Everyday With York

Everyday With York

My last trip while I was in UK was York.

welcome to york

It was a one day trip and I reached there kinda early in the morning, to make full use of the day time.

york railway station

York is a walled city, situated near Leeds.

The first attraction I went to was the York City Walls, which can be seen right outside the York Railway Station.

york city walls

The wall was built during the Roman times, and was used to defend the city, obviously.

york city walls view

To date, most parts of the wall are still available and visitors are allowed to walk along the walls.

york city walls corner

Although it’s not as magnificent as the Great Wall of China, walking on it was worth it. When you’re up on those walls, you’ll be able to see the city from a better perspective.

Another attraction is the Cliffords Tower.

york cliffords tower

The panoramic view of the city can be experienced on top, but since an entrance fee is needed I decided to skip it. On tight budget!

And in the middle of the city, there’s a pedestrian area.

york street

There are many shops and restaurants around the area, and they can only be accessed by walking.

york medieval street

It was a good experience walking through the medieval streets, especially when the weather is cold.

Next up is the amazing York Minster Cathedral, which stands proudly at the city center.

york minster cathedral

It towers over the city of York and it’s visible from almost anywhere in the city. There are no other tall structures around because there is a rule that no buildings can be higher.

Besides that, the city has many museums and it has a garden just for them.

york museum gardens

The Museum Gardens. Actually it’s more of a garden plus museums.

One of the prominent structures is the ruins of St. Mary’s Abbey.

york museum gardens st. mary's abbey

It was closed and destroyed a long time ago and the ruins are currently used to decorate the garden. An example, a question mark.

york museum gardens ruins

Can you see it?

The Yorkshire Museum is famous in that garden but unfortunately it was closed for renovation when I visited.

The last destination was the National Railway Museum.

york national railway museum

The museum is a short walk from the railway station. It’s the home of the national collection of historical and significant railway vehicles.

york national railway museum eurostar

They have trains like Eurostar – the train which left me stranded for 2 days extra in Paris.

york national railway museum japanese bullet train

The Japanese Bullet train, also known as Shinkansen.

york national railway museum thomas

And also Thomas from Thomas and Friends. Hello!

Anyway, York is quite a lovely place. Not forgetting the cold weather when I was there, really miss it.

york garden

Even though it’s sunny, the air is always cooling. Somehow I wish I can be in York again, enjoying the cold weather than being in hot Malaysia.

But hey, I know there is a York in my house all the time.

york aircon

And to make myself feel like being in York again…

york aircon cooling

…I can always stand in front of my York air-con whole day! Ahhh… York!

101 thoughts on “Everyday With York

  1. ~Ken says~”And to make myself feel like being in York again…
    …I can always stand in front of my York air-con whole day! Ahhh… York!”

    LOL! >.<

    The York Minster Cathedral look so beautiful
    & amazing!

  2. Wow. I thought you were talking about the egg york. I noticed that in UK, they have funny names for their places such as york and reading. But, Looking at the photos brings peace to mind because that place looks peaceful, cool and the old buildings are really attractive. We don’t see those kind of buildings in Malaysia right?

  3. Kenwooi,
    mula2 baca entri ini…penuh dengan sejarah, tapi bila sampai part yang akhir..kelakar pulak. Betullah Ken, ingat York ingat New York. Tapi rasa rugi pulak sebab akak dah terbeli Panasonic. Kalau tidak, tentu akak pun jadi macam Kenwooi.

  4. Blow up your 1st pix “Welcome to York” and make a dozen copies and stick it everywhere, in your toilet, your bedroom ceiling, living room, bathroom, garage etc no need to stand whole day in front of York air-con. Save TNB bill and save your medical bill going for foot massage after standing one whole day haha. Like the pix of the railway station and solid concrete buildings. tQ

  5. cool…

    i’ve been to York but didnt get to see the Cliffords tower i did my trip the other way around..went to the train museum first then york minster…cliffor tower was closed since it’s dark already…

    and seriously, i would rather be in hot Malaysia than this cold country.. it still snows at random now when it should be spring!!! sigh

    come again next time, and include Newcastle in your itinerary =)

  6. looks like a very nice place :) oh and i so love the trains. hehe

    off topic: care to exchange links? please leave me a line in my blog, thats the only way ill know who agreed.

    thanks :)

  7. York looks nice. Hope I get the chance to go there someday.

    Gosh, did you just fill in “Aircon” as your religion? The last pic seems to show you worshipping your new God. =p

  8. Lol! York! Unlike you I know my history, :P St Mary’s Abbey was destroyed when King Henry VIII (the one that beheaded three of his wives) declared himself the head of the church of England (and thus the Anglicans are born!)
    So people were anti-catholic and resented the fact that churches were filled with gold and coins, so they looted them and destroyed abbeys and monastaries across England.

    *pokes those who fell asleep*

    Hehe :P I’m such a geek or I watch too much documentaries.

  9. hahaha!! york aircond, like that also can!! xD

    which reminds me, the aircond at my office spoilt oledi, argh!

    well i guess there’s plenty of memories from your euro trip there. :P i wait you to slowly share with us, huhu!

  10. LOL @ the aircon.

    I had some sort of ‘horror night tour’ around the York Minster when I visited York. Did you take it? The tour guide told ghost stories that happened around the area as we walked to the “haunted” places. It was pretty cool :)

  11. Obsess with York, North Yorkshire. lol….A good way to remember stuff tat we’ve been through. And seriously, the York air-condition post is kinda hilarous………

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