Of Lourve, Rodin and Nudity

Of Lourve, Rodin and Nudity

Paris is well-known for its richness in arts, such as paintings and sculptures. Being able to witness such artistic collections made me understand them a little better, in an amusing way though. You’ll know why as you read on.

paris lourve museum

During my visit to Paris, I’ve visited 2 museums – Rodin Museum and the famous Lourve Museum.

To be honest, I’m not an art lover and I find it very hard to appreciate the value and significance of the artworks. So to all art lovers reading this, no offense ya? =)

paris rodin museum ticket

For your information, most of the museums in Paris require an entrance fee. Nothing is free – see old paintings and stones also need to pay. However, museums in London are free!

Anyway, the Lourve Museum houses one of the world’s best art collections of European paintings, sculptures and antiques. There is always a crowd of people around the star attraction, the Mona Lisa.

paris lourve museum mona lisa

Like what I’ve said in my earlier entry, Mona Lisa is not a nude hot babe painting so I don’t think it’s intriguing. My friend, Michael, somehow agreed by saying “Mona Lisa is famous because her eyes will be looking at you no matter where you stand from the painting. But I’ve decided to stand behind of the painting and it seems like she’s not looking at me anymore!”.

Another famous sculpture is Michelangelo’s The Dying Slave.

michelangelo the dying slave

The slave doesn’t look like he’s dying to me. More of a horny slave!

paris lourve museum borghese gladiator

The Borghese Gladiator is a poser without clothes.

canova psyche and cupid

Canova’s Psyche and Cupid looks nice, but the cupid is a pervert. Just look at his hand!

paris lourve museum venus de milo

Venus de Milo is half-nude probably because she has no hands to wear a shirt.

lourve museum sculpture

And here’s a human pervert taking picture of that nude babe. I actually waited for him to leave so that I can take a picture, but he was too engrossed with the sculpture!

paris lourve museum paintings

There are even paintings of tortured nude men.

paris painting

And a painting of a lady with her sexy back!

Besides the sculptures and the paintings, the ceilings are well-decorated too.

paris lourve museum ceiling

It’s really fascinating to realize how much effort the people back then put into arts. Buildings and architectures these days are pretty simple, and plain.

paris lourve museum painter

As you walk along the corridors in Lourve Museum, you’ll encounter painters painting imitations of the available paintings. They are really good – their replication is almost like the original.

Oh yeah, there are weird stuffs as well. Just like this…

paris weird sculpture

Looks like the lady is forcing the man to suck her boobies? Crazy huh?

Anyway, Rodin Museum is rather interesting as well. Everyone probably knows about The Thinker and how it looks like, so I’m just gonna show you his ass.

paris rodin the thinker back

Nicely-shaped I must say.

The Rodin Museum consists of the house and the garden. The house has a collection of sculptures and paintings while the garden has sculptures scattered around.

paris rodin the kiss

Rodin’s The Kiss is also another prominent sculpture. Rodin must be pretty horny when he was creating it. All his sculptures are usually nude.

Out in the garden there are more amusing sculptures.

paris rodin sculpture

The stone and the flesh collaborating together to form a distinguished artwork.

paris rodin sculpture snow fight

This sculpture probably wants to have a snowball fight.

Besides the paintings and all, even the souvenirs contain nudity.

paris rodin souvenir plate

I think buying this plate and cup for your mum is a very wrong idea. You might get “Son, you naughty boy!”

Okay, I know I may sound non-appreciative but honestly – the more I see, the more bored I get. That’s why of all the available museums, I’ve only been to two. However, if you’re a hardcore art lover and you’re gonna visit every single museum in Paris, do consider getting the Paris Museum Pass. With it, you gain entry to over 60 museums. =)

Anyway, it’s interesting to know that there are individuals who appreciate and look highly on such artwork collections done centuries ago. Even though these paintings and sculptures may not be suitable for certain audience, they are proudly deemed artistic, inventive and valuable.

But if anyone in this current generation wants to emulate the legacy of such famous artists, I’d think it’s a crazy idea. Many will assume it as nonsense.

