Not So Lovely and Romantic Paris

Not So Lovely and Romantic Paris

Is Paris really a city of romance? If you think so, you might have been deceived by numerous publicity regarding how lovey-dovey Paris is – which is not exactly true.

paris la seina river

This is the La Seine river – the river usually used to film advertisements of French couple cycling together, French uncles sitting at some cafe smiling at you or maybe 2 French dudes French-kissing publicly.

But no, I don’t think such publicity reflects the reality of Paris. Really, now let me tell you why.

To get around Paris, one usually use the Metro trains or buses, since the places around the city is well-connected with these public transportation services.

paris metro train

Waiting for a train might be exciting, but the more you wait, the less exciting it gets. Moreover, the train ticket is so tiny.

paris metro train ticket

So tiny that you might worry about misplacing it or it gets picked-pocket by some French kids.

And when you want to get off the train, you have the open the door yourself.

paris metro train door handle

This is the handle that must be handled in order to open the door, not like the usually automatic door huh? However, there are more advanced trains which don’t require you to open manually.

Perhaps a trip to Paris might be lovely and romantic if you have this…

paris white limousine

A white limousine that takes you wherever you want. This is what I call a great trip – a professional service with a personal driver! Unfortunately, only rich dudes get that.

Anyway, here are some of the places I went while I was on a 5 days 4 nights + 2 days 2 nights (thanks to Eurostar) in Paris.

paris champs elysees

Champs Elysées is well-known as an avenue for business, luxury goods and nightlife. While you think I was looking out for expensive stuffs such as Louis Vuitton or Gucci, I was only attracted to this Mercedes Benz car.

paris mercedes benz sports car

So sporty, and it looks like a Batmobile! I really wish to own it, but I know I can’t afford such luxury.

Instead, I got myself a postcard.

paris postcard

A €0.70 (RM3.70) pathetic postcard of Paris. That’s the only item I was willing to buy at Champs Elysées. What to do, limited budget mah.

And at the end of the road, you’ll see the Arc de Triomphe.

paris arc de triomphe

This arc was commissioned by Napoleon after his victory in a battle. There’s a museum in it by the way.

I also get to visit Disneyland in Paris!

paris disneyland

It’s like every kid’s dream to be at Disneyland. But when you’re already 20 plus on your first visit, things might not be as exciting as you thought. Seeing shirtless Mickey Mouse and pantless Donald Duck doesn’t make me excited. That’s so gay!

Anyway, the great experience about the day in Disneyland is that it was snowing!

paris disneyland snow

Thick layer of snow covers every available surface, converting everywhere to ammo locations for snowball battles. It might be fun to have snow during Winter season, but sometimes it’s not good as well. You’ll know why later on.

Next up, the Lourve Museum. No, it doesn’t mean Love Museum.

paris lourve museum

The place is really huge but I think everyone’s main purpose of visiting this museum is to see Mona Lisa.

paris lourve museum mona lisa

I don’t understand what the big fuss about this painting is. It seems so intriguing, but I don’t think so. If Mona Lisa is a nude hot babe painting then I understand why lah.

The Notre-Dame Cathedral is next.

paris notre-dame cathedral

Move aside hunchback, the straightback of Notre-Dame is here! Looking more handsome and charming!

Okay, lame I know. Anyway, I wanted to go up to the highest floor but unfortunately it was closed due to the weather. Now this is one example why Winter is baddddd.

Eiffel Tower is another must-visit location in Paris!

paris eiffel tower

Standing at 324m high, this structure is a famous icon of France. No visit to Paris is complete without a journey to the top. However, hopes of going up came crashing down because of the weather (again). But fortunately on the 3rd visit, it was opened! Woohoo!

More on that in a dedicated Eiffel Tower entry. =)

I also managed to visit Rodin Museum. It’s the last home of Rodin, where his mansion and garden displays various sculptures, drawings and engravings.

paris rodin the thinker

The most popular sculpture is The Thinker – certainly a really deep thinking nude man.

