Why Ladies Think Apple’s iPad Sucks

Why Ladies Think Apple’s iPad Sucks

The number one reason why ladies think Apple’s latest product – the iPad – sucks:

apple ipad blood

Because it doesn’t suck!

It’s just too over-sized to be used!

84 thoughts on “Why Ladies Think Apple’s iPad Sucks

  1. Yup…it’s too big and I hear it has limited functions compared to a notebook and I bet it’s expensive too. Btw, I also heard Nokia has come out with a “booklet”… Any good?

  2. witty!

    for one thing, the iPad developers intended the iPad to be a netbook, book reader, newsreader, web surfer, and a media player shoved into a single device.

    Considering the the previous tablet PC’s from microsolf, this thing is a gold mine. Let’s give the thing a chance, shall we? I t hasn’t released to the market yet. Remember when they first release of the iPod? Pundits thought that no one is going to buy it. Now, its still the best selling mp3 device in the market.

    nice post man.

  3. haahhha, so funny!!! i was in “the forever blinking motion” when i read this post..when i re-read it, only then i get it. i-pad doesn’t sucks.

  4. i like that london post, i never been to london before, but i been to New zealand just 3 months ago for a school secondary 2 twinning programme. Met new friends and had fun. Well after seeing that London post, i maybe would also wan to go to london when im big. Thanks for sharing that great article.

  5. hahaha. ya, so true that it doesn’t suck. But I don’t agree with the size though, I love BIG! I don’t mind if I have an iPad for myself. :) Have a nice day, cheers.

  6. Lol!! You..
    Well I’ve heard about the “pad” joke before but this is really good..short and sweet..and very funny :P
    It’s good to see your usual pervertic, interesting posts again after a long break of long, boring Europe posts :P

  7. I found myself really bored today so I have been hopping to random people blog.


    I have a question about england (so you went to school there right?), so what did trigger you to go back to Malaysia for good? I know it’s a retard question but it seems you had a good time there. Anyways, keep up with the blogging.

    Glad you like it here. Anyway, I didn’t study there. I was there just for a trip. =)

    Some of your blog entry really made my day. No need to publish my comment. Chaoo

  8. If you have ipad, there is no reason to not throw in the trash LOL …
    but my cousin is very happy with ipad, I don’t know what he likes from ipad, probably the same size “over-sized” as Ipad. LOL

  9. the hate factors :

    its ‘massive’ in size to the gadgetizer world
    its expensive compared to other regular pads(namely writing pad,sanitary pad and padlock too)

    ask the ladies :)

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