Goodbye Europe!

Goodbye Europe!

I can still recall the journey from KLIA to London. It was my first trip to Europe and I was filled with so much excitement!

sunset from plane

50 days ago, my flight touched down in Heathrow Airport. At that time, I felt that it’s a still loooonnng way to go till the day I’m flying back. But hey, 50 days have passed and it’s time to get my ass back to Malaysia.

While reading through the comments – some thought I’m here to study. Some even thought I found a job here! How I wish! But the fact it, I’m just traveling. I gotta thank my parents for giving me this chance to come to Europe.

I couldn’t have asked for more.

luggage bags

I can still vividly remember the days I’m here. Things went quite slow in the beginning but in glimpse, time is up.

Anyway, I would like to recap the places I’ve been to during this trip. First of all, Leeds.

leeds parkinson building

I stayed in Leeds for most of the time. It’s the place where my friends are staying. If I were to stay in a hotel throughout this trip, I wouldn’t have stayed so long. Expensive leh!

The only place around Leeds that attracted me was the Harewood House.

leeds harewood

I find the place very beautiful and amazing.

Then, it was Paris and its magnificent Eiffel Tower! Bonjour!

paris eiffel tower

It was fun to be there, but definitely not romantic at all. Probably due to the lack of friendliness of some French people I’ve encountered.

But if you’re a pervert arts lover, there are lots of nudity when you visit the museums over there. ;)

Then I managed to visit Disneyland for the very first time. The Paris one to be exact.

paris disneyland snow

Kids are surely to love this place but I think I’m already too old for such excitement.

After Paris, I stayed in London for a while.

london big ben

London is an interesting city. If I have the chance, I’ll bring my parents here in the future!

Besides the famous attractions I’ve mentioned in my London entry, I also visited 2 well-known stadiums. Firstly, Stamford Bridge.

chelsea carlo ancelotti

And I became a Chelsea player. Carlo Ancelotti thinks I’m talented and signed me up as a professional footballer.

Emirates Stadium was on the visit list as well.

arsenal emirates stadium

It was already closed when I got there. Never mind actually.

Then I flew over to Dublin, Ireland.

dublin liffey river

The city is not as magnificent as London and Paris, but it’s always interesting to explore a whole new city!

dublin guinness pint

If you love Guinness, Dublin is the place you should be.

Next on the list was Liverpool.

liverpool anfield stadium

Visited Anfield Stadium.

liverpool new manager

And became the new manager of Liverpool. Didn’t you know Rafa Benitez was sacked to make way for Ken Wooi? The team is currently happy with the change. Just look at the smiles on Gerrard, Torres and Carragher.

Then I went to Manchester as well.

manchester old trafford stadium

Visited Old Trafford.

manchester united new manager

And became the new boss of Manchester United. For your information, Alex Ferguson used to sit at that particular seat during home matches.

My last destination, sadly, was York. It’s a small town about 30 minutes from Leeds by train.

york city walls

I haven’t had the time to blog about York yet. (Updated 18/2/2010: York entry published) But this is the York City Walls – it was built around the town centuries ago.

Anyway, being here got me exposed to different lifestyles and cultures. I’m starting to love this place and sometimes dream of living here for the rest of my life. It’s the first time I experienced snow as well!

thick snow

The weather is so cool and I rarely find myself sweating. Now I’m looking forward to the temperature-shock when I get back to Malaysia. It has always been less than 5° Celsius everyday here in UK whereas Malaysia is like 30° Celsius. Huge difference!

You know what – I’m so used to the cold weather, I think I can stay in the fridge when I’m back.

To be honest, it’s quite saddening to go back.

thai sad face

If you’re reading this entry moments after it’s published, I’m already on my way to London. Will be catching a flight soon to Dubai, and then to Malaysia. Sighs, I just wish that this day will never come.

Nevertheless, it was certainly a great experience. I’m really glad I had this opportunity. Goodbye Europe! Malaysia, I’m coming home! =)

83 thoughts on “Goodbye Europe!

  1. 50 days! Wish I could go over for 50 days! Just the UK would be good enough for me, no need for Europe. Really nice photos you have there!!! Welcome home… Back to reality!

