Welcome To London

Welcome To London

It was such a relief when I was back in London after staying 2 days extra in Paris. I don’t really know how to express it, but the feeling of being in London is much better, and safer.

i love london cup

Well, there’s no special feeling for London but I’d definitely say it’s a nice place to be.

The colour Red is a well-known symbol of England, and wherever you go, chances of seeing red coloured telephone booths, post boxes and buses are high.

london red telephone booth

Greetings from London! *Hangs up phone* Duu… Duu… Duu…

My first destination in London was the Natural History Museum.

london natural history museum dinosaur skeleton

When I first laid my eyes on this dinosaur skeleton, I went “Wow!”. It’s just amazing! Hey, I’ve never seen a real one in my whole life, till that day!

The museum compromises lots of collections and, unsurprisingly, it’s particularly famous for its exhibition of dinosaur skeletons. But I think the Human Biology exhibition is more interesting, especially this one…

london natural history museum sexual intercourse

Cool, NOW I know how making babies is done! It’s very… sophisticated you know. Never thought it’s this way – all along I thought kissing produces babies! *Knowledge level up!*

But I wonder why the man’s internal body is so rotten and grey compared to the woman’s one. Hmm…

The Palace of Westminster, also known as Houses of Parliament, is along River Thames. It’s where Big Ben is.

london big ben westminster

Big Ben is the largest four-faced clock and it’s one of the tallest free-standing clock towers in the world. It’s located just opposite Westminster station.

Across the Westminster Bridge, the magnificent London Eye can be seen.

london eye

It’s the largest Ferris wheel in Europe, and one of the popular paid tourist attractions in the United Kingdom. I didn’t take the ride though, due to time constraint and budget limitation. Oh yeah, did you know Malaysian cyclist Josiah Ng proposed to Kim Ong using the London Eye? Sweet!

Down the river, another iconic symbol of London is located – the Tower Bridge.

london tower bridge

Tower Bridge is usually mistakenly referred to as the London Bridge, which is actually another bridge nearby. Somehow this bridge is strongly related to the nursery rhyme song called “London Bridge Is Falling Down”.

I wonder why is there a kid’s song about destroying Tower (London) Bridge and building it again. It’s like teaching them to be a terrorist-cum-architect huh?

Anyway, it’s not a surprise to see a Chinatown in London, which is located near Leicester Square station.

london leicester square chinatown

With many Asians currently living in the city, all they hope for is a taste of their own hometown. On an unrelated note, somehow I think Asian food is more unique than Western food.

london chinatown rasa sayang

However, dining typical Malaysian food here can be expensive. One dish can cost up to £5, which is about RM28.00. What?! RM28 for nasi lemak? I can get better ones for just RM2, which is just £0.35!

Okay Ken, stop converting.

Next up, the Millennium Dome, or simply known as The Porcupine Dome.

london millennium dome

And did you know that there’s a football academy called The David Beckham Academy? I didn’t know that till I saw it.

london the david beckham academy

I guess Beckham is really dedicated in football, or he has too much money to spare.

Greenwich Park is a former hunting park in Greenwich and one of the largest single green spaces in London.

london greenwich park

At the top of the hill where the Royal Observatory is located, you’ll be able to see a panorama view of the city.

london greenwich park shepherd gate clock

Mounted on the wall just outside the observatory, there is a clock called the Shepherd Gate Clock. This unusual 24-hour analog clock displays the Greenwich Mean Time.

Anyway, it’s a norm for people to bring their dogs out to parks. But when the dog poops, it’s better to clean it up, or else a fine will be imposed.

london dog poop sign

£1,000 just because of some shit? You gotta be kidding shit! But it’s true.

Unlike in Malaysia, if your dog poops in front of a house while you’re walking with it, you’ll quickly evacuate from the scene as soon as possible! *Run doggie, run!*

Trafalgar Square was also one of my destinations in London.

london trafalgar square national gallery

The place consists of a large central area surrounded by roads and stairs leading to the National Gallery. At the center of the square, the Nelson’s Column was erected.

london trafalgar square nelson's column

It’s surrounded by fountains and four huge bronze lions sculptures. As a Leo boy, I have this tiny affection for lions, so I was quick to take a photo with one of the lions.

london trafalgar square lion sculpture

It’s really a huge manly lion, so manly that a lady publicly dry-humped the lion’s huge ass.

london trafalgar square lion humped

Looks like she’s already exhausted.

