Dim Sum at Manchester China Town

Dim Sum at Manchester China Town

After the tour at Manchester United’s Old Trafford, it was time for lunch!

I don’t know whether it’s official or not, but apparently the dim sum here in Manchester is quite famous. And it’s located at its China Town.

china town manchester arch

Manhester’s China Town is located in the middle of the city. It’s a walking distance from any parts of the city.

manchester china town

The interesting about the place is that once you stepped into the area, it looks more like “Shangchester” than the UK-ish Manchester. All you see is mostly Chinese people and decorations.

Anyway, off to the famous dim sum restaurant.

manchester pacific restaurant

The Pacific Restaurant!

The first thing I noticed was it wasn’t crowded at all, unlike Ipoh’s famous Foh San. The restaurant was really quiet and high-class.

dim sum menu

At the table, the waiter presented the menu. Unfortunately I can’t read a single thing because I’m a “banana“. I wonder how the local Englishmen here make their order. Perhaps they have English menus as well, but since a group of Chinese comes in – they give Chinese menu. Stereotypes!

Anyway, here’s what my friends and I ordered for lunch!

manchester char siew pao

Char siew pao – Barbecued pork buns.

manchester har gao

Hou dai ge har gao – Really huge prawn dumplings.

manchester salad prawn

Salad fried prawn wantons. *My favourite!*

manchester fried wanton

Fried meat wantons. Yeah, looks different over here in UK huh?

manchester steamed wanton

Steamed meat wantons.

manchester custard bun

Custard buns. Delicious!

manchester porridge

Some porridge.

manchester wu gok

Wu gok – Fried taro dumplings.

You know what – “Taro” reminds me of Ultraman Taro! Maybe in one of the series, the mighty Ultraman Taro “teeeetttttt!” the monsters with his Taro Dumplings!

ultraman taro dumpling

Okay lame, I know.

manchester siew mai

And yeah, siew mai – Traditional Chinese dumplings.

Overall the food was pretty good. The whole meal cost 4 of us ₤8.00 (RM44.80) each, totaling up to ₤32.00 (RM179.20). Yeah I know – “super expensive!” – but I think it’s worth it (in Manchester only lah). =)

On an unrelated note – I think the China Town in Manchester is too Chinese!

Too Chinese that one of the Chinese citizen has THIS…

mr yip car

…for his car’s number plate!

So awesome! I want mine as “WOOI MR” too! =D

88 thoughts on “Dim Sum at Manchester China Town

  1. Are you a fan of ultraman? :)) I think I have came across your other blogposts with that cartoon too :))

    the siew mai looks so dull :(( I thought it should be yellow skin with orange red duck eggs on top.

    *the city itself looks so astounding .
    *the NUMBER plate is so interesting,can I save it and might post it in my blog ,and I ‘LL ACKNOWLEDGED YOU. :D ,can I ,PLSsssss?PLEASE… :))

  2. lmao at the ultramen part. swt sial! anyway, it looks delicious from he photos. but which better? UK’s or Malaysia’s?

    ps: replied your comment in my blog

  3. apparently manchester has the biggest chinatown in uk or something like that.. In Newcastle the chinatown is just a street…but the food is good anyway…

    my experience of stereotype is different..whenever they see me entering, they will remove the chopstick and provide me with fork and spoon. Excuse me, i know how to use chopstick….but it’s ok la, i dont look chinese lor…

  4. hey hey..
    have bring me for the dimsum if i have chance to go uk someday later..
    made me pretty hungry now~
    if in malaysia, i also dun mind ^^
    make sure it is nice..
    take care

  5. the restaurant not crowded is bcz u kena conned la, my friend… or rather, ur friend kena conned…

    yes the best dimsum in the UK is found in Manchester, but it’s at another restaurant which is not located inside Chinatown… try Google-ing for Tai Wu Manchester…

    And, I think the largest and most happening Chinatown in the UK is still London’s… :)

  6. ‘Shangchester’? lol. The place is too Chinese that is why need to add some Japanese ‘flavor’?. Oh nice pixs of the dimsum love har gao. We have a Taman Connaught in KL.

    Not only in UK you faced the “bananaz blues” it can happen in KL too, when I asked the bozz what types of porridge he is selling. He said “read the signboard its all up there already”. Bro… how to read when the signboard is not in ABC but Chinese. :(

  7. I don’t care much about the licence plate compared to the car itself. Wooohooo! I know it’s cheaper there than here but can you hijack it and mail it to me? LOL! Suddenly I’m imagining some big shot taiko in his early 30’s who owns the manchester china town is eating in the same restaurant you did.. Like some mobster kinda thing la.. Imagine only.. :P

  8. u make me hungry in the middle of the night..
    eh, it’s morning already..

    and lol at the ultraman.. hahaha

    i want to travel tooooo ~

  9. Try ‘Tai Wu’ ! It’s next to McD’s in Manchester, near St. Peter’s Square..between 12-4pm there’s 30% off as well..cheap prices aside, the food is pretty good!

  10. Hou dai ge har gao – Really huge prawn dumplings. lol. it is translated into english literally. i wonder if they really wrote that on the menu. the siew mai seems to be of a different colour though

  11. Interesting post,

    I am English living in Malaysia and moving back to the UK. Dim Sum is one of the many things I won’t be able to live without so I’m here looking for decent restaurants I can go to, so to read a Malaysian reviewing a UK restaurant is great. I will take your advice and head for here, but you’re right the UK is super expensive, I was amazed at how cheap things are here!

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