Exploring Leeds

Exploring Leeds

I didn’t know much about Leeds initially, except for the used-to-be almighty Leeds United – a football club.


My flight landed in Heathrow Airport, London and I went to Leeds by train from Kings Cross. The whole journey from Ipoh to Leeds took more than 24 hours!

So here I am, going around Leeds at the moment and it’s very fascinating to be in a different place for the first time.

leeds train station

The structures there are quite amazing.

leeds the library pub

Most of them are built with bricks which are better quality. That’s why you don’t see them covering up the bricks with an extra layer of cement.

leeds old building

It’s cold out here, about 3° to 5° during the Winter season, and usually people dress up into thicker clothes, clothes which will make them feel warm and comfy inside.

But there are amusing people around there too.

leeds weird guys

Blue and red spidermen? Looks like these superheroes can really withstand the coldness.

Later on, I’ve the chance to look around the University of Leeds.

university of leeds

The university doesn’t have a proper campus boundary – most of the faculties, classes and offices are located in different buildings.

leeds university

In this row of buildings, there are professors’ offices and seminar rooms. I’d think they are a part of the city if I wasn’t told so.

leeds parkinson building

Parkinson Building is one of University of Leeds’ properties. You know, the place I got a photo with when I greeted everyone from England?

leeds parkinson steps

These stairs are called the Parkinson Steps. Students hang out here when the semester is in progress. Some waiting for friends, enjoying the sun, smoking, making out (I think) and so on.

leeds litter bin

Inside the Parkinson Building, there is a library, mainly used by the students and lecturers.

leeds uni brotherton library

It’s called the Brotherton Library.

leeds brotherton library

The architecture inside is rather fascinating. Looks kinda like a modern version of Coliseum.

Anyway, to go around the city of Leeds, there are free city buses that can take you to different locations.

leeds free city bus

How nice. Free stuff! You don’t get free buses back in Malaysia, do you?

leeds free city bus inside

It can accommodate up to 30 passengers and it has a special place for a wheelchair too. In fact, there are many senior citizens using the bus services to get around. You’ll see people offering their seats willingly over here.

However, the free city buses only take to limited locations around the city. Therefore, if you want to head out from the city center, you’ll need to board charged buses.

leeds bus

A ride can cost £2 (RM11.20) averagely, depending on where you’re heading to. Yeah damn expensive I know. But if you want, you can always walk. =)

The currency here is in Pound Sterling (duh!) so converting the price to Malaysian Ringgit (RM) might give you an expensive shock!

pound sterling

Nevertheless, if you wanna enjoy shopping here, don’t convert! Just buy and worry about the money when you’re back in Malaysia.


Alternatively, you can always spend at Poundland. Yes! Everything is just £1, or RM5.60. Cheap right? But don’t expect things like branded stuffs lah

I always go around in search of amusing scenes and stuffs. Can’t really find any FAIL English around here since the main language here is English. Obviously.

leeds weak bridge

But hey, this is the Weak Bridge. It’s weak, you wanna cross it?

And there’s another sighting…

leeds falk house

Try pronouncing the house’s name!


73 thoughts on “Exploring Leeds

  1. I think the best way to enjoy your stay in Leeds/England is to actually work part-time there. I went to London long time ago, food there is actually quite reasonable (Espec fish n chips). Unfortunately, Chinese food is very expensive and its not nice at all. Some even scold you if you fail to finish your food! I’ll always stick to their western cuisine and drink lots of milk :).

    Enjoy yourself. I love the parks there.

  2. huhu, seems like you’re enjoying ur time there!

    the blue/red spiderman seems like quite a duo. xD are they there for shopping or show or woot?

    and gosh, RM11.70 for a bus ride?! you can kill me now. T__T expensive betul!!

    i’ll second my thoughts for holiday in England, lol

  3. Greetings from S’pore! Hey.. have a real good holidays and do post up more updates abt Leeds :)
    Btw, why did you choose this place ya..just wondering :P

  4. cool, do enjoy ur stay…
    make sure u have necesssities like gloves, scarves n snow caps… i went out yesterday without a scarf n i now have a cold n sore throat…

    if you buy branded stuff, trust me they’re worth all the money u spend…even if you convert, they will still be reasonably cheaper than the price of the same hing in malaysia coz malaysia has among the highest import duty tax…and u’ll own the bragging right that you got the from the UK itself=p

    have a good stay =)

  5. cepat-cepat post about harewood!! i got so many pictures which i never posted.. wanna see if what you saw was similar to what i saw!

  6. Wow. That’s cold. I wouldn’t be able to stay there longer with that kind of temperature. And weird people are everywhere, don’t you think so? Hehehe.

  7. so…..sudah pergi kampung orang puteh i see…..lolz. its been a while since i was last here bro. how are things?? nice pictures….dun forget to snap on some chicks for us to drool over ya….hehehehe. cheers and god bless :)

  8. I like those bricks buildings. Nice!

    Wow! You bumped into superheroes? Haha!

    Wow! A mini Coliseum in the library? Cool!

    I think I’ll be afraid to cross that “weak” bridge! LOL!

    LOL to Falk House! Nice name! : )

  9. I love their buildings :). Always amuses me… their structure… their looks…

    Looks like you are enjoying yourself there… yes don’t convert first! else you will never get anything :p.

  10. Greetings from Moscow. Come to Moscow and visit Kinn(diy camera bag) and I lar.. we’ll welcome you to our apartment. It’s a whole different experience here !!


  11. wei.. u r gonna be staying in Leeds or are u coming down to London anytime soon? Wanna meet up before i go home? I am leaving on Sunday ady! So if u wanna meet up, thurs or fri would be perfect! Email me ok? I will wait for ur reply :)

  12. wow. i missed leeds! things havent changed that much since like.. 10 years ago? i used to go schooling there when my dad was doing his further studies. :D

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