Cheers To Liverpool

Cheers To Liverpool

Before anyone misinterprets the title, it’s actually cheers to the city – not the football club alright?

this is liverpool anfield

But admittedly, I did go for the stadium tour at Anfield – however that’s gonna be on another entry.

Here’s one interesting fact – when you thank someone in Liverpool, say “Cheers” instead of “Thank you”. The Liverpudlians rarely say “Thank you”.

Okay, so I was at Liverpool as well – where its famous icon is a lamb.

liverpool super lamb banana

A lamb called Super Lamb Banana. What a name right?

Actually, there are many of them – in different versions. There is one with beard and glasses drawn to depict Liverpool Football Club’s manager.

super lamb banana benitez baa-nitez

They call it Baa-nitez! Baaaaa!

Besides that, the city even has weird decorations around, like this…

liverpool junk

Old cases stacked together, forming a pile of… junks? More of a decoration I guess.

liverpool mac junk

And among that pile, there is a old Mac case as well. Is that what they used to keep Macbooks in the olden days? I don’t know lah.

Anyway, here are some pictures taken of certain places in Liverpool.

liverpool st. george's hall

St. George’s Hall.

liverpool cathedral

The Liverpool Cathedral. It’s really one huge structure and it can be seen from almost every part of the city. Unfortunately there was a thick fog when I was around.

liverpool cathedral afar

Here’s another view of the cathedral from afar. So distinctive.

Besides that cathedral, I also visited another one as well.

liverpool metropolitan cathedral

Although the Metropolitan Cathedral (kinda blurred by the fog) is not as massive as Liverpool Cathedral, its internal architecture is really unique.

metropolitan cathedral inside

Very beautifully designed, I must say. Perhaps it’s a more modern one.

liverpool china town

Liverpool’s very own China Town. Unlike having dim sums at Manchester’s China Town, I didn’t try any Chinese cuisine here.

liverpool eye

The Liverpool Eye as well.

liverpool albert dock

Albert Dock is probably one of the famous sites on Liverpool. Initially I thought it was just an ordinary dock where ships and boats can only be seen.

But I was wrong.

liverpool albert dock signs

In fact, there are many attractions located around that area. Museums and exhibitions in particular.

liverpool merseyside maritime museum

One example is the Merseyside Maritime Museum. In there, you’ll learn about different types of ships and how they are built. There’s a section dedicated specially for the famous Titanic too.

liverpool beatles story exhibition

Then, the Beatles Story Exhibition. I didn’t enter it though – not really a Beatles fan.

liverpool yellow duck marine

There’s also a ride called Yellow Duck Marine that departs from Albert Dock every morning. The ride uses a special vehicle that can operate both on land and water.

Besides Albert Dock, I also managed to see the University of Liverpool.

university of liverpool

This is the main building of the university. Doesn’t look like one right?

Anyway, moving around the city is quite convenient – since it isn’t that big. There are pedestrian pathways located almost everywhere.

liverpool city

If I’m not wrong, it takes about 10 to 15 minutes walk from different locations. Therefore, there’s no need for any public transportation in Liverpool city.

liverpool walk

Oh yeah, as I was exploring the city, I saw some thing very familiar. Something that resembles a phrase widely used in Malaysia.

liverpool one


So Dato’ Seri Najib Razak, was 1Malaysia inspired by Liverpool?

Anyway, cheers for reading! =)

80 thoughts on “Cheers To Liverpool

  1. First I thought it will be another football club post, luckily i am wrong.. Look so nice, and their street so clean..
    The super lamb banana very funny lorh, you din ride on it?

  2. No the inspiration of 1Malaysia comes from 1Utama! haha!!

    I like the photos of the cathedral and the fog surrounding it. Nice!!

    Liverpool city looks nice and clean! : )

  3. Is the city really that clean or it just looks clean at the angle you snapped the pictures? Surprised to see that there’s a Chinatown there. The entrance (is it??) looks very nice.

