A Place to “Dieu” in Paris

A Place to “Dieu” in Paris

When I was in Paris, going around places of attraction requires a lot of walking – and it can be really tiring.

hotel dieu paris

So after a long day of walking, I always look forward to going back to Dieu!

P/S: Ask a Chinese friend if you don’t know what I mean. ;)

72 thoughts on “A Place to “Dieu” in Paris

  1. tsk tsk tsk…notty notty Ken =)

    although i think the actual trasnlation means ‘god’…i dont know french but it would be very ironic…

  2. Hi Ken, like the song, I love Paris. Its a beautiful city, and love the small cafes, sit drink coffee watch the World go by.
    Regret my Chinese gone kaput, ha ha.
    Have a nice day, Lee.

  3. no more pictures arr? when im in you europe its a waste i did not go there?but from my friends info..if you want to go up the eiffel tower..need to wait for long queue

    Yes, there will be a long queue. =)

  4. first time dropping comment here..

    well, I’m not chinese but mr google is so kind to me to explain that “diu” is equivalent to f*ck in cantonese and d*ck in mandarin so which one are you implying? LOL! anyways, paris is the city of love.. so i see no fault in following the yellow brick road to some “action”! :D

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