Deadly Messages on Cigarette Packs

Deadly Messages on Cigarette Packs

I bet everyone knows that smoking is bad for our health. Even the government is well-aware of that.

cigarette packs

That’s why all cigarette manufactures are enforced to include “ugly” pictures on the packs. Basically, to discourage, and hopefully halt, smokers from smoking.

Here are some of my cigarette packs the common pictures we come across.

mild seven cigarette

Charcoal-like lungs.

malboro cigarette

Miscarriages make babies look like aliens.

kent cigarette

A set of disgusting teeth on Ken.

Eh no, I meant Kent.

john cigarette

For the smoking ladies, premature birth of your baby.

dunhill cigarette

A hole on the neck so that food can be swallowed with it as well.

bensen and hedges cigarette

Last but not least, awesome deformation on the feet.

However, such effort to reduce smoking does not only revolve in Malaysia. Even the government in UK has its own method to curb this phenomenon.

But unlike Malaysia, the UK doesn’t beat around the bush.

lambert and butler cigarette

They are, yeah, straight to the point. Smoking kills!

P/S: I don’t smoke okay. =)

103 thoughts on “Deadly Messages on Cigarette Packs

  1. Yeah, malaysia’s ciggies boxes have scary images. Btw the Kent box not lips ka tu? @_@ Gigi ka? Waw I like that UK box. Words says it all bah. But then again, smokers dun stop smoking also.

  2. Ken, i didnt know got such gory pictures in these cigarette boxes till u showed them here.. :) Malaysia showing pics bec most of us cannot read… smoking kills! :)

  3. i’ve quit from smoking for about 1 year and 2 months… If i can… why dont u??? hehehe

    now rokok got so many cap.. cap mulut, cap kaki, cap bayi, cap paru-paru and so on… hehehe

  4. eayy…do u know dat new trend for buying cigarrates? i discovered about past 6-7 months ago…

    “uncle, can u give me dunhill 20’s foot one?”

    hahahh… damn funny… used to buy for my ex b4… =)

    i think better they put something more horror like ghost 3D image or something… because ppl nowadays prefer to scared to such thing like ghost or black magic rather than that body-part-sickness picture. =)

  5. yeah, i’d rather it to be straight to the point. those pics tend to get invisible to smokers when they look at them too frequently. Words do register into brains more effectively.

  6. You know why Malaysia must put pics instead of writing smoking kills? Because they are not good in English.. How to translate to BM?
    ROKOK MEMBUNUH? Then they will start killing person..

  7. Plain message is more effective! So why pictures made the package more horrible-looking? They were made for making the smokers quit. However, the pictures itself are not good enough to make them quit. Too bad huh.

  8. do u ever eat Tandoori chicken at mamak’s (indian-muslim) stall?
    the colour is red isn’t? and also very delicious.

    nah, do u ever see human Tandoori? it is all over the cigarette box! the red coloured baby. LOL! =p

  9. the hole on the neck is not caused by smoking. it’s an artificial opening meant for breathing call tracheostomy after complete removal of the voice box cancer (surgery called total laryngectomy) which is commonly caused by smoking and alcohol consumption. just a piece of mind to share. :)

  10. G.morning~~.^^..Hmm..Quite like their cigarette design..I mean like giving their citizen to know that what consequences they will get if they smoke …some sort like that..X)..cigarette=a creepy thing+the smell of it was totally stink+cost expensive per pack..right??..><..I'm so wondering why people still can continue smoking like drinking 8 glass of water per day.@.@..

  11. smokers don’t give a damn about what shows on the boxes wat..
    Zzzz… do u ever heard of a smoker quit smoking because of what drawn/written? Zzzzz..
    but i ever heard a smoker said

    Charcoal-like lungs – not my lungs what, my lungs very strong one..

    Miscarriages make babies look like aliens – tsk tsk tsk.. not my baby

    A set of disgusting teeth – use more Colgate

    For the smoking ladies, premature birth of your baby – I am a guy

    A hole on the neck so that food can be swallowed with it as well – good wat, now I can eat with 2 holes

    awesome deformation on the feet – I forgot what he said.. =.=”

    geng leh.. =.=”

  12. it’s the ignorance of these people that make them wanna continue smoke. They will not take those warnings seriously if one of their closest friends/ family members got it.

  13. I think the pics are useful in the sense that they look morbidly disgusting, which would put smokers off. It worked for me! I’m a proud quitter. ^_^

  14. You’re outdated… So long already, those pictures…and Singapore did it long ago! Better increase the price…make it very expensive – maybe that will help!

  15. Nice post hehe, by the way I’ve heard of some people who collect them (images) lolx! I’ve actually seen a guy walk into a restaurant and started looking through the cigarette shell behind the counter. He even said the brand name but he wants the one with the leg or something like that. I kinda overheard their conversation sitting right next to the counter. The cashier asked why? He said, because I already have the hands, throat and so on. LOLX!!!

