Chinese New Year Decoration You Wanna Avoid

Chinese New Year Decoration You Wanna Avoid

Decorations are always needed when it comes to festivals. Some may be good and attractive.

night lantern decoration

Like putting up blinking colourful lights around the house. It’s one of the favourite options.

Not forgetting baskets of mandarin oranges.

chinese new year mandarin oranges

But be careful with how you place your oranges. Or else things could be weird. Here’s one I spotted in my house…

chinese god oranges

Two oranges left in front of the figure? I’ll leave the imagination to you.

Besides that, adding props to the god figures might not be advisable. For instance, Barbie.

chinese god barbie

But hey, it’s kinda true what. Good life with good money is nothing without good woman right? Look how happy the fatty is!

Anyway, with all the decorations all set up for this year’s Chinese New Year, the last decoration you wanna see is this…


dog shit poop

Err… Brownies anyone?

This was decorated by the dogs in my house. How helpful eh?

Anyway, I would like to take this opportunity to wish all readers Happy Chinese New Year! Have a preposterous prosperous and other-positive-word New Year filled with longevity and-all-those-common-phrases!

chinese new year red packet

Now, can all the married ones kindly give me hong bao? Thank you! =)

117 thoughts on “Chinese New Year Decoration You Wanna Avoid

  1. Hi Kenwooi, are those decoration in the 1st photo from your house?

    Aiyo! Calling the Laughing Buddha a fatty? Not good, not good, Haha!

    Choi! Showing us shits on the first day of CNY? Not prosperous lah!!! Unless those shits are gold in colour, then different. LOL!

  2. I laughed out loud when I saw the mandarins infront of the figurine :D btw, good luck with cleaning those “brownies”

    Happy New Year to you!

  3. heya ken! =) Happy cny. The pic with the barbie really cracked me up. You’ve probably changed my perception of why the laughing buddha always looks so happy………

  4. Beautiful celebrative lights Kenwooi!
    Happy CNY to you and your family!

    You are not just a blogger but a good writer, photographer and story teller too.

    You must be practising your Mandarin…He..He..Ang Bau for Hong Bau!

    Busy here, two days not online, now back to visit blogger friends like youlah…

    Actually, if one is kind hearted, he or she can give away hong bau anytimes but not just during CNY. It’s a blessing.

    I too give away hong bau to my students…but selected one…must work hard to receive mine!

    Too bad, you are so far away…so again I wish you all the best Kenwooi:)

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