Boobs Are Good For Men!

Boobs Are Good For Men!

Warning: Entry contains lots of booby pictures. Please do not view at workplace or when your girlfriend is with you! Close before it’s too late, and come back when you’re alone!

Attention guys, a simple question before I start the entry: Do you love boobs…?

I bet most of you (guys) love them so much that some of you are willing to get caught for molestation! But if you don’t, you’re probably some weird dude, or probably gay.

When ladies were asked about having boobs, they find nothing special about having them. They’re just another part of their body, two places located in front of their chest that contains mostly fats, which are surprisingly able to attract guys.

boobs and cleavage

Actually boobs mainly consist of fats, in fact, everyone has fats. But why these fats are so attractive? I think they are special fats called “hey-men-look-here-fats!”. Seriously.

Now a question to the ladies, why do you like to show off part of your boobs? Oh yeah, and the “happy valley” of yours too?

happy valley

P/S: I prefer to use the term “happy valley” instead of cleavage – sounds more blissful and happier. The valley above looks so soothing right? =)

I’ve come across many pictures of ladies showing off their boobs and happy valley, and I think I’m gonna live longer. But still, I’m puzzled – why show off? Self-esteem and confidence maybe? Or being flirty? I don’t know, why not the ladies reading this tell me why?

olympus boobs

Many of you might be wondering why am I always writing about boobs. The recent one was Boobs Awareness Entry and now this “Boobs Are Good For Men” entry!? No, it’s not because of my love for boobs. Okay well, maybe just a little! Nothing more than a little!

The main reason why I came up with this entry is because of an article published by The Star. If you missed it, head on to this interesting men-sided article – Boob-Staring Good For Men.

Actually I’ve seen such articles on various sites before, claiming that staring at boobs increases men’s living age. It was said that looking at boobs will lower blood pressure, improve blood circulation, reduce cardiovascular disease and slower down heart beat. What a healthy thing for men!

However, I initially thought it’s bullshit. Just some shit written by some bulls to defend men for staring, both obviously or secretly, at the ladies’ assets!

Before I continue, let me introduce a few types of available boobs.

First, the upper boobs.

upper boobs

Showing only the top part of the boobs. The most common type we see everywhere. Presented by low-cut tops.

Secondly, the side boobs.

side boobs

The opening at the clothes’ armpit area is big enough to see the side of the boobs. It can be found on celebrities.

Next, the third, the bottom boobs.

bottom boobs

Revealing only the bottom part of the boobs. It usually appears at beaches, or strip clubs.

Fourth, the covered boobs.

white boob tank top

None of the boobs can be seen, and they’re covered. My favourite – kinda secretive and mysterious. You’ll always wonder how’s it inside. ;)

Lastly, the man boobs.

man boobs

You want these boobs?

Okay now you’ve learn the types of boobs, let’s continue.

However to my surprise, The Star even published this article. So I assume that it’s so damn true. Actually I already agree in the beginning but I need a reliable source as a backup, and The Star is the source! Way to go The Star! We guys are really proud of you!

According to the article, men ogling at breasts for 10 minutes a day is equivalent to a 30 minutes gym workout. So stop wasting your money on gyms, since it’s usually crowded with abs instead of boobs. Start spending time on ladies!

And ladies, please be generous ya? For your information ladies, for the guys, instead of just becoming “longer”, we wanna live longer too you know?

So this time, is being generous to the male readers too, here are some booby pictures dedicated for you all. Ladies, this can be a little boring for you – so you may consider skipping pass the photos, since you can always turn your head 90° downwards to see boobs anytime any day 24/7/365.

Okay, there are 10 photos, each one should be ogled for 1 minute – hence, producing 10 minutes of relaxation and longevity.

atkinson boobs

1 minute.

chinese model

2 minutes.

denise milani sexy

3 minutes.

gemma atkinson sexy

4 minutes.

jakki degg lingerie

5 minutes.

lingerie model

6 minutes.

payal rohatgi

7 minutes.

sebastian rulli

8 minutes.

japanese babe reon kadena

9 minutes.

sexy lola

10 minutes.

Now guys, I’m sure you’re gonna live extra 5 years after looking through this entry. Remember to keep visiting and you’ll have a longer joyful life! =P

Gosh, I sound like a boobs feng shui practitioner!

Oh by the way, I’m a good boy. I don’t see boobs. Coz if there are boobs, I’ll close my eyes! Like this…


Actually I was closing my eyes when I was preparing this entry. If there’s any mistakes among the photos (for example a sexy guy photo), it’s just because my eyes were closed. I don’t see boobs. Really!