Another must-visit place is Montparnasse Tower.

paris montparnesse tower

At the 56th (indoor) and 59th (open-air) floor, you get to see a full 360° panoramic view of the city of Paris. Going up costs €10.50 (RM55.10) for an adult and you can stay there till it closes.

paris montparnesse tower view

Here’s one of the view facing the Eiffel Tower. The experience at the top is simply amazing, especially during the night when the roads and buildings light up.

Located just outside the city center, La Défense is the largest office complex in Europe.

paris la defense

Unlike the old-preserved buildings in central of Paris, La Défense consists of modern-looking structures. The most prominent structure in that area is the La Grande Arche.

paris la defense la grande arche

It’s a huge hollow cube large enough to contain the Notre-Dame Cathedral. The Arch has a gallery and provides views over the city. It costs €10 (RM52.50) to go up, for just 20 minutes – certainly not worth it.

So these are some of the attractions I’ve been to during my trip to Paris. There are other not-so-significant places too but I’ll skip it at the moment.

Now, French food. To be honest, I didn’t really fancy the local cuisine. It’s either they taste weird, or French is simply not my taste.

paris hard bread

When you dine in a typical French restaurant, you’ll usually be served with a basket of breads – complimentary I guess. But the bread is hard and rough, that it might hurt the delicate skin inside your mouth. Seriously.

paris fish appetizer

This was one of the appetizers I had – Filet d Hareng Pommes a l Huile – which I have no idea what it means except for “filet” which kinda represents “fish”. So I thought it’s like the fish & chips that kind of fish.

But when it came, it’s like raw fish! Not my taste! =S

Appetizers aside, and now – the main course. Perhaps the most acceptable food around is the Spaghetti.

paris spaghetti bolognaise

Everyone loves Spaghetti. Nowadays it’s a normal Malaysian-served food, you can have it almost everywhere. Other than this, the other main courses are just… =S

Although it’s hard to choose an appetizer and a main course that suits my taste, the French desserts are exceptional. Just like this Tiramisu cake which looks like a battle tank.

paris tiramisu cake

This Tiramisu cake is just taste-bud-blasting! You can feel the different blend of taste as you feed a scoop into your mouth. You’ll surely savor every bit of it. Simply délicieux!

But no matter how luxurious French delicacies can get, Crepes is my favourite casual French food.

paris crepes

At about €4 (RM21), this Nutella spread with banana slices wrapped with roti canai is rather available everywhere, along streets and in cafes. Thanks to a friend who recommended it.

Yeah, damn expensive. But like what I said, don’t convert – or just eat once. I think it’s quite easy to make one at home. =)

Well, with so much places to go (which requires entrance fees), so much French food to eat (which is costly) and…

paris sex shop

…so much adult stuffs to see (which you can’t get without money), you’ll need lots of money to have a lovely and romantic time in Paris.

paris euro cash

This amount is certainly not enough okay!

Anyway, when I was walking along the streets in Paris, I spotted something familiar. I saw this…

paris car

…and I walked towards it with curiosity. To my amazement…

paris engraved on ice on the car’s rear glass!

A fan from Paris? Bonjour! =P

153 thoughts on “Not So Lovely and Romantic Paris

  1. Filet d Hareng Pommes a l Huile IS a fancy name for fish and chips haha. i speak french, it’s the native language over here. you shouldve taken me along with you, i can easily fit in a suitcase haha ;P
    and omg that ‘batmobile’ is really something!

  2. OMG! The car is so…. sexy!
    In Paris, generally France, everything is about art.
    They love and enjoy viewing a painting for hours.
    Just like the Japanese who spend their weekend in the Zen Garden watching monks raking the stones.

    The foods look c’est bon!
    Anticipating ur Eiffel Tower post. =)

  3. So Paris is not romantic.. well, romantic or not, i would love to visit there one day…aaon is back.. 3 months is not enough for him, he said.. so who about u, Ken…. when r u coming back or are u staying there for good? :)

  4. You alone, of course no romantic lor! For honeymooners, different story! Wah,,,you must be very rich- – can afford to travel all over Europe. Must be very expensive… Lucky you!!!

