Manchester United’s Old Trafford Tour Experience

Manchester United’s Old Trafford Tour Experience

I’m a Manchester United fan.

manchester united old trafford stadium

But not a serious hardcore fan till the extent of hugging Manchester United’s crest on their home stand.

manchester united crest

Err… Okay, maybe. I admit.

Anyway, welcome to Old Trafford – the almighty Manchester United’s stadium!

welcome to old trafford

Today, will bring you on a virtual stadium tour, especially for those who have always wanted to visit the Theatre of Dreams.

old trafford theatre of dreams

The Museum and Tour cost ₤12.50 (RM70.25) for an adult. Well, technically I’m no longer a student when I went to Europe, but thanks to a friend – I got student price, at ₤8.50 (RM47.70). ;)

old trafford stadium tour ticket tag

The ticket comes in a form of a tag, where you can wear around your neck during the tour.

Okay let’s get started with the virtual tour.

old trafford east stand

As I enter the North Stand, I felt a rush of excitement. It’s not like I get to visit a UEFA 5-star rated stadium anytime right?

old trafford west stand strentford stand

Stretford End, also known as the West Stand, is probably the best known stand in Old Trafford. According to the guide, it’s where all the hardcore MU fans are located during matches.

old trafford north stand

Then we were brought to the South Stand. From there, the name “Manchester United” can be seen on the seats at the North Stand. The view was pretty amazing!

And can you notice the white objects with yellow light on the field? They’re actually equipments that act as artificial sunlight for the grass due to lack of sunlight during the Winter season.

manchester international honours board

After that is the chill-out room. It’s the place where MU players gather and relax with their wives and girlfriends (WAGs) before and after a match.

Then, the home dressing room.

manchester united dressing room

Pretty spacious, but the jerseys displayed are fake jerseys. Manchester United also endorse pirated stuff eh? Or perhaps they’re afraid that not-so-hardcore fan like me will steal them.

rayn giggs paul scholes jersey

Anyway, these are the loyal Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholes’ pirated jerseys.

michael owen wayne rooney jersey

With Michael Owen and Wayne Rooney’s pirated jerseys as well.

By the way, regarding Michael Owen. Did you come across this picture circulating around the Internet?

michael owen vs liverpool

I think Owen did that in one of the Old Trafford’s toilets. =P

Okay back to the tour. Then it’s the tunnel where players run out to the field every match.

manchester united entrance tunnel

During the tour, a recorded fan cheer is played to give us a feel of running out during matches, just like what the players experience. So I ran out…

hello old trafford

…and yes! I’m in the magnificent Old Trafford!

The whole tour was about an hour, I definitely enjoyed it. Oh yeah, every participant will be given a certificate by Manchester United at the end.

manchester old trafford tour certificate

Signed by Alex Ferguson, you know. Don’t play play. But it’s fake too, since it was printed over and over again.

After the tour, I went to the museum. The museum consists of 3 floors.

manchester united trophies

Nothing much though. Just the club’s history, trophies and more silverware.

manchester united wall of players

And also a wall of all the Manchester United’s players.

I spend quite some time around the gift shop as well, searching for MU merchandises to buy.

manchester united mega store

There are many to choose from and I bought some key chains, a mug and a shirt with the phrase “Best of the Best” on it. =)

Anyway, here’s a free advertisement for Manchester United.

manchester united website

Visit their website @!

And yeah, did you know that is also a proud sponsor of Manchester United? Take a look!

kenwooi at manchester

So now you know! Cool right? =)

157 thoughts on “Manchester United’s Old Trafford Tour Experience

  1. Yay, one of the first few to comment. I’m not much of a soccer fan but I find it quite amusing that the european football business grew more liquid than the Malaysian stock market. I guess there’s more trill in getting a MU mug than a hug from a Malaysian Keeper. Lol

  2. Haha. Cooool man. Didn’t know you sponsored MU. Oh well, I’m not really a big fan of MU. I’ve always thought it is an overrated team. But then, given a chance of a tour to Manchester, I’d definitely wanna drop by. After all, MU’s name is bigger than the city itself. hehe.