So, what are you waiting for. Guys, start staring at boobs! O.O

P/S: Don’t call me a pervert ya, I’m just doing a good deed to all the guys out there. Be grateful! =)

154 thoughts on “Boobs Are Good For Men!

  1. Waaaaaaa

  2. Actually, I hate to dampen your happiness in this “boobs watch” but unfortunately the article which The Star published was actually a hoax which started in the early March or April of 2000. There was never such a study done and there’s no Dr. Karen Weatherby.

    It’s disappointing, I know, and we guys would wish that this was true, but because it was supposed to come from a reputable newspaper, that made me all the more disappointed that the editors there don’t even practise the fundamentals of Journalism 101.

    You can be darn sure when I say that this study doesn’t exist. Don’t believe me? Try searching and see what are the results.

  3. Lol… kenwooi is not just banana but a boobs man.. wait.. what am I commenting here? i am closing my eyes too. forgive me if you spot ‘erorr’.. not my fault but.. *pointing to the blog owner*.

    Haha.. you should read my latest post too as you have missed out one HAWWWT guy. Lol.. XD

  4. thank god there you are at the end.. I almost thought this is kinda softcore porn site..wahahaha

    if guys should stared at boobs what girls should be staring at then?hmmmm

  5. hopefully it’s true for the guys..thus being able to live longer..mayb the girls could live longer too tat way…by being stared…who knows anyway? =)

  6. “men ogling at breasts for 10 minutes a day is equivalent to a 30 minutes gym workout…” Are you serious? Somehow I find that very hard to believe. I think men just need a reason to stare at boobs! :P

  7. 1st just saw your title of post then i had attracted in to read…lolz….
    sure, every guy like boobs!! and girls like to show their boobs oso to attract guys.. lolz.. juz kidding lah.. XD

  8. Heard of “People talking without speaking; People hearing without listening” in [Sound of Silence] but never “People seeing without looking” woh??? lol

  9. I found your topic is kinda interesting! I like looking at boobs too! But some of them are fake as you know the plastic surgery stuff. Too big is EWW like seriously. But I like the 8 minutes one, THE HOT GUY is the only thing for me to go on !!! Haha *drools* :D

  10. Waaa…haha..i also read about men’s boops at paper..but not The Star..i read it from HArian Metro..but so weird arr…

    For me, i prefer not to show any part from my body..only my husband will get that..hehehe…

  11. LOL KEN!!

    btw.. you inspired me to write something bout MEN’s “mama”
    (“ma” for MUScle)
    *but it’s in Chinese sorryyyy*

    Girls around Ken, watch out!!

  12. Whether the effect is real or not, I am a scientist (the wrong kind sadly, you wouldn’t want to stare at what I stare at all day), and I have a theory along these lines. Actually I wrote it on The Malaysian Insider website recently, but they didn’t publish it. I don’t know why…

    I read a research paper a long time ago about pre-processing in the optic nerve. It seems there are some responses your eyes can make that don’t need the involvement of your brain. Like a knee-jerk response to a tap below the knee-cap, it happens before you ‘know’ it. The paper was about different responses in the optic nerves to different objects in the field of vision.

    They found that the optic nerve responded much more strongly to some geometric shapes than others. The top performing shape causing saccade (fast ‘snap’ of eye to target of attention) was circles with a dot in the middle. One of the suggestions I recall from the paper (I can no longer find it, but it is really real – believe or not?) was that the shape corresponded to eyes. You know sometimes, you walk down a street, and you feel someone is watching you, and you flick your eyes up, and someone is in their apartment window, looking at you? Your optic nerve ‘knows’ because of this circle-in-dot sensitivity. The suggestion was that this rapid automatic response was an adaptation that would give you a split-second extra warning (over a companion who did not have it) of the presence of a predator.

    So it seems to me that Nature has ‘exploited’ that feature of the human eye, and adult humans grow two huge fake eyes at the top of their chests. Can you imagine two circles, each with a single dot in the middle? You see? That’s it. The reason they do this is to cause the attention of eligible mates to be drawn automatically their way. If you are over the age of 18, you know this to be true. You don’t go looking for this feature of your environment while you are on your way to work or buying breakfast. If the feature is in your environment, your eyes will ‘jump’ to it, without you ‘asking’ them to. The instinct can be so strong it can be difficult to pull your eyes back to controlling your car or finding the right money for your nasi lemak.

    So there really is a good explanation for that feature of sexually-mature humans. I say ‘humans’ rather than ‘women’ because I’ve seen the signboards outside gymnasiums – the whole point of going in one seems to be so that guys can grow some big ‘eyes’ too, doesn’t it? So next time someone asks you “what are you staring at?” you can tell them “I’m not staring, it’s hard-wired predator-detection circuitry in my optic nerve that was exploited by that woman over there”. You can quote me, if you like. And you can trust me – I’m a scientist.