    Also, a theory from my friend… Because of those image, if he don’t smoke, he might end up like one of the pictures. (A good – bad excuse to continue smoking) lolx…. People can be amusing!

  16. Although the box printed with gross pictures, but it still doesn’t stop the smokers from buying them. Sai hei.

    I dislike smokers. Make me feel my age has shorten when they around me.

  17. Such is life and there will be the do-ers and hate-rs. Honestly, the pictures didn’t do anything to me.. at all. I guess they are trying to scare the younger generation.

    Malaysia Asia

  18. No matter how scary is the picture or how sharp is the message, I believe if won’t stop the smokers to continue to smoke lor…

  19. Hello Wei Ken

    I am glad I tried a cigarette when I was 11! I hated it, it was my first and last puff, and I never had any since. Hope I’ll never end up like any of those pics!

    Proud to be a non-smoker!

  20. Lol! There was this guy, who’s last request before he died, was that on his hearse and near his grave there would be posters and placards saying

    “Smoking killed me”

    And it went round london I think before he got buried.

  21. hi kenwooi,

    nice message.
    however from my personal observation, the scary images have done nothing much to the smokers that i know of.
    a few tend to laugh it of and keep smoking as usual.
    hopefully there is a statistics about the decreasing numbers of smokers after the Government print the cigarette boxes with those images.
    i would really like that because I HATE CIGARETTE SMOKES.
    my respect for smokers is always low.

  22. I’m a smoker. An ex-smoker actually. I suggest the smoker should read Allen Carr’s Easyway. And I stop smoking for one whole month so far and hopefully to the end, which I failed before so many times. The smoker who want to stop smoking should know what is Smoking Illusion is. Then, stop smoking is an easy task. ^^

  23. erk, rasa nak pengsan…im weak with these kind of pics, erk…
    to me, the pics show more impact than the plain words…the pics so scary(to me lah)

  24. Tak ada maknanya. Huhu.. People yg still nak smoke, mana ada dorg kisah pn. I still remember. I used to be a cashier at one of mini market in my housing area. Smokers, they even took that as a joke. “Dik, mintak dunhill cap kaki satu”. ~Sigh~

  25. Yeah the British do not beat up Bush, they were best buddies but here they need to beat up around Bush inside out, outside in, left right and center. Didnt know smoking can cause deformation of the feet. thanks. The last I checked the price of Done the Hill was RM9.20 per pack. It will take less than a year for it to break the RM10.00 mark.

  26. In the UK they also have government-sponsored English language courses for resident adults, days and evenings, even in small towns. My wife (she’s Malaysian – her English is fine, but a bit … Malaysian) attended some courses when we lived in the UK. If you make sure everyone can speak the national language, there’s no need for expensive colour printing!

    How much are cigarettes here? If you go to and check their prices, there’s hardly any pack of 20s below 5GBP (works out to about RM1.50 each cigarette, or RM30 per box). I think that’s almost all tax.

  27. Our cigarette packs only have verbal warning labels. No gross pictures in the U.S. … yet. But as gross as they are, I think it is a good method to deter people from smoking.

  28. hellllo kenwooi! haha i saw those pictures. However i don’t think it works for most of smokers lol. Celcom clicked for you!


    Although, most of my smoking friends think the pictures are editted and are fake and is a government conspiracy to trick ppl into not smoking ~.~”

    I say… DENIAL!!!!!

  30. haha…me too..i oso did not smoking..i think pic didnt effect anything to the smoker because my frenz prefer to test diff yesterday he asked for leg pic..

  31. FYI, those are actually ciggie flavors on the boxes. For example, with respect to your pictures, the Charcoal Lung, Strawberry Baby, Cranberry Lips, Cherry Throat and Frothy Frostbite.

    Although I don’t smoke, I kinda dig Cranberry Lips out of all that, and yes, they do kill brain cells =)

  32. i had quit smoking long time d lehhh ~~ ^^

    may b they should put some MORE EXTREME pics
    such like COCK cancer where d cock gone rotten with worms..

    … Boobs cancer where half of d boob mutated being grayish color n ripple dark with a dead meat of black lump….

    I think that will be more effective ^___^

  33. the pics are suppose to scare ppl even more i guess. after all pics are suppose to speak a 1000 words. but honestly its like not like the smokers don noe smoking kills, they just cant stop. :)

  34. Be it picture or words, once “gian” already, smokers wont quit just like that. Unless some sort of life turning even happen in their life

  35. You know that even with these pictures on those boxes, smokers do go buy em right ? LOL !
    It’s like talking to the deaf. They just don’t get bothered with it.

    Maybe, MAYBE, there is 1% out there who did quit by seeing those pictures.
    But yeah. 1% only. Sigh~

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