  2. it was nice having you over.i still remember tat it was september when u told me about wanting to visit the uk.

    im glad to have gotten time to spend with you before you left. thanks 4 the experience.

    not sure when we’ll meet again but i certainly hope to see you back here in the NEAR FUTURE.


  3. lol…once you’re back in KL, you’ll start to realise how much you love the hot weather….i wish i was back in malaysia whenever it nows and ii has been snowing for two nights now…and i want all the spicy food back home =(

  4. Almost two months to see the world (well, almost). *envy*

    Welcome back to Malaysia. What’s the 1st thing you’ll do once you touchdown Malaysian soil? :)

  5. wah..50 days!!! how i i wish too… the most i went overseas is 25 days… yeah, dont feel like coming back too, if not for my kids, i would have become an illegal there.. dont mind risking.. hahaha..
    anyway, welcome home to hot land, Ken…

  6. Welcome back Ken.
    It was great to read all ur traveling posts for the last 50 days,
    with the nice desc of the places!

    And it also make me envy as well.
    Wish I can go there in future XD

  7. The Leeds Parkinson Building
    is sooooo..beautiful!!

    p.s: Hello..Mr Kenwooi.. :)
    Welcome back to Malaysia..
    Do U still remember me??
    The last time I’ve been here
    was 2month ago..I really missed
    ur funny articles..Memang sngt

  8. Hello there! It’s sad isn’t it when you wanted to depart from something u love!My first trip to England was also in Leeds, where I had to stay with a british family. I love the air and the environment. But of course, one thing missing is the ‘buzz’ that we have here, and mamak stall…no teh tarik and roti when u craved for them! I am sure your travel will give u great experience! By the way,thanks for stopping by at my blog!Cheers!

  9. LOLLLLL KenWooi’s now in chelsea AND LFC AND ManU….yeah right hahah.
    feels kind of sad when holidays come to an end, doesn’t it? but you can look forward to future trips

  10. uwaaa…
    soooo envy with your picture taken in front of emirates stadium..
    have a great journey and do keep up with writing great stories from your vacation..

    have a nice day~

  11. Dear KenWooi, welcome home :)
    So, what food you miss the most when you are in Europe?
    Char Kuew Teow, Satay, Laksa, Teh Tarik..LOL
    Wow, 50 days is will be a holiday that you will remember forever! You will definitely going there again, for sure….
    Btw, how much you spend in total plus air tickets…Emirates Airlines?
    Cheers and do keep in touch…enjoyed reading your post!

  12. i went to london last 2 years and yeah, its wonderful place but i went there salah masalah. its winter. phew. i didnt enjoy the trip so much. its toooooooooooooooo cool lah :P

  13. Wow~ u’ve a pretty cool trip! *envy*

    btw, i thought guys normally not interested with the Fancy Fascinating Disneyland…. Yet, u went to Disneyland even snapped some awesome pix!
    thx for sharing!! u make me wanna visit there!
    It is, indeed a thing of much beauty!

  14. Well, I’m sure it’s a great experience…50 days is not too long but it’s definitely enough for you to learn much about the cultures and enjoy a relaxing moment in Europe.

    How I wish I could have the opportunity like yours but then again, reading it from your blog is definitely a good source of information…

    Welcome back to Malaysia btw!!

  15. wah~ it was so mesmerizing leh~

    i gonna shoooooot a lot of pics if I were to travel these Europe countries

    ^__^ i miss London too … the Trafalgar Square, Leicester Square …and my small quiet lovely town called Braintree.

    ya~ i missed Paris too … i missed that catholic historic temple on the hill top~

    welcome back to this Bodohland bro~ kakaka~

  16. Certainly a great experience and long vacation you had!
    I wonder when I will have this chance, there are so many other Asian destinations which I have yet to visit :) Well, being there for vacation and working/studying there for long can be quite a different feelings I think :P

  17. When you grow old like Uncle Shingo someday, you will recall all these beautiful places you have went before.

    Europe honeymoon when u start settling down, perhaps?

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