Next up, Buckingham Palace. Originally known as Buckingham House, it’s the official London residence of the British royal family.

london buckingham palace

It’s famous for the standing-still guards with funny-tall-hat that won’t move when you disturb them. However, I only saw 2 guards and they were inside the compound. Maybe it’s because of Winter – standing still out in the cold is crazy.

Also, the Changing of the Guard ceremony is a tourist attraction, but unfortunately I didn’t get to witness it.

Placed outside the main gates is the Victoria Memorial, a large memorial statue of Queen Victoria.

london buckingham palace victoria memorial

And here’s the royal family of England, taken at Madame Tussauds.

london madame tussauds british royal family

Wait a minute, how come there are 3 princes? Prince Charles you naughty boy – you must have hooked up with an Asian lady and got yourself an Asian-looking prince too right?

Although the 3rd prince looks like Asian, Prince Ken is as handsome as Prince William and Prince Henry what. Right?

Okay craps aside, Madame Tussauds is actually a wax museum. So you get the point. I managed to take interesting photos with the waxed celebrities, but more on that on an individual entry. =)

So that’s roughly some the places of attractions I’ve been to during my stay in London.

london underground logo

The transportation services in London are pretty well-planned. To get around the city, I used mainly the Underground Tube service. It consists of several lines and it’s important to observe the signboards to the right line.

london underground signboard

And you definitely need a tube map too. It can be obtained at every tube stations for free.

london underground tube map

It really helps in deciding where to go and which line to take. A single journey costs £4 (RM22.50) or as cheap as £1.60 (RM9.00) if you have an Oyster Card.

Alternatively, the bus service can be used too.

london double-decker red bus

The red double-decker bus in London is also an icon of Britain. A single journey ride can cost about £2 (RM11.20) or £1 (RM5.60) with an Oyster Card.

london oyster card

Oyster Card is the cheapest way to pay for public transportation services in London. Yeah, funny name for a card right? Even Malaysia’s Touch n’ Go card sounds cooler.

london oyster card yellow card reader

The Oyster’s “swiper” on a bus.

But when comparing the Oyster Card’s benefits against Touch n’ Go, Oyster wins it all. Oyster Card offers cheaper rates and daily price cap, which is equivalent to the cost of a One-Day Pass. Touch n’ Go on the other hand, doesn’t give cheaper rates. You just literally touch, and go.

Besides tube trains and buses, you can always take a Black Taxi Cab to go directly to your destinations.

london black taxi cab

I’m not sure about the rates though, but it should be more expensive.

London was fun to be honest, minus the cold weather. Everything is organized and the signs are pretty clear. It’s simple to get to places as long as you’re prepared.

Anyway, here’s something amusing I saw on the road. Okay, if Malaysians were to see a car with “L” label on it, honks are surely gonna happen. Typical road bully.

london learner bus message

But here in UK, give them a break alright! =)

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  1. Nicely put up dude… I feel like as if I’m in London all over again. How come you did not post about their One Dollar restroom? With rotating toilet bowl cleaner and all… :D

  2. Another fab post, thanks, I love coming again to browse your blog updates. If you want to learn some more excellent SEO techniques which could send your site to dizzying heights in the search engines, you should check out my Web 2 Mayhem Review.

  3. london is a nice place athough it would be very expensive and noisy…

    and big ben actually refers to the huge bell inside the tower, not the clock…

    and asian cuisines will always win when compared to english cuisines…english food are just to bland…

  4. yeah i wanna visit london again if i have the chance… well it’s cheap flying to germany from london ya…by ryannair… you should plan travelling around europe….

  5. You’re not buried in the snow? Heavy snowing in the UK these few days. I love the UK and I love London… Never been to Europe – I prefer places where I can speak the language.

  6. .. i love that sex anatomy one lehhh
    not rotten n gray lahhh but just being poked by a short dick Hindi

    nice series bro~ i love UK too but it was bloody expensive to spend there … hope i will b as loaded as you did kakaka


  7. wow, was that a day trip at london downtown?? not bad huh, you’ve been able to get to so many places.. :p

    It’s not a day trip. It’s a few days trip. =)

  8. Good to see you’re having fun out there. At the rate things are going back home, I think you better continue your long vacation there.

  9. I’d prefer England any day than France. At least people there speaks English. I used to live in Coventry and Birm… missed the life there so much. I lurrve the milkman especially… ahahaha… never fail to deliver me milk every morning! *grinZ* beat that! Malaysia no milkman!

