New Year’s Eve in Leeds

New Year’s Eve in Leeds

Yeah, I know this is late but it’s better late than none – Happy New Year 2010!

leeds fireworks

*Fireworks ignited* Diuuuu….. Puff! Puff! Puff! Diuuuu….. Buff!

I’ve seen enough of how New Year’s Eve is done in Malaysia, so spending it here in a foreign country for the first time is quite interesting.

First of all, I had a Big Mac Burger, which costs £1.99 (RM11.20), for lunch.

mc donald big mac burger

Alright, it’s not that interesting I suppose, but that shows how thrifty I am when purchasing food over here. Interesting eh, no?

Okay, back to the topic. My friends and I went out quite early in the afternoon, probably looking for some cheap stuff to buy – but I didn’t get any.

leeds new year's eve

Along the main street at The Headrow, a big screen was positioned. No one was watching it though – it was just displaying some random people nearby.

And here are some amusing people seen on the street, entertaining the pedestrians.

leeds new year eve balloon

Some inflated balloon-girl in red, which somehow looks like Popoye’s girlfriend.

leeds new year eve band

A small band dressed up as insects with leg extensions, performing catchy tunes.

leeds new year eve blue bird

A twitter blue bird with a masked lady in blue, which I think is freaky.

leeds new year eve birds

And more dull-coloured, and creepy, birds. Maybe it’s because of their emotionless masks.

leeds new year eve performance

Then some strippers performed a strip dance. Okay just joking. Actually they’re stuntmen who jumped over knives and glasses. As we were watching the performance, the crowd was building up and it got really packed.

Harry Potter was next, but we moved on somewhere else.

leeds new year eve robot

I don’t know what the trend here is, but it seems like they like to use leg extensions – just like this robot.

Okay now, the most interesting part – the fireworks. Yeah, obviously the fireworks are the most interesting agenda during New Year’s countdown. But no, it’s about the time they ignited the fireworks which is interesting.

It was at 5.30pm.

fireworks display

“What?!” you might ask. But positively yes, it was in the evening. The countdown for the fireworks wasn’t at 12am midnight. Now that’s what I call interesting.

So the crowd countdown-ed together and witnessed the fireworks performance. Black Eyed Peas’ I Gotta Feeling was played as well, but it didn’t spike up the atmosphere as it wasn’t loud. Not that impressive though.

fireworks performance

After about 3 minutes, the fireworks ended. Everyone dispersed. Pretty amusing huh? People here don’t usually hang out late at night because it would be damn cold! Probably that explains why the celebration was at 530pm.

Later on, we went to Sainsbury’s to buy some stuff for dinner.

bottles of pepsi

Bought bottles of Pepsi, especially.

And take a look at this wine…

french wine in plastic bottle

This French wine is bottle in a plastic bottle, unlike those which are usually in a glassed bottle. Certainly looks like blackcurrant juice to me.

Okay, long story short. Nothing interesting happened after that. Dinner at home and we has our own wishing-each-other “Happy New Year” thingy at 12am. There was no Nude Party either.

Oh, my resolutions? Honestly, I’ve never made any serious resolutions for New Year in my entire life. Maybe I did when I was kid? Err… I wanna be stronger this year so that I can be Power Ranger!?

Anyway, would like to take this opportunity to wish “All the best!” to all readers, and passersby as well. May 2010 bring you more joy and fun!


Cheers! =)

86 thoughts on “New Year’s Eve in Leeds

  1. chantek nyer *Fireworks !!
    tapi masa new year ari tu, kt kb(kota bharu, kelantan) x de smbut apa2. bunga api pun x de. sobsob2 sedey. tgk dlm tv je lah. keke.

    mata ku tpakuuu melihatt big mac.. aumm.. tapi tekak ni lapa prosperity burger . beef ya! hehe

  2. walao~ it’s super late after the new yr~
    haha… anyway, is quite intesting to know londan firework is on 5.30p.m~… but actually is the same time 12.00p.m when we celebrate in malaysia, right?

    anyway~ happy 2010 new year~
    and wish u happy forever~

  3. Hello hello! Better late than never — Happy New Year!

    It is my first time to be here in your blog and I have to say that I am really impressed. I like the way you write your posts and the photos = amazing!

    Have a wonderful Friday!

  4. Ohhh..u were in Leeds??? I’m in Leeds too! why leeds of all places in the UK to travel? my friends went to millenium square at 12am thinking there was a countdown but there wasn’t. So in the end they started counting down themselves. lol.

    London would be a lot better for countdown though. Heard it was really grand. Having said that, I have nvr been to London for the countdown. Plan to go there hopefully this yr

  5. Wow, 5:30 pm celebrations. Seems weird to me :D But it sure seems great with so much attractions there. Big Mac there for them is sure cheap for those working there huh. 1.99 0,0 if only Big Mac were sold RM1.99 here :D. Great pictures anyway. Thanks for sharing it. It’s never too late to share some great things.

    Regards from cr3ap

  6. Hiya!!!
    No lah, never too late to wish happy new year. Looks like you had a great time seeing the new year in!! And may the new year brings you lots of joy and happiness too!!


  7. When God gives us grace, God wants us to realize kabaikanNya.
    When God made us to lose God wants to show us the extraordinary his rule.
    God wants to make us understand that God reveal Himself to us in grace.

    Attitude of resignation was a decision to not make the same mistakes made in the past Make this life into something more positive and fun. That day will be better tomorrow than the day now.

  8. the bird look freaky to me too…

    u said u cant read my blog cause is in chinese…
    but act i have a eng. blog, but is totally another side of me…
    click on my blogspot profile if u r interested~ n happy new year to u too~ ^^

  9. ehhh New Year in UK!! DAMN NICEEEEE T_________________T
    *Jealous to the max* T_____________T
    Happy New Year to u …. T________________T
    Got blue twitter bird some more hahahhahaha!

  10. happy belated happy new year to you! half of the month is gone and now only you diuuuu puff diuuuuu puff :P

    so when are you coming back to msia har?? u seem like holiday so damn long nia! :P

  11. U’re in Uk studying now eh! I missed uk alot..!!! that’s weird.. count down at 5+.. i was at london 2 yrs ago for the count down.. it was at 12am la.. super packed with ppl..but the fireworks were awesome =)

  12. The street performances look great!
    Ha..Ha..signt seeing is sure fun especially you are in person witnessing whole lot thrilled moment!
    Thanks for sharing your excitement Ken!

  13. The extended legs are so as to make the exhibits higher to attract attention I think :)
    Fireworks only 3 mins? Even in KL, it was abt 10-15 mins lei!

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