5 Things About Chinese New Year 2010

5 Things About Chinese New Year 2010

Chinese New Year week has passed and now everything is back to usual. No more annoying dong dong chang songs, what a relief!

So, here are some boring things related to my week of boredom.

1) I love pineapple tarts! *Nom nom*

pineapple tarts

Pineapple tarts will always be the best cookie during CNY! *Nom nom nom*

2) As usual, a day trip to Taiping to visit relatives.

highway sky view

Taiping was so damn hot, totally spoiled the mood!

Oh yeah, the most frequent phrase I hear every CNY is “Ah Ken, big already lor!”. Big doesn’t mean fat okay…

3) Met up with high school friends from St. Michael’s Insitution, Ipoh.


All also BIG already lor!

We shared and talked about funny incidents that happened years ago. It’s always interesting to reminisce the past. Those were the days…

Some notable bloggers in that group are Guo Zheng from Three, Two, One… SNAP and Jared Ee from The Awesomesauce Times.

4) The week was too boring, that I took pictures of my boxer dog cleaning her…

boxer dog

…no no, cleaning herself up!

Remember the “brownies” I posted a few entries ago? Yeah, she’s the supplier!

5) During CNY, it’s all about collecting ang pao. Yeah, collecting for me, not giving okay? I’m not married!

chinese new year money

You know, I saw someone’s status saying that he/she has enough ang pao money to buy an iPhone! Damn, so much money wan… Wow!

chinese new year ang pao

After counting, I think I have enough money to buy… an iPhone… CASE?

But I don’t even own an iPhone! Sad lah

Anyway, I hope you all had a great week! Gong Xi, Gong Xi!

117 thoughts on “5 Things About Chinese New Year 2010

  1. Guess that I’m the lucky one who is able to buy iPhone with ang pao money.. cause I have 25 uncle and aunties ^^; take liao then take again, cause too many cousins.

    Gong Hei Fatt Choi to you Ken, hope your readers reach 15k per day.

  2. tart nenas is the best!

    aku plak tak ada kawan2 real yang aku tau blog mereka (jika ada), dan mereka pun tak tau blog aku. blog friend aku semua kenal dr blog. hehe

    jangan kawen kalau nak ang pow setiap tahun. haha

  3. Will post on my CNY cookies and cakes soon – tomorrow, I think. You’ll have to go and visit every relative and friend – go to the RICH ones…and then maybe, you’ll have enough to buy an iPhone… Well, your trip to the UK and Europe – all the money should be enough to buy a few iPhones, right?

  4. Wait a minute! You didn’t like the noise? Hahaha but who doesn’t like angpow right? With that money, i think you can spend it to treat your friends lunch. What do you think?

  5. ken, your posts are getting more and more interesting! hahaha.. humorous some more..
    ok first pic, i love pineapple tarts too, i special- special order from a bakery and then i found out that my church fren baked better ones.. :(
    2nd pic, not only taiping is hot.. ipoh is worse and the whole Malaysia also kena..worst!
    3rd pic, i can recognise goh seng only.. (of course u too la) .. oh, why never call aaron one? not same clique? :)
    4th pic, my Labbie always does that, it is a norm for female, they are more clean ma.. hehehe…
    5th pic 6th pic, this year i gave out less cos of FIL demise, can escape, i escape.. cannot escape, I gave out…hehehe.. if i no give, my kids no get.. so .. no choice la..
    they also cannot get iphone la, maybe a cheap nokia can!

  6. HELLO.. hey the dong dong qiang songs not bad la (only applicable to modern pop rock dong dong qiang songs). I cannot tahan the oldies only T_T gotta tahan few more days!

    Ur angpao $$ also alot leh. can buy “fan ban” iphone case. CNY hot, then go do your “YORK” stunt la. hahaha..

  7. lol, oops, that shows how much I don’t know about malaysia.

    Yep, I’m studying in Aussie, living here actually haha. What’s pingback? all these blogging stuff driving me nuts

  8. happy chinese new year..
    i yet to count my angpow..
    defintiely same like urs perhaps can buy the iphone case only..sob sob ..
    why thr are so many rich fella out thr who managed to own one while i am praying, waiting and dying for it..

  9. wah… still got trip visiting relatives eh? in penang, i saw mostly chinese celebrating CNY at the mall…

    hahahh… they bring whole family beramai2 to the cinema…

    maybe they were celebrating valentine’s day too…

  10. So sad… this year I didn’t really get much ang paos booohoo hoo!

    Eventhough my mom said I cannot give ang pao because I have yet to go through the customary marriage… but a lot of people also not giving me waaaa~

    Oooh I love pineapple tarts! But I like those that are not too sweet.

  11. Happy Chinese New year kenwooi…Where’s my Angpow?

    Hik3…I think u should put commentluv in ur commentbox..people love commentluv…just a suggestion..ur blog is quite famous already….

  12. Happy Chinese New Year^^ Hope I’m still not too late :P

    CNY holiday so fast over one week d~ Me too also back to my Uni continue the boring study life lo~

    Looks like U got many Ang Pow there^^ Haha~ A prosperity Year for you I see :D

  13. ola dropping by~! ooooo boxer dogs are adorable!!

    wtf some ppl this year so ong collect enough money for an i-phone??? my mom spent the ang pau money she was supposed to give me on her shopping. fml.

  14. ohhhhhhh next time ppl said u r big liao u must ask them to be specific u know, how they know? maybe not still not as big as they want to imagine AHAHAHHAHAHAAA

    ps: i love ong lai tart too

  15. owh still celebrating CNY ek? heh pineapple tart is heaven. Also got it during Hari Raya.. wahh gimme some of your money. that’s too much for you. let’s share haha

  16. despite the mood of ur post, i think u must have enjoyed the week!! cookies, catching up with ol’ friends and receiving angpows are highlights!! Happy New Year to u!

  17. Think you’ve forgotten you are no longer in York when you complained Taiping is hot as Ipoh is juz an hour’s drive unless you missed your “York” air con haha. lol

  18. hehehe just buy the iphone cover first…

    after that you will get the iphone soon… have a dream better that dont have.

    maybe, your next post is telling us u bought an iphone oledi :)

    happy CNY ar…

  19. Ah Ken…so BIG liao… *staring downstairs.. LOL!!
    Bad bad doggie.. btw to Chinese, dogshit is fortune u know..dunno where I heard it b4.. ppl go buy lottery after they step on shit.. LOL
    Ang Pow in Malaysia is indeed very “thin”..

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