Greetings From England!

Greetings From England!

Well, from Leeds to be exact!

leeds parkinson building

This is me in front of one of Leeds’ famous landmarks – Parkinson Building. It’s VERY (if you compare the weather with Malaysia) cold out there as Winter season is just around the corner.

No one actually guessed it correctly, except for Wen Pink – she got it right by saying UK. But it’s because I kinda told her about it when I was commenting on her blog quite some time ago!

Anyway, this is just a quick one. Will be updating on my journey as soon as I have the time.

Till then, take care everyone! =)

66 thoughts on “Greetings From England!

  1. hey whats the weather like? after i left london for sunderland yesterday, OMG, so freaking cold. it was 0 degree Celcius. This morning, it was -1 degree. So I’m wondering if Leeds is as cold as Sunderland. I am frozen. T____________________________T

    It’s COLD! My ears and nose get numb when I’m out on the streets! But still bearable! =)

  2. ooh UK! :P ehehe well too little clues to guess from, but i guess that’s what all the mystery about :P

    well have fun in UK! remember all the camwhore pics we expect from you! :P

  3. owh, enjoy your time uk…
    it is coldaround this time of year, i hate it…especially in newcastle, a lot colder coz it’s in the north…it’s worst in januaryn february…

    how long are u gonna be in london?

  4. What are you doing there? Studying? Thought you graduated already? Pursuing your Masters, are you? Anyway, have fun there! Head on south – much nicer… Too cold to go Scotland at this time of the year, nice there too.

  5. HAHAHAH YES!!! I GOT IT RIGHT! HAHAHAH SO HAPPY AND PROUD OF MYSELF! NYEHNYEH NYEH! :P Thanks for linking me on the post! :) I got so many more traffic! Wakakaka nice one!

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