Wax Experience at Madame Tussauds London

I may be back from my Euro trip, but there is still so much things to talk about. Hope you don’t get bored. =)

During my stay in London, I visited the famous wax museum – Madame Tussauds.

madame tussauds london

I find it weird that such interesting museum has such a funny name, but after reading through the history I learned that it was named after the founder, Marie Tussaud.

The entrance fee costs ₤25.00 (RM140.00) for an adult and I think it’s worth the wax-staring experience. However, the queue might not be pleasant during the visit.

madame tussauds london queue

It can take up to an hour to reach the ticketing counter from the entrance.

While waiting, there are some interesting stuff demonstrated along the way. For example…

madame tussauds london brad pitt ass

Brad Pitt’s waxed ass.

I wonder how much he get paid for this. Actually, I don’t mind getting my ass waxed for just 10% of the payment.

After a long boring wait, got the ticket and it’s time to see some wax!

madame tussauds london john travolta morgan freeman justin timberlake

John Travolta, Morgan Freeman and Justin Timberlake’s wax figures are obviously expected, since they are so famous.

For your information, the figures are segregated into different zones, such as A-List Party, Sports Zone, Music Megastars and World Leaders. A visit could take up to more than an hour.

It was fun taking pictures with the celebrity figures! So here are some of the wax celebrities I took with.

madame tussauds london david and victoria beckham

The ever charming David and Victoria Beckham. Nice red dress.

madame tussauds london brad pitt and angelina jolie

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. I guess the museum management has to separate these wax figures. They broke up right?

Anyway, nice red dress as well.

madame tussauds london christina aguilera

Christina Aguilera with her beautiful necklace.

madame tussauds london nicole kidman johnny depp

Nicole Kidman and Johnny Depp. Nicole is really tall, and yeah, another beautiful red dress.

madame tussauds london wax figure

This is Kate Moss. Never heard of her actually. Nice golden attire though.

madame tussauds london miley cyrus hannah montana

Miley Cyrus aka Hannah Montana. I was looking at her outfit and innocently I saw a bra beneath the top. I thought celebrities don’t wear bras.

madame tussauds london britney spears

Britney Spears with her MTV award. I was looking at the award.

madame tussauds london queen elizabeth

It was such an honour to be standing beside Queen Elizabeth. I didn’t dare to stare at the badges on her sash though. People might mistakenly think I wanna steal those badges, or look at her boobs.

After I’m done with the ladies, it’s the men’s turn.

madame tussauds london george clooney

Dinner with paralyzed George Clooney – I had to lift the glass for him.

madame tussauds london robert downey jr

Robert Downey Jr. Don’t let the Sherlock Holmes find me!

madame tussauds london shrek

Big fat green Shrek. It’s too irresistible to hug his huge tummy!

madame tussauds london jose mourinho

Was lucky to bump into Jose Mourinho in the museum, instead of the stadium. Since I’m already the boss of Manchester United and Liverpool, I had to give him a piece of my mind.

madame tussauds london barack obama office

Barack Obama. He was my Vice President while I was temporary President of United States of America. He was really a good assistant, no wonder he’s the President now. I’m proud of you, Obama.

Anyway, at the end of the exhibition, there’s a Chamber of Horrors and Scream. It’s the horror section of Madame Tussauds, which showcases serial killers and murders.

madame tussauds london chamber of horrors

The Scream experience, on the other hand, is a live-action scare maze. It’s a journey with several live-actors (serial killers) trying to scare you. I went in as bold as a lion. I think. =P

Okay, before I end, I know you’re gonna say that I’m a pervert coz of the “staring” I did on the ladies. Hey no, I was wax-staring okay… Not boob-staring – if that’s what you wanted to say. I’m a good boy!

But if you still wanna say Ken Wooi is a pervert and he stares at boobs, take a look at this…

wax candle

Hey, you stared at boobs too! Pervert!

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  1. very interesting indeed! Btw, thanks for the keychain!

  2. hahhahahaha~the post is funny!
    how they know Brad Pitt’s ass grow like that??

