Leaving On A Jet Plane!

Leaving On A Jet Plane!

Yes! I’m heading somewhere on Earth!

People, let me introduce my big-ass luggage bag.

luggage bag


And here’s my DIY camera bag. I made it from the bag I used to bring to classes, and it’s way better than the squarish bulky free camera box bag.

diy camera bag

Made from a snow cap, cloths and bubble wrapper. Got this idea from Kinn. Thanks to him for his brilliant How To Make A DIY Camera Bag tutorial! I’m a pretty quick learner. =P

And I bought a traveling pouch too.

traveling pouch pad

Hmm… It does looks like something to me, but I can’t get the word. Can anyone please tell me? Ladies, you know?

Oh by the way, I’m heading to KLIA in a while (if you’re reading it a few hours after I published this entry), or on a plane to somewhere (if you’re reading this after 12 hours), or I’ve arrived at my destination (if you’re reading this a day later!), or I’m back in Malaysia (what?! now only you read this?!)

Anyway, do follow me on my Twitter if you wanna know my whereabouts. I mean, IF you are interested lah

So, can you guess where I’m going to? Take note, this “guess-and-not-win” mini contest is not applicable to friends and family, since you might already know the secret location.

Alright, stay tuned! Airplane, here I come! =)

58 thoughts on “Leaving On A Jet Plane!

  1. where har? :o going for vacation? i’m guessing it should be a tropical or hot country because you didn’t pack any sweaters, and it’s freaking cold winter nowadays at the northern countries, lulz.

    australia? thailand? bali? south africa? :P

    and yeah, that looks like a slimming corset vibrator thingy. xD

  2. lmao! okay that ‘thing’ reminds me of a sanitary towel >_<
    there! i've said it! hahaha
    is that right??? ;P
    have a fun trip!
    i still refuse to get on twitter, so i'm going to stalk you on facebook ^^

  3. wah… never give a hint but ask us to guess ahhhh??? wahhhh u sooo notty ahh… what ever it is.. have a save journey and bring lots of photo ya.. ^_^

  4. Haha Ken! Im glad my DIY bag tutorial did help someone! :D Hope you have a great flight! and Take some nice pics! Waiting to see some updates! Lol ur pouch looks like a pad. Hahha but they all look like that dont they. XD

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