  5. I miss the Seine River. I stayed in a hotel right in front of the river goddamn expensive about 300Euro per night! I was there for 10 night. It was like a big hole in the wallet T_T
    But the night scene – darn worth it…

  6. Your post let me feel like I’m there minus off the cold snow of course.. and so funny lo.. u go and write ur webbie on the car and say its a fan there.. HAHA.. we all know u did it :X

  7. shhh…don’t tell people that it’s me who ‘engraved’ on the car…winter not so bad lar, at least can let people there to know what’s without forking out any $$$ :)

  8. Actually, ken… I never did think Paris as a romantic place. Perhaps South of France is better? Provence looks more beautiful to me. But first choice of romance is not Paris for me. I’m more into Venice and Greece. I think these two places are for the passionate and lovey dovey.

    You’re really a true blue Malaysian, aren’t you? I think, the food at home here in Malaysia tasted alot of better. To be honest, I think Malaysianized spaghetti tasted better than the originals in Italy and France. More flavourful. LOL…

    What can I say? Home sweet home, I guess. no matter where we go, we’ll feel that sometimes, some certain things back in Malaysia is better.

    And one the thinking man… it looks like he’s pooping to me. :( (I’m not so good in art, am I?)

  9. haha. so many reasons to not like snow and winter eh? guess what, the tv host also mentioned that Paris is not all that lovey dovey like what u experienced. ;p

    and since when u r ur own fan? writing on ppl’s car. lol

  10. nice place. wanted to go there…. LOl at

    actually French eats a lot of bread. it’s their daily meal. their bread= our rice. they must have it every single meal. from breakfast till dinner. well, that’s what my french lecturer told me. to you, their bread is hard, to them, our bread sucks. LOL

    faster post the eiffel tower entry. i wanna see more pic. :D

  11. i was in paris last march, totally disappointed…waaayyyyyy overrated and dirty and pretty ghetto too…and i didnt even by a sigle postcard because i think the photos i took look waaa better…

    go visit switzerland, amazingly pretty…check out the mountains and montreuz is my favourite !!!!!

  12. Oh my god..I would LOVE to go to Paris maybe next year or year after. It’s so so pretty!!

    Yeah I’m on holidays in Reading now, going back North East on 5th. :)

  13. Hey, ken wooi are you traveling alone in Europe?

    I have friends with me. But yeah, looks like I’m all alone since I never mentioned about the people I went with eh. =P

  14. hey wei ken….happy new year to you..wishes u all d best in 2010~~~ur blog sound really cool…..great support from me!!!

  15. Love the Benz.. Isn’t it so cool to just go there and then hook up with some Euro billionaire who’s hunky and have him buy that Benz for you on the first date? (My fantasy. My bf is going to kill me if he reads this. LOL!) Hope to go to Paris one of these days..

    P/S: Filet d Hareng Pommes a l Huile = Apple and Herring Filet with oil
    (Well, that’s what it means anyways)

  16. going European? Heh… doubt so :P Nice effect anyway! ^.^
    Why didn’t you capture some of the stuffs inside that Sex Shop? So not like you :P
    And where’s Mona Lisa and Notre Dame?
    Enjoy your vacation dude.. great experiences! And blog on :)

  17. Bon jour Ken. Parle vou Englais? of course you do. lol. Glad to see photos of Paris again. Its been 4 years since I last placed my foot steps on Paris. Really miss that place. You’re right its not as romantic as people think. Le Defence was my favourite.

  18. You’re back! =)

    Disneyland Paris was fun for me haha. was there when I was 4 or so LOL

    totally expensive, i’ve never been to Paris again >< maybe when I saved money haha

    Take care and Keep blogging!

  19. Wahhh, what a great experience!
    Not So Lovely and Romantic Paris huh? It’s simply because you need to go with your love ones there lor.. ;p

    Anyway, thank you for stopping by.
    Have a great New Year!