  3. Wow I’m so jealous. I’m not a big fan of MU per se, but still… HOW AWESOME THAT YOU GET TO SIT IN THEIR DRESSING ROOM!

    My sister is a big fan of Arsenal so she might hate you. :P

  4. I’m not much of a football fan, but definitely an MU fan. I mostly only watch their matches. :P

    Dude since you’re a proud sponsor right, can sponsor me go Old Trafford? But the jerseys are fake, certificates are fake, so I suppose this sponsor is fake too. Oh well… :D

  5. omg! can u believe it…i went to manchester to visit a fren, he didnt even bother bringing me to old trafford! =_=
    oh and my bf is like a MU fanatic. he actually peed in the arsenal stadium coz according to him, ‘IT HAS TO BE DONE’.

  6. i was a huge MU fans few years back.

    cousin introduced me to this FOOTBALL world and i started to love it.
    MU is my very very only fav club.WHY?because i love watching DAVID BECKHAM chased the ball.HAHA

    me,my female cousin and my sister.
    it was so last time.But we enjoyed watching football although david wasnt there anymore la.kekeke

  7. Hey Ken!

    Thanks for dropping by.
    Great post on Old Trafford. I was there a couple of years back but I tink I spent more time shopping at Manchester than touring the stadium!! :P

    But then I’m a girl. :P

    Ju Ann

  8. hello :) how are you :)

    Looks like you’re having the time of your life in football land. (Sorry I don’t things about football)

    take care always :)

  9. lol! the owen pic is totally wicked. i think someone just took that while wearing his clothes nia lor :P

    me no football fan, not so much passion for that xD

  10. That’s certainly a very enlightening trip eventhough for a non-football fan like me.

    Do come for one of my band gigs if ure free one of these days.

    Take care !

  11. Hi Mr Cool Sponsor of MU. Very interesting tour, great shots with story line and creative doctored photos. Btw did you check the jerseys are they made in China? haha.

  12. Pretty COOL…Thanks for giving a great tour of Old Trafford. So nice to have a feel and to touch the place. Sure that’s the Owen with his pee, you’re not kidding me? as main sponsor? So original haha.

  13. such a lucky man to get student when you’re working ..!!!!

    I basically loves your YORK trip post more..cos I see more natural assets than in this blog post :P

    *most of the shots are awesome!!

    *I like the one where you photoshop-ed it with your blog address.. cool, how did you do that? I am really a dumber in photoshopping ,when friends around me are enjoying photoshopping so much :((

  14. why so boring wan..everyone support MU ><""""""""""

    but i like ur last picture though~lol!! I was like waddafak


    and i tel u.. man u wil beat chelsea for d title FOR SURE..

    can ask chelsea (or carlo ancheloti, preferably) to pack their bags and go somewhr else to hide..!!

    even d stricken liverpool has no match for d mighty man u!!

    and for dat owen-peeing pict.. i guess he did that in his own toilet.. haha :D

  16. the red devils……..tat’s pic of Owen pee on the liverpool jersey is damned cool…… no match on tat day u went to Old Trafford?

  17. nice tour u hv here. i stayed in manchester for 2 weeks, but i didnt get to do the tour while i was there. not bothered actually!! hahaha.

    u really hv awesome humor!!

    chelsea rocks :P

  18. Nice entry. I feel like ive been to old trafford already.

    btw, sponsors man U? based on the photo.. looks very fitting..hehhe

    i think what they mean by fake is that the jerseys are not owned by the players and only for display.. but well u should have checked if the price tag ‘kedai baju ah eseng, jln petaling’ was still in tack.

    manalah tau kan? :P

  19. I have been there it was good experience. Sadly the dressing room we seen is not the real one. It is just set up for tourist. We do not know what else is set up already. Having said that it cannot be a real visit.

  20. hahah damn, i envy you mate. im from monterrey, mexico and i went to the pre-season game they had on guadalajara… but i guess nothing compares to visiting OT hahah good for you.

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