Kenwooi Toaster On Sale!

Kenwooi Toaster On Sale!

I’m so lazy to blog, because I’ve started my own Toaster Business!

Have a look at its brand new packaging!

kenwooi kenwood toaster

Cool eh?

For only £19.99 (RM112.35, wow why is it so expensive in Malaysian Ringgit wan?), it should be the best toaster around. Toasting your bread till perfection!

It’s out world wide now. Don’t hesitate, buy it now!

P/S: This is just a filler entry, usual updates will be out soon! Stay tuned! =)

74 thoughts on “Kenwooi Toaster On Sale!

  1. All the best with the new business!!Electrical stuff in Malaysia has always been expensive compare to UK.For instance, compare the shaver over there, thats why my last trip to UK ended with 3 shavers I bought.hahahah

  2. Anyway, I have never used Kenwood product before and Kenwooi is a new brand name to me.
    So, this question comes to me…
    Have “Kenwooi” been tested and gone through the quality control stage?!
    How fast it could deliver?
    Anyway, it’s just an initial stage while waiting for the actual big entry…He..He..
    You got it again Ken!

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