    (btw everyone need a New Year’s Resolutions ;p )

  20. Ken,

    You certainly showed us a lot of Paris, whether it is a place of love or not, it doesn’t matter. may be next time, you will find that some one waiting at the next table.

    Did you go to France from UK or from Ipoh?

    Thanks for visiting my site.

    Happy New Year,


    p/s I am too old to visit Paris for love, may be my daughters will. If I went , the husband will be looking from architecture point of view. and I, for blogging photos. LOL

    I went to Paris from London. =)

  21. i can see 3 reasons why u say so:
    1) your de facto impression and expectation on France
    2) the French meeting an English speaking tourist
    3) you didn’t go with the right person


  22. wow..i would love to visit all those places that you are one lucky guy..despite all those criticism from you, i’m still looking forward to go..haha..happy new year to you too!

  23. Thanks for visiting my blog. You have many nice photos of your travel to Paris and I like them. Must have taken you lots of time to edit and upload so many of them.

    By the way, you might like to add Google Adsense to your blog for higher income. It has done well for me.

    Happy New Year 2010.

    Diana @

  24. why dont u bring me along? aucch im so envy with you now.. hihi LOL about the train’s manual door..and the ticket is too smal, not effective at all.

  25. Wow…nice trip! even though it feels expensive to me…I might be going there this year…keeping my fingers crossed! Will consult u next time…haha!

  26. i agree that Paris is not so romantic as we saw in the film/tv… but during my visit on early november there’s no snow yet…lucky you…

  27. hey.. when i read ur post.. it remind me when i was in france.
    went there for study trip for 2 weeks.. =D seriously from ringgit malaysia to EURO really @_@…. but nice environment. now think of it also missing it wei.. T_T nice weather.. but i still miss malaysia foods when i was there.. =P

  28. i’d bet that you written that by yourself. :P


    and lol well i guess if you go to a place where you don’t know the language, it’s pretty hard to order the good food since you don’t know what they are!

    the tiramisu looks damn nice tho even it looks like a battle tank xD

    a tour around europe, i envy you!! :D

  29. “# nicdanic on 02 Jan 2010 at 6:52 PM
    raw fish… come u order a raw fish…
    how u eat it?..arghh……fishy….EEEEEEEEEE”

    hi nicdanic: i thought chinese eats raw fish during chinese new year??? yu shang?

  30. i went to the art museum before to see mona lisa when was young….at young age i din really enjoy to see those arts…like u say…it is not nude ler…hehehe

  31. ALONE is Paris is so unromantic.. Winter is always look dull, only brown n grey. Really bad timing and.. alone….humnnnn

    Next time sponsor me go with you la… *shaking my head*

  32. Romantic or not, I think it’s damn expensive!!! Well, if you got the money, why not? And who are you kidding? Scribbling on somebody’s car like that!! Hahaha!

  33. :)
    witty post ….. surely Paris can’t be THAT bad …. just splurge some and you may taste the world’s best cuisine.
    Though Tokyo of Japan got the most 3Michelin stars restaurants now.

  34. oH man~ Paris was damn nice. I do believe if you can speak French, getting hook with local chics was easy. Just a cigarette, just a few words or perhaps with a few walk. There you can get your Bang.

    Sexercise was their daily needs and it just like a snack to them

    damn my last visit … i can’t even speak French…

  35. wooooooo!!! ken u did it again! love the post :) been there aggess ago and i suppose it looks the same? hahah! those buildings won’t chg. and i lurrveee disneyland! btw, well done on the manny manyy comments!

    BeN’Z ver6.09

  36. Hey! It’s unfortunate u didn’t like the food there coz I had the best time of my life stuffing myself crazy in Paris. that’s probably the one thing I enjoyed most in Paris. the rest just bored me to tears. i didn’t even jump up and down like one excited kid seeing their famed piece of metal tower. and u’re right about one thing..Paris is totally not the romance, lovey-dovey place. cheers! gonna read the rest of ur paris post now.

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