  3. Do they really mold the wax-ass based on Brad Pitt’s real ass? lol!

  4. hehehe.. i love the way u looked at their “gowns”…… kong ming ching tai…

  5. … wah~ Brad Pitt ass also got ah … *si beh cun cun ^^

    salute lah~ i really LOVE your pretended way off staring right into those boobs … I would gladly do that too ^0^ … you my man!!!

    luckily those security don’t catch this kind of act … will they catch me if i pull a bit of that dress with my finger so i may see their nipple size …LMAO~!!!

    nice series bro 100% best post ever ^^

  6. wah…is cool muzium there..

    from Nikel Khor

  7. That’s awesome dude. So, which part you let them ‘wax’ out of you? Let me guess. Don’t tell me that they wax out your…

    O God.

    I am afraid a friend of you might ask, “is that your finger? Well, it is straight!”

    “That’s my p***s you idiot!”

  8. hahaha why u so ham sap one…

    hahaha lucky they are wax… not the real one… else

    you will become panda

  9. Obama was your asst. That did made me laugh! Very creative :)

  10. hahaha…!i love dis post..!

  11. hamsap lao like to look at their boobs… haha@!

  12. u aa always talk boob boob boob and boob hehe but i like hehehehe great vacation did u have… :)

  13. It’s definitely one of the places that i wanna visit

  14. hah!hah! you ‘re always thinking of those hamsap things.

  15. hi hi nice to meet you here. Good night. :D

    xpax clicked. :D

  16. LOL. LOL. LOL. I couldnt help myself with laughing. XD. Cool post ar.

  17. maaann..you’re a true fetish.. why u keep staring at those wax boobies.. hahahahahaa

  18. ken my man! wow you’ve been to places bro. (: ^^

  19. lol
    if u come here that day
    i will show u the real one in sheffield

    very special maa

    have a looks my flymas video

  20. Goodness, the whole day you were there doing nothing but staring at artificial boobs? :p

  21. you are SO boob-staring hahaha

  22. nice nice nice nice !!!! wehhehehehe

  23. man, quite perve right….

  24. OMG!!! seriously ie saw this on TV before!! this is SUPERB cool man! :O

  25. noooo..i’m watching the candle only.. :P

  26. Haha… good one there.
    So I guess you know who had the best dress?

  27. How come u dint stare at the queen’s boobs? hahaha

  28. Ah Ken!!!!!Or pervert Ken??? xD
    Hows life???
    Long time no see wey,let’s come out yum cha someday in the future~ Bw,nice post on ur pervt. act.aahahahahahahaha…:P

  29. lol every photo staring at the boobs .

  30. I was there… Loved the place and also the “branch” – Rock Circus in Piccadilly…

  31. what a perve! hey boob guy, you might lose an eye with what you’re doing! lOL!

    wicked pics you got here man, i like them a lot!

  32. Morgan Freeman & Nicole Kidman looks so real^^
    U damn desperate for boobs now lol

  33. so dare to stare at wax and take pic lydat ahh haha

  34. rather than seeing figures, I do think u are actually in boobs-searching :)

  35. kekeke… mr boobs on the search… nice one Ken…kekeke

  36. “Interesting” message put across :D

  37. hahaha. Nice one. I didn’t get to go there last time. I wonder if there are nips to make the boobs look like real. LOL!

  38. What? U never heard of Kate Moss??????

  39. Really entertaining post!

    And I also can’t believe you dont know who Kate Moss is. :-P

  40. hi hi dropping by….. have a nice day !! :D

    nn Zzzz….. :(

  41. Farnie lar dude….haha

  42. so jeles tgk u bergmbr dgn patung lilin tu…
    hehehe…jahat betul u…sumer perempuan u tgk mcm tu..
    tp Q Elizberth u x berani..hahaha

  43. Yea yea I know you was looking at the dress and the, ahem, necklace.
    You should look at the Queen’s badges as well =[

  44. Ken, u Pervert ! lol

  45. why most of them are wearing red dress? and btw kate moss is a supermodel. why didn’t u stare at brad pitt’s ass too…?? hehehe

  46. OH, I been to the one at Hong Kong. So interesting to visit there :)

  47. Eh, I no think ur a perv. I enjoyed Brad Pitt’s butt! Looked better than his face =D

  48. Man! Wanna stare at boobs also stare at the real ones ma….


  50. i will stare also…hehehehe

  51. Lol!!! what were you looking at!! haha! Hamsap….XD
    Kidding!! At least dey can’t slap you for looking at it. haha! woots~

  52. VEry funny posts… all those staring. by accident u might actually stare the real ones.

  53. HAMSAP LO!!

  54. wow..having an ‘eye-catching’ trip, i guess..:)

  55. madam tussaud cool….study there for 3 years but didn’t get chance to visit the place..huhuhu..so sad..

