The French Job: Eiffel Tower Visit

The French Job: Eiffel Tower Visit

The Eiffel Tower is one of the world’s most recognizable monuments and probably the best-known monument in Europe, or the whole world.

paris eiffel tower night view

When viewed from the Trocadero Metro station, the best view of the structure can be seen. And to get to the tower, you can either walk towards it by crossing the bridge, or take the Metro to Bir Hakeim station and walk.

Either way, you gotta walk.

paris eiffel tower screen

Anyway, I went there on 3 separate occasions. Why so many times? You’ll know later on.

It was said that no journey to Paris is complete without a journey to the top of the tower, and unfortunately on the 1st occasion, the top floor was closed. Thanks to the bad weather.

paris eiffel tower bottom view

So close, yet so far! 324m far to be exact. So, the only thing to do was to stare from the ground and take pictures.

On the 2nd occasion, which was during the day, I visited the tower again.

paris eiffel tower day view

The day scenery of the tower is as magnificent as the night view, just without the lights.

paris eiffel tower

This time, I’ve decided to walk towards the tower. Despite the cold, the walk was just fun and amazing.

Since it was day time and the weather was rather better than the previous night, I was hoping that the top floor is open for visitation. But again, it was closed.

paris eiffel tower with trees

So I took photos, again.

It has been 2 attempts but hopes of going up came crashing down because of the weather. I thought I’m gonna leave Paris without hitting the tip of that erection. However, Eurostar’s service disruption resulted in staying extra 2 days in Paris and that’s when the 3rd occasion happened.

On the extra night in Paris, Eiffel Tower was the destination again. And fortunately, the top floor was opened! Woohoo! Thank you Eurostar for having problems and thank you snow for giving Eurostar problems!

paris eiffel tower pilier nord

How ironic – the first 2 occasions failed because of the weather and the 3rd occasion was successful because of the weather as well. I guess the weather wants to make up for its earlier mistakes. =P

It costs €9.90 (RM49.50) for an adult to get to the highest tip of Eiffel Tower.

paris eiffel tower passenger lift

Slanting lift transports visitors from the ground floor to the 1st and 2nd floor, and then vertical lift to the 3rd floor. One elevator can fit about 30 adults I think.

The journey to the top was fun, especially when the view of the city can be gradually seen and the air becomes colder.

The elevator brings people to an an indoor viewing area but viewing the city from the open-air upper floor is definitely better!

paris eiffel tower top view

The open-air area was surrounded with high fence though, probably to prevent couples from saying “You Jump, I Jump”.

Anyway, here are some pictures of the cityscape during the night.

paris eiffel tower top view arc de triomphe

The Arc de Triomphe is pretty obvious in this picture.

paris eiffel tower top view seina river

The Seina river with some bridges.

paris eiffel tower top view dome

The Église du Dôme brightly lighted.

paris eiffel tower champ de mars

This is the park, called Champ de Mars, located just beside Eiffel Tower. It’s also another good place to take pictures of the tower but I didn’t really walk there since it was freezing cold.

paris eiffel tower trocadero

And on the opposite side is the Trocadero area, just across the river.

To sum up the journey, it was pretty breathtaking. Also, at certain time period, there’ll be light performances by the tower.

paris eiffel tower colour performance

The tower will turn into a colour-changing structure for about 10 minutes or so, and it’s accompanied by some musical song as well.

Anyway, visiting this attraction isn’t that pleasant when it comes to the “souvenir guys” selling Eiffel Tower stuffs such as key chains and mini monuments. I bumped into many – all moving around trying to sell souvenirs to visitors.

paris eiffel tower souvenir guy

I bought 10 key chains for €2.00 (RM10) from a guy and ignored the rest. Pretty cheap right? Here’s a tip, you gotta bargain with them, or else they’ll sell to you damn expensive… for like 2 for €1.00?

Although I think Paris isn’t that lovely and romantic, the visit to the top of Eiffel Tower was the closes to that feeling.

paris eiffel tower far view

Hopefully one day, I will visit Paris again. But definitely during the Summer! =)

105 thoughts on “The French Job: Eiffel Tower Visit

  1. my parents, my sister and her husband went for a double honeymoon together in paris, and when they went up the eiffel tower they just had to message everybody! *sigh* when can i get to visit this place…

  2. Wow.. Then I can get a key chain from you.. U bought 10 right.. Heehee.. :)

    Great view.. Wondering if I can reach Paris a.k.a Love City someday.. Maybe for honeymoon i guess.. Heehee.. :)

  3. Oei Ken…

    Your photos of paris are amazing! It reminds of of some cell micro structure that is dyed with diff colours (sorry, sounds too biology). Anyway, When r u coming back???

  4. Well, I didn’t went up to the Eiffel Tower. Sister told me that Trocadero Metro station is the best place to view the tower (TOO!). Haha! Mom and aunt didn’t want to go out as they charge very expensively. T_T

  5. beautiful lah. did u go alone or with family or with a group ? I remember the Eurostar problem, i knew u were there. lol !

  6. whoa.. nice photos you took up the tower..
    i really love the cityscape photos..
    it’s marvelous..

    when la i’ll get the chance to go there..
    insya-allah.. that day will come.. :D

  7. I LOVE your pics man >.<"

    very very nice leh~~~
    how i wish that I can get back there again n snap as many pics as i can…

    have to wait till i kena Jackpot again lah .. LoL~

  8. T.T Paris!! Definitely one of the places i absolutely want to visit in this lifetime….if possible. Bet you had a wonderful time in the city of luuurve. ;)

  9. I thought I’m gonna leave Paris without hitting the tip of that erection.

    I was wondering, the tip of the erection, does that means it have a limp time? Hahaha, jk jk

  10. Paris is lovely. I remember going there and wanting so bad to have someone of a romantic nature there with me, lol. It made contented single ole me WANT to have someone just because of how romantic the whole place seemed!

    Did you go to Notre Dame, Monte Marte and Champs D’Elysses? Awesome places to check out over there. The whole city has this ancient historic feel to it. Just walking on the streets is an awesome enough experience as it is!

  11. Some might said “Urghh… that is only a piece of metal!” but it is a METAL structured so high and beautiful, that it took your breath away in awe! Awesome photo BTW Ken! Love it!

  12. Hey you! Gong Xi Fatt Cai!!
    Here’s wishing you best of everything!
    More more enjoyable trips for your near and far, probably even sit beside Richard Brosnan one day on his “outer space” trip!

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