Here’s a sample scenario: Ken Picasso loves drawing and he draws every day.

picasso busy

And then one day, his friend, Jonathan de Vinci, visits him in his room.

picasso visited

Jonathan said “Hi” and sees what Ken is doing, and he saw this…

picasso in training

Drawings of naked ladies with huge round boobs! Feeling shocked, Jonathan loudly cried…

picasso shocking

After listening to Jonathan de Vinci’s truthful comment, Ken Picasso must be really disappointed. And because of that incident, Ken has decided to give up drawing and therefore, his talent is totally wasted.

So in this unfortunate 21st century, when it’s about naked ladies and boobs – the next word that comes next will obviously be “pervert”. I know that, because I get that a lot. But frankly, I’m really an innocent boy!

Furthermore, it’d be even worse if anyone were to produce weird, or some may say imaginative, artworks.

paris lourve museum weird painting

Take a close look at the picture above. Can you find anything weird/crazy about it?

Look carefully, and you’ll realize that…

snake biting nipple

The snake is biting her nipple!

Artists back then are definitely imaginative, and weird at times. Don’t you agree?

95 thoughts on “Of Lourve, Rodin and Nudity

  1. Ken Picasso.. don’t let your talent go to waste! lol.. how in da world did you manage to stand BEHIND mona lisa? u went thru the walls eh? :P

    The Mona Lisa painting is placed on a wall in the MIDDLE of a room, that’s why people can go behind in. =)

  2. Are you sure Mona Lisa’s eyes didn’t follow you when you went behind the painting? Haha! And yes, how did you go behind the painting? LOL!

    Ken Picasso, you pervert! LOL!

  3. lolllllllllllll yeah sometimes the line between artistic and pornographic is extremely blurry, read non-existent.
    ROFL maybe ken picasso should add snakes to his drawings. then it’ll be ‘art’ whatever haha

  4. rofl…got to be honest, you’re totally right
    felt the same way when i’m in paris…
    i was really intrigued and tried my hardest to see the best n all the sculptures but after endless nude sculptures all over the places, i dont even get horny anymore….just pure boredom…if only they had moved..hhaha
    n somehow i think paris is very sex-oriented…all the mags were about sex stuff… dont think i’ll want to visit paris again

  5. wahh…i can conclude dat the artist is obsessed to the “human figure” and very high imagination. not sure if the artist was a straight or gay or bi. haha…

    i think dat time they had lack of “well-sewn” clothes. so their clothes easily fall-off. then the artist just do painting/sculpture of anything that makes his models comfy.


    this applies to ken picasso too…

    p/s: jangan marah ye! just kidding!!

  6. Interesting. But yeah, I’d agree the part about looking at the same/similar thing bores me too. Anything other than nudity there? @_@

    Somehow that tatas drawing reminds me of a southpark episode *uhuk~

    OMG! snake bite boobies @_@

  7. # 1: i think the Thinker needs to hit the gym more often and do more curls, his ass is not very bubbly

    # 2: i think you should have collaborated with the Gladiator. NAKED!!!! hahaaha

    # 3: I think Jonathan should ONLY shout if he finds u drawing naked men with tiny penises…

    BUT what do I know? I am not an art lover too hahahahha

    are you back in msia yet?

  8. wahaha… canot believe u will do this~
    the Jonathan de Vinci’s & Ken Picasso pic is very funny~
    but i like the museum & art,
    next time must go to visit the 60 museum there~

  9. wah… ken picasso so artistic huh? lol
    it seems that all the sculptures and paintings have the same theme, if u know what i meant. ;p

  10. So many great photos took by you. I love all the art photos as it portraits the creativity of human. How come most of the paintings and sculptures are naked except Mona Lisa… Hehe…

  11. Nice write-up on Paris. And nice pics too. But I shiver just by looking at them. Hehe. Ohhh, and you’re not the only one who’s not really interested in all the sculptures and paintings. In fact, I found them quite weird. ohh, and i spent less than 5 minutes at the Mona Lisa corner. I really don’t get it. :-D

  12. Wah lot of great experience hah.. I think I can’t go to Paris.. Too much booby traps..maybe i’ll go after marry with my wife.. tak tahan loo :P

    and such a brilliant photo to see The Thinker from his back haha…

  13. Actually Musee du lourve is free on every Friday after 6pm for young adults under 25!

    **Seems like we shared the same interests as most pics your posted here are my fav during my visit in Lourve

  14. i am not an art lover but i think those are what worth to see overseas. maybe i sayy this because i have never step out of malaysia, but those are things not available in muzium negara.