    P/s :Blog anda sedang diperhatikan .Mungkin akan diterjah

  56. owiz luv wax figures! nice one!

  57. y u keep staring at pple’s boobs?! LOL ~ =x

  58. Wow! Took 1 hour to queue for the ticket? That’s really long!! But I guess it’s worth it right?

  59. Excuse me, I think you won’t even get paid 0.1% of what Brad Pitt received for your ass to be waxed, LOL!

  60. Aiyo! Why you so pervert? Looking only at boobs!! And they are not even real! Hahaha!

  61. The new presidenT! =p

  62. psycho ke?? lol anyway cool!

  63. hahaha wax staring ya? nice one! LOLs
    anywayyy so jelous with ur europe trip. i wanna go there too someday!!

  64. hey! love madame Tussauds! Ken you never heard of kate moss!!??
    I will make a post of her in my blog in the future! Check it out soon! you gave me a thought! nice artical ken!

  65. lmao you stare at wax je kan.

  66. wahhh so lucky. if i want to order a wax version of me can ar? LOL



  68. hohohoh

    ken what do you so with brad pitt’s ass?

    careful haaaaa

  69. the guy with the queen..he looks better than Prince Charles

  70. hi , dropping by . nice bloggie u have =]

  71. LoL dude..u prevert hahaha..Joking.. :D

  72. kenwooi.. i wish i could be there since i want to further at uk .. hahaha.. r u sure u r looking at the cristina necklace o others part…hahahah

  73. Think you got the instructions wrong in your game of ‘Peekaboop’. It was supposed to be ‘peekaboo’? Thanks for the fun in Madame Tussauds. Wonder you dare to try your ‘Peekaboop’ on real people? haha..

  74. wow… nice leh…
    btw how come u are that “prevert”? lol…

  75. haha ~ nice one .. esp the last photo .. boob staring …. hor .. tt means eveyone who reads this post stares at boobs too .. wahah ….

    hopped ~

  76. hahahaha
    pity ken, people keep accusing him as a pervert
    well, I guess nx time u shouldn’t do things that’ll heat up controversials

    but envy u for going there

  77. lol. then kenwooi the boobs starer. you’re such a pervert! XD

  78. nice butt pitt!!

    gosh.its wax?? at first i just see the picture without reading, i thought u went there to meet up the actors..

    hey, what r u peeping in victoria dress huh?

    wow..can pose like that at obama’s desk?? cool!!!

  79. Hey Kenwooi.

    Nice pictures taken with the wax models.

    Some dumb clowns might mistaken them for real pics.

    Haha, anyways, have fun. :)

  80. Ken Wooi, ur serious Europe postings have also turned pervertic officially! Congrats :)

  81. Nice pics … stare at boobs some more hahahhaha funny guy

  82. Suddenly u make me remind a film – HOUSE OF WAX….

  83. oooooooooo~~~~u know whre to look…^^

  84. LOLOLOLOL!! I couldn’t stop laughing at this!! The wax museum went on a tour once and I took a photo with alot of stars too!

    And Ken I know you were trying to see if they put nipples on the wax. Heh.

  85. LOL! I was staring at YOU more than staring BOOBS ;p

  86. HAHAHAH i wonder why u didnt stare at Queen Elizabeth’s boobs! HAHAHAH!

  87. hhhahahhahaahh how can u not heard of kate moss????? aiyoooo……

  88. did u check if there is a hole in brad pitt’s ass? no? not very real rite? ahahahaha

  89. for a wax butt, brad pitt has it the nicest! hahahaha

    hey, why you never stare at the Queen’s boobs?? hahahaha they are boobs also what?! hahaha

  90. hahha..lawaks!:D
    im blog walking n yeaah great waxed-booobs staring! ..

    luv n respect

  91. boob staring…hahaha..so obvious…u go London..I’m so jelous!!!

  92. u make me jealous… T_T

    anyway, what r u staring at???

  93. kewl wax..hahahha
    wax staring yeah..*wink*

  94. i think u must be a breast lover rite!?

  95. wei ken is very interested in red dresses…

  96. lol..funny trip!!!Like ur picture!!

