My Top 5 Treat List

My Top 5 Treat List

Treating ourselves with what we love isn’t easy. Long story short, here’s my Top 5 Treat List.

Treat No. 1 – Yamaha Electronic Drum Set

electronic drum set

I’m not a pro drummer but it’s kinda cool to learn karate with it.

Treat No. 2 – Sahara Desert

sahara desert

I’ve always wanted to feel what’s like to be in a desert.

Treat No. 3 – Sky Diving

sky diving pro

For your info, I’m afraid of height. But this activity is the COOLEST thing to do on earth, err… I mean in the sky! I can totally shout my lungs out! *Wooooo-Hoo*

Treat No. 4 – Collection of DVDs

dvd collection

A life time supply of original movies, dramas, shows and err… “ahem” videos would certainly be great! You want some? I don’t mind sharing. But not “ahem” videos okay? No sharing for that! ;)

Treat No. 5 – Dell Inspiron 13 Laptop (Yeah, like duh…!)

dell inspiron 13

Among the many variety of laptops, I’d say Dell is among the best. I’ve been using Dell throughout my years in university and I must admit that they’re really reliable.

So here’s why the Dell Inspiron 13 is here in my Top 5 Treat List.

First of all, with its high performance and superb multitasking ability, I can connect it with my Yamaha Electronic Drum Set and make music all day long! *Bang Bang Dum Cha Ching!*

electronic drum set software

And by installing a sophisticated drum set music software, I don’t have to worry about lags and hangs when I connect Dell Inspiron 13 to the drum set and run the high-tech program at the same time! Awesome!

Secondly, I can bring it to Sahara Desert when I visit the place.

Just in case I get lost in the middle of the desert, I know I can rely on Dell Inspiron 13.

desert night

It can be my bolster since its smooth round edges and crisp clean lines makes me feel comfy when I hug it while sleeping in the desert. Also, since it’s so smooth, I can imagine myself caressing a girl’s skin. Nice…

Thirdly, when I go sky diving, I can jump together with Dell. Its thin and light design makes it easier to hold it.

sky diving

And with the in-built webcam, I’d be able to video call with my mum! The great connectivity would allow me to share my real-life experience from 10,000 feet high up in the sky!

And lastly, with the collection of DVDs I have, I can always watch them on Dell. The wide vivid and high-definition display would certainly enhance my video-watching experience!

So at night I always watch “ahem” videos before I go to sleep. Take a look at the video when I play them…

dell high definition experience

Eh…what?! Why got “square square” wan??!!

Oh I know, I know… I know… DVD problem! Not Dell’s problem.

So that’s it! The presence of a Dell Inspiron 13 would definitely make my other 4 treats more memorable and meaningful! =)

*This is a contest entry for It’s Time To Treat Yourself To A Free Inspiron 13 From Dell.

113 thoughts on “My Top 5 Treat List

  1. hahaha. Dell should give u the grand prize lah.

    how u gonna sleep at desert like that?
    the best thing that u should do at desert, at night, alone, is to watch “ehem” video :P

    click2 ur nuff!

  2. Hahaha…Finally u get one…

    LOL… your dell computer’s security protection level seems too high already…. Gals with bra and lingerie also got censored? This is DELL problem, not dvd problem lah LOL

  3. Dell is great but better buy warrantly for 3 years.

    Last weeks, my colleage’s LCD screen got problem – ask centre and cost RM1300 for repairing + warrantly.

    At the end, we found that (cable connect to motherboard loose) and save rm1300.

    I like Yamaha Electronic Drum Set because it is cool! But i dont know :(.

    The last photos look cool too. It is a wallpaper or movie???? share it to us hahaha but make sure no “square square”

  4. greaaaat post!

    hope u’re one of da winners.
    really creative + funny!
    it’s good dat u link ur earlier 4 wishes with dat DELL lappie.

    all the best :)

  5.’m afraid my soul will defy gravity.. XD. “ahem” videos can actually cause someone to be impotent i heard somewhere, some time ago. haha…

  6. hey man! nice post :) anyway, din know you played drums! hehe. i’m actually rather keen to upload lotsa drum vids myself. however, need a proper mix set! hehe. and btw, those gurls are DAMN good. in that song tht is :)

  7. Desert? I don’t like to be in the desert!

    I am afraid of heights too! Maybe skydiving will cure this phobia!

    Why no sharing of videos? Share share lah!

    Hope you win the Dell laptop! Good luck!! : )

  8. Haiya your blog damn unconvenient okay !
    I don’t know where should I reply you, I’ll do it here. HAHA.
    Mmmm.. I guess I should go for braces right? =D Then after that I’ll have super straight nice set of teeth ! HAHA.

  9. whoa.. u have come really far with ur blog man..

    96 over comments!! kudos.. now if only i can direct them all to my blog.. muahahah.. kidding.

    man. u also blogged abt d dell laptop.. darn it! this i definitely want too! =p

  10. lol~~~since when Ken Wooi like to watch… “ahem” videos huh? i are not a drummer right?so weird it is in your top treat list..

  11. good post, i ‘ve been to a real desert. its just as far as u can see , HUGE !!! …infinity. You cant believe the amount of space. it gives you the feeling of how small you are. You have not seen big until you see a wide no ending desert.

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