  10. Oyster card, London bus, Tower Bridge …
    This post reminds me UK life.
    I really envy you.
    Actually I do not have good impression to
    the bus driver…

  11. Well, you have nice visits at european countries. It’s cool to travel. Well you can’t really convert the price of theirs with ours. It’s too big difference. Besides their living standards is so much higher compared to ours. They spend what they earn for. It’s the same in Malaysia. It’s rather expensive if we go there. :D

    Regards from cr3ap


  12. a long time question. how does blogger get himself captured while posing and esp in foreign land. its understandable is its a camwhoring pic but not those at a distance.

    I was never alone as I have friends with me. =)

  13. haha true, if you wanna shop just shop, don’t convert or you’ll end up leaving the shop empty handed. how i wish our rivers are like theirs sigh..

  14. hey ken.
    nice post with nice pics ^^
    thanks for sharing them

    and yea, i heard abt the story of josiah ng’s proposal. can even read it from kim ong’s blog.
    from ur pics and descriptions, i can somehow picture u going around london like on a monopoly board. hehe.

  15. haha! london trip! i didn’t went to those stadiums…bt been to the rest and it’s awesome! i witnessed the guard changing ceremony & it’s kinda boring bt since my frens insist we squeezed in the crowd..

    i lost my oyster card :'( one my fren suggested we all go in then oni “tit” one of our cards coz d bis driver wont check if we slip in from d bac.. KARMA happened…my other fren lost his wallet..! such a drama..hope u din do d same..haha!

    ou…and i got London Eye, London Dungeon and Madamme Tussauds ticket for around 50/55 pounds…mayb no more promotion di now..o else u can ride on d London Eye (=

    anyway..d only thing i don like is d polluted air…it’s so funny tat all our lubang hidung were covered in black! >.<

  16. Awesome!…I love London!..Yeah Iagree with u, who created London Bridge is Fallin’ Down..such a cute song with a weird motif..

    Hahahhahahahaaaaaaaaa Prince Ken…..the most handsome prince of all

    good entry.. i feel like travellin too..Thanks!

  17. Interesting stuff u have here! I love the last one…very good culture! Everyone has room for mistakes…=)

    By the way, u celebrated your new year in London?

    Nope, was in Leeds. I know I missed the fireworks at London Eye. Oh well… =)

  18. Hi Ken, wow! You in London.
    I have always loved London, where the action is.
    And I really love the English fish and chips.

    You sure take very good pictures. Looks like the weather was kind to you too.
    Have fun and keep well, Lee.

  19. very awesome trip u had!

    love the last pic!!!!!

    one more question : how did u find the time to like visit so many ppl’s blog? i mean, i always saw ur comments on most of the blogs ive visited!

  20. hey! yeah, this just made me miss London even more..

    totally understand the feeling of touching back down in London. I commuted back and forth London-Paris-Evreux for a good 3 months and everytime I go back to London, it just felt like home!

    Melur is a good place to eat, so are Bonda and Satay House though a bit pricey. Malaysia Hall just makes you feel like you’re in Malaysia..

    can’t wait to go back there!

  21. Hey! Decided to drop by and I love this post! I was at Kingston for 6 weeks 2 years ago and I loved it!! Seeing your pictures brought back so many good memories.

    I miss hearing “mind the gap”. HAHAH! :)

  22. Well, I have plenty of cool gifts from London too given by my brother, sister and student.
    Love the signature red resembling some legendary beautiful objects in London! The remarkable red telephone booth is one…..the double decker bus is two…and so much to list on!

  23. Dude…somehow Europe seems to be quite a pervetic place reading ur blogs! Lolz. The sex wax exhibit is cool! And that lady..lol..hmm..if it was a man would be interesting :)
    By the way, the Tower Bridge was the ending scene in Sherlock Holmes movie, the filmed it as the unfinished Tower Bridge which was actually under construction at that time ^.^ London Eye used to be biggest Ferris in world until it was taken over by Star of Nanchang (Taiwan) then now S’pore Flyer :)
    Never ever eat M’sian food on other soil! Lolz.. even in S’pore it sucks and more expensive of course.

  24. wow.. i like the “man” and “woman” teaching tools. very graphic. no wonder there’s many 11 and 12 year old pregnancy in UK.. oh, n look at the man’s intestines.. so funny! i hope to go there one day with my b-bunz(bf).. maybe i could drop some hints to have him propose to me on the london eye too.. :P yeah, malaysian n singaporean foods are expensive oversea.. probably coz they have to import all the herbs and spices from the asian country la..

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