Breathtaking Harewood House

Breathtaking Harewood House

Harewood House is a country house located in Harewood, right out of Leeds, West Yorkshire, England.

harewood house leeds

The house is the family home of the Lascelles family. George Lascelles, is the seventh Earl. His mother was Mary, Princess Royal, daughter of King George V and Queen Mary.

harewood house leeds side

Even though the structure is huge and magnificent, it’s called a “House” – unlike Kellie’s Castle, which is kinda small but it’s called a “Castle”.

harewood leeds entrance

When you reached the Harewood territory by bus, you’ll come across an arc – which looks like a mini version of Paris’ Arc de Triomphe. No museum in that arc though.

After passing through the arc, you’ll witness one of the most amazing scenes on Earth! Satisfaction guaranteed.

harewood leeds road

This is the road leading to Harewood House, which is located further inside. It took me quite some time to reach the House as the road is long.

Nevertheless, the view was just breathtaking!

harewood leeds tree

You can see herds of sheep grazing across the green meadow.

harewood leeds sheep

Well, this sheep might be a loner I think.

There are ducks as well.

harewood park leeds ducks

Quack quack!

harewood leeds scene

Most of the trees were bald at that moment. How I wish I can visit this place again during the Summer, or Autumn. It would certainly be lovely!

harewood leeds beautiful scene

The walk took about 10 minutes plus and finally, the Harewood House! It costs me £2.50 (RM14.00) to enter the House’s compound.

harewood house leeds back

This is the back of the House by the way. Unfortunately I didn’t get to enter the House’s State Rooms as they were closed. However, I managed to go in the Below Stairs area but too bad photography wasn’t allowed inside.

Anyway, there is a Bird Garden within the compound too. Nothing much to be honest – except for birds.

harewood leeds falmingos

Pink birds like flamingos.

harewood leeds birds

White birds in square formation.

harewood leeds ducks

Ducks as usual. Quack! And many other not-so-interesting birdies.

harewood leeds sign board

There are many places to go around Harewood House’s compound but due to time limitation, I didn’t get to visit all of them.

Furthermore, since the weather was cold like mad, I rather not stay outdoor. You know lah, Winter season is here. And when I entered the Information Center, I stood right in front of the heater, heating myself up.

harewood leeds heater

That’s the heater! Blowing wonderful warm air. I love warm air!

Okay, even though I didn’t manage to explore the House, its Terrace Gardens was still opened for visitations.

harewood house leeds park

At the garden, you can enjoy the beautiful view of the land beyond the House. Really nice and soothing.

And also, there’s an interesting statue right in the middle of the garden.

harewood house leeds statue

It’s a man. A naked man with a big cat, maybe a leopard or cheetah, across his shoulders. Well, that’s just from the back.

Now, what you’re about to see might be a little obscene. But here’s a little censoring done by me.

harewood leeds statue censored

You get the idea, don’t you? See I’m so good covering up for the man. =P

Actually, there are other places such as The Yorkshire Planetarium, The Courtyard, The Ice House, Woodland Garden, Lakeside Walk, Himalayan Garden & Cascade and Walled Garden but as I’ve mentioned, I didn’t have the time.

Damn, now I realized I’ve missed so many other parts in Harewood House. Sighs…

harewood leeds fence

But on the other hand, I certainly did enjoy the scenery. The meadow is so spacious, I think Bollywood can consider this place when picking a setting for its movies. You know, the part where a group of strangers suddenly appears out of nowhere and starts singing and dancing together?


Too bad they didn’t appear when I was there. It was just me and the green meadow.

Anyway, I know everyone wants to see the censored part of the naked man statue I’ve shown just now. Okay lah, I show alright?

harewood leeds statue uncensored

Stop staring. It’s just stone!

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  1. *stares*

    *stares for very long time*

    i can’t help it! :P

    finally a blog post from you! the place sure looked lovely and serene :D i wonder how cold is it there?

    have lotsa fun with ur holidays!! :D

  2. come up to Newcastle and I’ll show you around Alnwick (pronounced Anick) Castle…it’s very beautiful and it has a massive garden although it might not be much during winter…and it’s the filming location for Harry Potter films=p

    Merry Xmas!!!!

  3. Hey there. Having a nice time in Europe huh?

    Anyways, your pictures are sooo good…the building looks historical, and it is very huge and nice….and the farm/field with all the sheep and whatnot show the real way of living in those outside nation…if only Malaysia was like this too :) hehe

  4. Hahahahaha!!! You make me laugh! Nice post, nice photos! I love the English countryside – so serene, so beautiful… Definitely nicer than Australia or even New Zealand. Dunno if I’ll ever have the chance to go again.

  5. hey ya… wow! the scenery is really breathtaking!!! every single photos you took are like in postcards… it’s true… u r so lucky… traveling until so far…

  6. nice photos u had ya~

    Oh my, it reminds me of my time when am in UK…

    mate, y not hav a ShoutBox here? so, readers may drop u a msg

    anyway, wishing u a blessed New Year ahead~
    God bless n peace~

  7. wahh~~~ jealous you now in England~ hehe holidays trip is it? Hey i like all your photo inside~ hehehe.. and again thanks for the sharing.. hope you can upload more photo for us…. =)

  8. hey

    that is beautiful!

    hey as for the time traveler’s wife

    it is CONFUSING as Henry keep time travels and u have to keep track of the year! haha

    thanks for visiting my blog regularly


  9. Aiyo! Did you really need to censor that part? You are the Censorship Board is it? Haha!

    Beautiful photos! I love them especially the photos with the trees! : )

  10. hey!! i love your photos…so artistic…haha…
    anyway, I’m going to UK next year around June for a month. spend my holidays there. so i might ask u which places should i go! and which should i not go in the near future. LOL

    happy new year!!!

  11. the last picture ( putting aside the nude statue ) kinda reminds of the game Resident Evil 4. In the gardens where those awesome killer dogs come chasing after you :DDDDDDDDDDDD

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