  97. Farrrrny~!!! xD

    Chill la =)

  98. Nice leh the wax museum :D
    I always see nice photos of that place, hehehe

  99. are you looking their boobs or wht ? HAHA

  100. whoaa… u see what , at nicole kidman…haaa..

  101. They have oily faces… I’m turned off.

  102. wow.. the collection is mostly changed from the time i visited last time…

    anyway, to avoid long queues, you can either:
    i. go early, 9 or 9.30am the counter opens, be there around that time.
    ii. buy the package London Eye + Tussauds, the queue at London Eye are much faster moving, although is long also.

    you so lousy la, just staring, last time i went, i hugged and carressed the “waxes” :P

  103. Hey there, Ken.
    Looking at this post brings back the memories of my trip in London last year.

    Here’s my version of it.

  104. It’s just a dream lol I’m replying the comment you sent to my blog. (:

  105. Hamsap really…haha

    can’t wait for your next post!

  106. You went to Madame Tussauds!
    Robert Dawney Jr looks amazign :P
    Have fun!

  107. Haha. Did the wax figure look real? Yah, and I believe you’re not a pervert for NOT staring at the wax-ed boob.

  108. Amazing … you are one lucking bloke

  109. Love the photos hahahaha. Would love to visit there one day.

  110. lol….all the post looking at their b**bs
    nice trip u got there!wish i can go there to.

  111. bro…u r not pervert ler….u just analyzing the size of the boob only ler…kekeke….

  112. y u alwys starring at the boobs…btw,i like the way u look..hahaha…nice try…

    when can i go there? *sigh*

  113. First time reading ur blog…..

    All the celebrities look amazing…..

  114. Dude, why do the wax figures look so fake? I thought they were supposed to look better? And happy CNY to you and everyone here ;)

  115. hey how many poses of u staring at boobs did u take?? did u scare any other visitors with ur staring of boobs ;)

  116. where you looking at is the best part of the wax for real..haha

  117. haha..the candle is a man…still ok if stare at his boobs…haha…

  118. this entry cheers me up. you’re funny :P

  119. I was about to say “boob- stare-r” till I got to the end of the post HAHAHAHA.. nice one man~

  120. Lolx !! ur view always at secret part ,haha ~~ so enjoy a u :-P

  121. Ha haha ha. you are pervert..
    ha ha ha

  122. LOL.

    funny funny.
    Is that really Brat Pitt’s bum shape?? @.@

    ewwwwww..Miley Cyrus ><
    Kate Moss is the super model! haha~

  123. why u always look at their boob….?
    nakal… :)

  124. LAWL u boob starer!

  125. wax boob everywhere.
    p.s y u dun stare at queen Elizabeth?

  126. so so? got any nip slips there? LOL!!!!! jk jk..

    Welcome home~!!

  127. I like this post. Haha ! :)

  128. i like all the pic..

    takut tengok last pic tu..

  129. that’s your boobs and ass watching trip in the museum huh?? :p

  130. hahahahaha! “boob-staring”. lol

    hey, u can be 1 of super model lah next time. i just like all the pics so much. its combination of creative and notty boy actually. wakakaka

  131. No matter what people say, I have always been interested in Christina Arguilera’s boobs. How does it feel? Even I could touch the real ones, I wish I could touch the wax version. Cool post dude.

  132. next round look for Beyonce, J-Lo & Megan Fox!

    great entry dude!


  133. banyak jalan la u…….

  134. Nice entry bro.. Tussauds looks interesting. Thanks for sharing it here bro!

  135. Lol another nice post I like the way you synchronize both your photo and your writting :p

  136. OMG! Nice post yeah, PM of USA ;D Thumbs up! ;-)

  137. reli nice entry.. at 1st i thought wax museum was boring..but u make it intresting one.haha :D

  138. What an interesting experience. I wish i could be there one day.

  139. Ha..Ha..You are an actor here:)

  140. i think he is trying to see whether got nipple or not…

  141. I went to London few weeks ago but didn’t get chance to go here. You are so lucky! =)

  142. Would definitely visit this place if I had the chance. Thanks for sharing! xD

  143. haha..i wonder how would u make fun of rob patz once his wax is there soon..

    good post
    love the end part!

  144. You know what? I feel jealos!!!

  145. haha.. it’s more like the innocent ham sap version of kenwooi.. btw, still love u..

  146. whoa the wax figures in London’s definitely nice than the one in Bangkok !

  147. sei hamsap lou! boob starer!

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