their little brother.

circumsized banana

Not only the Muslims, even other races are doing it too. But if you asks someone whether they cut already or not, they might think you’re talking about P1 WiMax (Read Point 1).

No bananas were harm in the making tough, they were just eaten. *Yum Yum*

3) Potong salary

Getting your bonus/commission reduced is quite common, especially when you’re on a bad performance.

potong salary

Bad performance = Angry boss = Money potong-ed!

4) Potong stim

I’m not sure about other country, but here in Malaysia, we all like to use the phrase ‘potong stim’. It kinda means, err… cut stim? Anyway, here’s an example…

potong stim

I think it’s like this lah… Watch *cough* videos also don’t want… So potong stim…

5) Potong queue

This is probably common throughout the world and Malaysians are probably the best at doing it. At the shopping mall or at the movie ticket counter, chances of bumping into a potong-queue-person is quite high.

cut queue

Even vehicles like to potong queue. If you’re unlucky, you might just get yourself a penalty ticket.

6) Potong penalty

And if you do get a penalty ticket from the policeman or the city council authority for the wrong doings on the road. You can always potong the amount of the penalty ticket too.

penalty ticket saman

Yeah, RM20 reduced to RM10. Yeahhhh, 50% discount!

Thank you Malaysia! =)

147 thoughts on “Malaysia, A Potong Country

  1. I guess the best way to describe ‘potong stim’ is that your mood is deflated by something anti-climactic.

    Great post, and funny as always! The banana pic cracked me up. XD

  2. Haha! So many things to potong in Malaysia! I think I only want the last one – potong penalty. Potong until kosong! Haha!

    Hmm, this post makes me want to go and get myself some potong aiskrim : )

  3. all these words should be added into the
    lets help to make this dictionary more complete.

    anyway, the detail description of Lanciao is very funny in, u should contribute there


  4. One more thing M’sia also quite famous, esp during childhood times: ais krim potong!

    Btw, the car cut queue photo, by looking at number plates, type of cars, the road condition & signs, taken in singapore one…tis shows potong phenomenon is at everywhere.

  5. War….this is a damn good post bro. :D I love it. Especially the P1 ads that you make. So damn cool. Care to teach me. :p

    And the bananas. War…so damn funny. LOL :D

  6. streamyx also counter the potong ad with potong tag line. theres new develepor near my place also use potong tag line. the tag line is getting old and lame and annoying.

  7. omg! the pictures were entertaining… especially the… ahem… banana!!!! HEHE!

    i wonder how you could specially peel off only the top part of the skin though!

  8. lol~ my fren say streamyx also got an adv at radio also potong de fight with p1.. betul ke? O.O

    Yeah, Streamyx came out with their own “don’t potong” advertisement on the radio. =)

  9. OMG LOL. Great post. Anyways, wuah! the last photo. Get 50% discount? Here, we have some parking lot have to pay parking ticket but most of the ppl in Sabah doesn’t pay. When you exceeded the limit of not paying for 21 days, additional cost. But here’s the tricky part, to make you pay, they give you 95% discount. Mmg WTH.

  10. i can’t believe that they had that advertisement.. i was speechless when i first saw it… it does give a wrong impression… perhaps its time for them to create a different word with similar meaning but for a more appropriate usage…

  11. Great imagination putting what you learned in INTI into action. Like your phrase – “No bananas were harm in the making tough, they were just eaten. *Yum Yum*”. Hope to see more “Potong” coming up, to shake the current giant “Stimy-axe” coz lacking ‘stim’ lately. ക

  12. I tend to use the words ‘potong stim’ in Shanghai as well. Then they will ask what’s ‘potong stim’. It’s no fun when people don’t understand what that mean :(

  13. Kind of disagree that you can get a discount over traffic ofense coz it beats the purpose of being fined. But well, they give discont, we trimalah..hhahaha

  14. OMG the second pic is freakin hilarious hahaha xD
    i don’t know malay, but potong sounds like such a funny word to say.
    i like the sound of it!
    potong potong potong potong potong potong potong potong potong hahah, okay i should potong the crap now

    p.s. thanks for the comments :)

  15. huhu, that’s sure a hell lots of things to potong xD well, jangan-lah potong stim for our malaysia :D still part of our malaysian culture and we’re supposed to be proud of it!

    hmm… are we? :P

  16. Hahahah loved this post. I remember the first time I heard the phrase “potong stim” from my cousin. Brings back memories haha!
    Keep up the good work ya?

  17. lol the first time i heard the ad. it was so twisted.
    yup there was a cosplay event in times square that day.
    it was the day after the graduation. u’re originally from kl?

  18. firstly….sorry for my late reply and visit to here. busy at work.

    yeah…potong ler…everything in msia is potong ler….like ur post man…very true!

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  20. OMG! I forgot to ‘potong’ since I was in primary school. Now I feel like want to ‘potong’, hope is still not too late. Err, I mean ‘potong’ the wire. :D

  21. this is one good post :-D

    nowadays the “potong” phenomenon is all around us. anyway i’m working with the company that P1 asked people to “potong” and we are very offended with the ad. it is no doubt that the ad is very effective… but is the product / service really good? try first lor. hehe.

  22. Another entertaining entry!

    The only potong I know is that red bean rectangular ice cream, haha. I must go back Malaysia more often to learn about potong in other forms. =p

  23. hey… u missed out “aiskrim potong”…so good meh with red beans or durian flavor…

    another thing “kereta potong”… cut another piece of car then attach to another. then come trouble when the car have high potential in accident. hehe…

    by the way, my P1 wimax first impression when saw the “kenduri kahwin” advertisement on tv was… heyy…kind of “lucah” a bit…reminds me of another advertisement by petronas or what… that is on merdeka day…

    2 non-malay fellas sitting together with their malay fren after the circumstances ceremony, asking him, “eayy…dia potong semua ke?”


  24. a friend told me that if PI wimax potong your line because of late payment they will only connect back after 2 weeks,is it true ah?

    This one I’m not sure. =)

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