  13. Well, they were the first things that you loved and cried for when you were a baby…and it certainly looks like old habits die hard! LOL!!! Why do you keep your eyes closed?

  14. haha nice post dude :)

    boobs really lengthen men’s health and live!!

    I remembered I asked my lady friend once
    “why ladies like to show off your boobs?”
    She replied, it is for men to see and notice.

  15. Most women now knows that those are their asset..but what I’m so pissed is when you see a gorgeous lady showing her boobs by wearing a very tight shirt or even just covering half part of their boobs..and then you started saying “ have nice boobs there”.

    Then they called that sexual harassment!!!! what the fuk!!! we are the one being harassed!!!

  16. OMG this post is so funny. I don’t know about other ladies, but I don’t show my “happy valley” on purpose. Most of my clothes are decent enough and they don’t slip off even when I bend over.

    I feel terribly uncomfortable if my HV is visible.

    I’ve got a friend who likes showing it off, and I once asked her if she doesn’t feel strange or uncomfortable, and she told me she like the attention she’s getting. Sick, if you ask me HAHAH!

    But nah, I don’t blame the men. It’s just how some women dress.

  17. lol
    like this entry
    but still i dun believe the long life thing
    so many ‘peaceful’ stuff we can see
    why boobs??

    just thinking wanna flag this blog

  18. booooobbbssssss….. oooouuhhh… cant stand it,, cant see it,,, but can touch it.. hehe… nice one,, two, …. well somebody waking up…. ooopp thats mine

  19. Wow..lovely pics, BUT what if i hold them or touch them, will it make me live longer compared to watching them?

    Anyways, I’m already living longer than most of you guyz, coz i’m seeing them everyday when i look 90 degree down, thanks to big mac and cheeseburgers

  20. Woohoo!!!!! Great post siah!!! Heee…. After reading this post, i feel abit upset lei… how i wished i’ve a ‘happy valley’ for ppl to envy lei…. LOLxxxxx… =D

  21. eh.. i think la.. wtf.. =.=
    boobs for women is like dick for men gua..
    men also always show off HOW BIG one, maybe not really show them out la.. but just … aiya. u know what i meant..

  22. ok…i take your advice and read it at home, and not in office. IM sure my blood pressure would have drop by now… thanks so much, ken.

    err..btw, why there are man boobs ah? Those might works the other way round to our health.

    err..err…btw again, can post boobs post daily? Not a tough request right?

  23. Woah..this is interesting. Btw, I think the boobs of the girl in pic 9th minutes are cacat especially her happy valley, I guess the picture had been photoshoped lousily. LOL. You won’t be able to see this kind of happy valley in real life. hahah..

  24. lol.. the amount of boob people here…. let me guess, most of you must be around age 18-25 right? I knew it!

    Keep it coming Ken and as Mizz Sharon said, do a Dick Post la, see how the response…..

    Malaysia Asia

  25. I read about this everywhere too! Haha. And they said it was fake until i read it in The Star, just like you. LOL.

    Guess you live longer doing this entry. Haha.

  26. LOL…ahhahahahah u’re so funny..ya ya i believe u close ur eyes!
    so, all the men in the world will thanks to kenwooi for supporting this live longer campaign..hahahha

  27. OOoooo myy god… wahaha.

    the boobs and this blog color match up well make me think that you have boobs in your head haha.

    cepat2 kawin wei, baru tahu penangannya hahaha

    idup biar sedap!

  28. Hahaha,Kenwooi..Always so creative and funny..I heard this thing in the Star a few days ago…This is what u practise everyday?No wonder you are so smart and can write a good entry

  29. damn … no wonder I got so addicted to boobs lahhh~
    must b not enough boobs sucking while am a baby~

    my earlier gf all big boobs one … mahai ..nowadays all my gf were a bit model lahhh …but boobs got shrink d…

    drink papaya milk also not working … haiz… what to do…

    damn stim stim lahhh when i see those torpedo boobs…
    i love nipples too >.<"

    sorry for being too truthful n honest … even though a bit 18SX kakaka~

  30. OMG HAHAHAHHAHA This is soooo funny man! What if girls like staring at other girl’s boobs too… not that it’s lesbianism, I mean for me, I just appreciate a woman’s body more than I appreciate a man’s… It’s because a woman’s body is very artistic :P

    So, am I also to live 5 years longer if I stare on those boobs? lool

    (dude, you should have a *subscribe* to comments option… )

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