    The city is really clean. =)

  4. i think everyone in the uk say ‘cheers’ by way of ‘thank you’…n i hate it, dunno why..

    liverpool looks interesting tho…
    should fo n visit sometimes =p

  5. ohhh baru tahu, they say ‘cheers’ instead of thank u…OOooo…

    hey, y u did’t eat at liverpool’s china town???..

    really like the 3rd pic, baaaaa-nitezzzzzzzzzzzzzzz mwahahah

  6. Woohoohohohoho! The Cathedral’s interior is superrrrr cool.
    Liverpool One, love the city. But I thought Malaysia tried to sue Apple for copying the One Malaysia’s theme of unity. So who’s copying who? LOL

  7. Yay~ i’ve been to the places :D

    On the pile of suitcases statue, I never did notice there’s 1 labelled Mac *_* And the Cathedral really big yes. I asked my friend to take a photo of me with the whole thing, and until today i am still amazed everytime i see the size of that building compare to me in the photo.

  8. Liverpool = Beatles, and you did not go in to see? Good grief! I did not like the Midlands though – the industrial areas. I prefer the nice cities down south…

  9. Honestly I’m quite curious to know how many UK trip post you gonna have? Hahaha. LOL. You really good in separating your trips into different posts to prevent you got nothing to write? LOL. Cool writer!

  10. At first i thought you’re gonna blog about the football club so i didnt even bother to read. Guess I’m wrong after all.

    LOL. 1Malaysia. 1Liverpool. *scoff*

    Anyway, i like the lambs though. And the old MAC case? Remind me of MAC cosmetic instead of MACbook. hahahahahaha Maybe that’s the difference between a guy and a girl :D

  11. I thought it’s called ‘Lamby’, non? Ahaha hilarious nonetheless… aww your L’pool pics bring back good ole memories when I was studying there. I stayed in NorthWestern Hall which was exactly opposite St George’s Hall! Lots have changed though :)

  12. I am going to liverpool…
    any recommendation for liverpool 1 day trip???
    I heard the cathedrals are free entrance..
    iz it??

    Well, what I’ve wrote here can be a 1 day trip. And yes, entrance to cathedrals are free. =)

  13. Brings back wonderful memories with my friend, Cynthia. It was a day trip from Wigan to Liverpool. Enjoyed what I saw – the maritime museum is interesting. Took pics at where the Beatles used to jam.

  14. LOL! Super Lamb Banana! :D :D :D

    Love the place.. And how’s the people? Are they friendly to Asians? Say, the wet might not be so much fun..

  15. how long in advance did u have to book to get tics for the stadium tour… i recall visiting and being told it was full for like ages until i can’t remember – that was a while back so all we did was go round the trophy gallery/souvenir shop.

  16. I never ate at the Chinatown in Liverpool either, all the times I visited it. But it always struck me as nicer than the Manchester Chinatown, even if it’s a bit smaller. The one in Manchester always struck me as a bit dingy.

  17. It’s a really nice place. LOL. The more I read your blog, the more I feel like wanna save more money and travel around the world some day. HAHA!!

  18. Kenwooi… Remember, in soccer terms… Once a Liverpoolian always a Liverpoolian… no matter what.. Hail to the Reds, King of Europe, Darling of England, Pride of Merseyside!!!! You will never walk alone!!!

  19. I’m feeling so nostalgic now. I studied in Liverpool for one summer, and I absolutely loved the city.

    My motto from then on was always “Liverpool: Love the city, Hate the club” =P

    Thanks for uploading those photos. I remember having classes near that sculpture of the suitcases, and the Lambanana used to be right outside my hostel.

    And guess what, I’ll be going back to Liverpool next week (first time in three years)……… to interview Fernando Torres! Will probably watch a match at Anfield as well =)

    Will be interviewing another top footballer in London and Barcelona, but don’t wanna say too much unless I jinx my trip and it doesn’t happen…

  20. Normally Liverpool people don’t say thank you but they said “TAR” instead.. They don’t really say cheers. They normally call you lad, mate or love for ladies. Just FYI :) CheerS!

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