    [Jino] – A man’s not a man unless he knows how to shoot

  15. hey i read from internet that people get free entry to Lourve Museum on the 1st sunday of every month!

    Muahahah! If Mona still can see you when you are standing behind her, I think that is called as HAUNTED!

  16. I understand why Ken Picasso will draw hamsap photos..
    This is because there are a lot of influences after visit sex museum.
    Er… I think camera is not allowed right? How can you take a lot photos?

    Photography without flash is allowed. But many took with flash anyway. =)

  17. hahaa! not sure if anyone mentioned this above, but the appreciation of the human body is evident in all the artworks above because to many artists, the human body is art by itself. :D

    so no lar, they’re not horny, tho michealangelo is probably gay, but it’s to create an appreciation of human forms and to celebrate the beauty of the human mind.

    after 500 years of these thoughts, it’s today that we think that humans are the topmost important lifeform on this planet, the most superior one.

    brainwashed, i suppose. but oh well, thanks to The Enlightenment and Renaissance.

    beautiful artworks :D i wish i’m there one day!!

  18. Hohoho~

    This is my 1st time read people write about nudity in the museum~
    usually people will always about the arts~

    so funny and yet, interesting~
    I’m still laughing~

    anyway, Paris looked so cool~
    and how nice they allowed the visitors to take photo in there~

  19. Wow, visiting the museum of that davinci code movie. :D Lol, sure is fun reading and looking at the pictures. :D Well you stand at the back of mona lisa, you also could not see her, so maybe she is staring at you somehow but you didn’t notice it :D. Just kidding. It’s kind of weird to see snakes bitting that part -.- WTH is the artist thinking.

    Regards from cr3ap

  20. ken, you know, they all were victims T_T

    If you don’t believe me, you have to borrow the *tablet* from daley (the guy from night museum) and talk with the sculptures.


  21. hiksss.

    very funny though. yeah, i am also the one who actually wud never appreciate those arts. kinda crazy, and still, i cant even find the motive of those kinda arts. huhuhuu. :)

  22. hahaha.. majoriti komen di atas dalam bahasa inggeris, tapi saya nak komen dalam bahasa melayu aje boleh? hehehe..

    pergh.. macam menakutkan aje masuk muzium ni. Yang menghayati seni ini mesti seorang yang ‘pervert’ kan.. hahaha…

    teringin nak pergi paris.. tapi bila.. hmmm.. (TT__TT)

  23. EEEE..i prefer ur drawing than the ones in the museum. How come those days they love to draw men and women naked?

    I thought the olden days, people are more conservative,but then, from your trip, we can see many nude sculptures and drawings. Do their subject pose naked for the artist to draw and sculpt them?


  24. Great, you saw the real Mona Lisa, I saw the duplicate one in Malaysia…..
    Yes, I love art but more to abstract art.
    What was the intention of the last picture here:
    “The snake is biting a lady’s nipple”…I was somehow puzzled here!

  25. You had a nice vacation and they way your discribe the places is the way I thought it was specially Paris people is not friendly at all…Ja two wonderful cities London and Paris I agree but London is better one friendly and open for tourist two there is a lots of varities of food restuarant, and there kitchen is better than France kitchen…..
    Keep it us a good momories and hope you can achieve your goal to bring your parents in London one day….

  26. I hope none of the fine arts lover will see ur blog as insulting great artwork..hehe.
    Well to us Asians it’s perversion, but to those European artists back then, it’s beauty and art :) In fact don’t forget humankind was created naked anyway and felt no shame abt it, until Adam and Eve sinned in the presence of God :P

  27. It’s biting the nipple as a forbidden sin! Not as an idea of sexual gratification.
    You wouldn’t understand me when I tell you, that this post is actually very insulting!=.=
    shows the size of the mind.

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