Dublin, the Home of Guinness!

Dublin, the Home of Guinness!

In conjunction with St. Patrick’s Day, this entry is gonna be about what the Irish is famous for – Guinness!

dublin guinness storehouse

While I was in Dublin, I had the chance to visit Dublin’s top attraction, which is the Guinness Storehouse. It’s the number one visitor attraction over there. A must visit!

Consider yourself lucky (if you haven’t been there) as kenwooi.com will bring you on another virtual tour!

guinness storehouse pint ticket

An entrance fee of €13.50 (RM67.50) will be charged for an adult. But since I had my Dublin Pass with me, it’s free. Actually paid lah since the pass cost €44.00 (RM220.00).

guinness storehouse floors

The adventure begins the moment you walk through the door and into the building’s giant, pint-shaped heart of glass. This 7-story building is dedicated to the history of making of this world’s famous beer.

guinness retail store

At the ground floor, there is a retail store selling all kinds of Guinness merchandises. I didn’t buy much though, but I got a wallet for dad.

guinness special edition leather wallet

Leather wallet – his favourite but he’s not using it anyway.

The tour starts at level 1, where the Master Brewer guides us step by step through the brewing process.

guinness barley display

Do you know that barley is one of the main ingredients of producing Guinness? I don’t know about that until the visit. *Okay I admit I’m not a Guinness fan*

guinness barley

Barley is malted, roasted, milled, mixed with hot water and mashed, then the liquid is filtered off and boiled. Yeast will be added and the fermentation begins.

guinness tasting laboratory

The next station is the tasting laboratory, where you can sample the finished product.

guinness testing pint

After that, the Guinness Advertising area is on the 2nd floor. Guinness has certainly left its mark on the history of advertising world wide.

guinness black is beautiful

Black is beautiful.

guinness is good

I’m not sure whether Guinness is really good for me, but it’s definitely good for the Irish. They drink Guinness all day, just like how we drink water.

And at the 3rd floor is the Brewery Life. The tradition of Guinness continues in which you learn stories, see how your body responds to alcohol and quiz yourself.

guinness drink IQ

I tried the Drink IQ quiz but I forgot how I scored. I think I “whacked” all the answers. =P

Then at one of the later floors, there’s a place where you can pour your own pint of perfect Guinness.

pour your own guinness pint

I didn’t try that though, and then continued to the Gravity Bar – located at the 7th and highest floor in the building.

guinness storehouse pint ticket

With the bottom portion of the entrance ticket, each visitor can enjoy a complimentary pint of Guinness.

guinness storehouse gravity bar panoramic view

And at the same time, drinking with the unique 360° panoramic view of Dublin city. It was almost sunset when I reached the top.

guinness storehouse gravity bar

The bar was very crowded, everyone was holding a pint in their hand.

pint of guinness

These are what they claim Guinness at its best, because it’s freshly brewed.

guinness is the best

My pint of Guinness and I.

creamy guinness

Just look – so creamy and delicate. It’s actually Guinness Draught, not Stout. I personally find Guinness Stout unbearable! Guinness Draught on the other hand, was good!

I don’t like drinking but I managed to finish up my pint.

finished pint of guinness

I finished it at one go, you know. Pro right? But I felt a little, just a little, dizzy after that. Yeah yeah, I’m a noob drinker. =/

Anyway, ever since I left Dublin, I’ve yet to savor another Guinness. That’s why this experience is definitely an unforgettable one!

Just look at how I savored every “amazing” drop of Guinness at Dublin!

enjoying guinness

Okay, that’s not one of my best personal photos.

So yeah, that’s all for now, I hope you enjoyed this virtual tour, specially brought to you by kenwooi.com!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone! *some Irish tune starts* =)

64 thoughts on “Dublin, the Home of Guinness!

  1. Whoa.. Last picture was.. Errr.. Quite cute though.. Ahaks..
    Wow.. The pass are quiet expensive..
    Nway, nice present for your dad.. Like it.. :)

  2. ahh….i remember i tried stout and never like it before…people told me guinness draught is good but i’ve yet to try it….lol..will try it one day…

  3. Never drank Guiness, dun like the taste. And never been to Dublin. Wanted to go when in the UK but the weather was getting cold with gales… They say it’s a lovely place, nice to hang around the pubs – can make lots of friends. All very friendly there…

  4. Yes, Guiness is definitely good for you. My dad would have died without Guiness. It’s good when you have asthma and still want to sleep in aircond room.

  5. I saw my friend who is in Ireland for her medic been enjoyed herself much pouring her pint of Guinness but she just took a sip and that;s all..
    *I am not an alcoholic typo, but I want to try it out one shot :)) I know,I’ll vomit and get tipsy :(( but still, challenging :D

    *looking forward for your next post if its about your Europ trip,if not I m not intersted [joking] :D :P*

  6. I’m not wearing green today, but I’m so green with envy! Not that I drink, but I reckon the chance to get to know how GUINNESS is produced would be priceless!

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

  7. AHAHAHHAHAAHHAH ehhh pls dun take tat kind of photo anymore reminded me of the gloop on Mary’s hair (mary from there is something about mary) = =

  8. i’ve always thought that the Irish were famous coz of the Leprechauns!hehe

    hey..btw ken, i saw ur blog in a small section of ‘The Star’ last Wednesday..
    just got excited when i saw ur blog in that section..;)

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