Visiting The Heavenly Haven

Visiting The Heavenly Haven

Question first: Does heaven really exist?

Answer: Yes, it does exist. In fact, it’s just in Ipoh!

Ladies and gentlemen, I present you – The Haven!

the haven ipoh

The good thing about this Haven is that you don’t have to pass away (die/mati/sei) to be there, and you won’t be seeing a bright passage that will lead you to the original Heaven. In this case, all you need is a car.

A car that can bring you 10 to 15 minutes away from the Ipoh city center.

Anyway, as I entered the vicinity, I saw the pathway to the doors of Haven!

the haven ipoh show house

Just imagine the angels go “Ooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” harmoniously. Hallelujah! I was excited.

However, I was kinda surprised to see that its still an empty undeveloped land. I thought it’s supposed to be like this!

the haven ipoh brochure

Once again, angels go “Oooohhhhhhhhhhhh!”. Quite a beautiful place to stay once it’s completed right?

And to be eligible to stay in this Haven, those interested must pay tribute to the God by offering money. A small dorm costs about RM260,000 while the big ones cost RM600,000 each. Further more, the Penthouse will cost over RM1 million! o.O

Not really a affordable place to be, especially for poor people like me. =/

Anyway, instead of a luxurious view, all I saw was this…

the haven ipoh unfinished


Oh not, it’s just the foundation of one of the structures. And nothing near to the illustration from the heavenly brochure.

And yeah, the beautiful features of this Haven are probably the uncontaminated lake and the gigantic limestone shaped like a diamond.

the haven ipoh limestone

Well, almost like a diamond lah.

Anyway, they call it “Your heavenly hideout in the heart of Ipoh”. Yeah, the original Heaven is pretty much a hideout as well – not many people know where exactly it is located.

But it’s believed that Haven will be ready in 3 years. Therefore, not everyone is allowed to stay the unfinished Haven yet.

the haven ipoh gate

God has ordered that any dead trespassers will be shot dead again by His loyal protectors.

Even the gate to Haven is heavily protected by the trustworthy gatekeeper.

the haven ipoh guard

Hmm.. Looks like the gatekeeper is always busy.

69 thoughts on “Visiting The Heavenly Haven

  1. There’s actually a restaurant called Heaven’s Loft in Singapore. Damn high up some more. Scared the shits out of me when I go to the balcony and look out. XD

    Gatekeeper damn geng. Don’t mess with him sia… XP

  2. Too ex dy lo…last time near Ipoh got a row of bungalows for sale. Only Rm100k each….cheaper compared to this la! All sold out in a week!

  3. lol
    I didn’t know about this even I live in Ipoh, untill you blog it.

    If you put the coordinate which this place been taken, it will come to handy if I really want to see it by my bare eyes. ^^

  4. You buying a house there? Ooooo!!!! *green with envy! Last time, we had a food outlet here – Pizza Haven – in the end, closed down! Got one KTV nightclub also – Heaven! Also closed! LOL!!! Don’t play2 with the name Heaven! People die first, then only can go to Heaven mah!!!

  5. I heard of this place but cannot recall where.. at first i tot it sounded like a memorial park.. haven ma.. so i tot the name is for the “bye-bye cases” one.. but now seeing the price, i guess “gone cases” or “live cases”, i also cannot afford too!

  6. whoaaaa! I’d rather go to hell than paying that much owhh! Even if I want to I cannot afford. One unit’s price like that is like for a double-storey house in KK… :-D

  7. so expensive!!!!!! in IPOH some more got market or not…= = ohhh maybe it is the weekend home for those rich KL brats like the hamptons to the new yorker something like tat lar….

  8. hmmm… i wonder will there be people buying many units at this place… it seems beautiful, and even the name is beautifully given…
    but if governments don’t invest and maintain it properly, it will be another big trouble….

  9. I agree with tomoko. Ipoh people not so united in paying maintenance fee one. Even those staying in terrace houses, Water pipe burst also nobody wanna call people to repair.. *sad*

    Quite expensive eh! You bought one unit ah?

  10. Lol! The whole undeveloped land thing with the ‘tombstones’ is hilarious! The plans for that area looks attractive though :) If I visit Ipoh one day I’ll try to drop by and see it for myself ^.^

  11. Hey, can I use your photo the one “Trespasser will be prosecuted” one in my blog? I promise your watermark will not be removed and I will credit you on the blogpost. Can or not? Can lah….

  12. kenwooi, sorry for posting comment that has nothing to do with haven. :)

    i remembered ur entry on postcards, and i know this is a long shot, but how much shold i spend on stamps if i want to send postcards to, say, Rusia & Brazil?


  13. I thought it was under construction during my previous trip to Ipoh. And the banner says like “proud of the nation” or something like that right..omg..Who knows, it’s just a piece of empty land..

  14. Lol! Doesn’t look very heaven now.

    and in reply to you comment on my blog, the hotels are known for their association with the red light district.

  15. The Haven luxury condo looks great! It sounds an excellent place for retirement life! Where to find similar concept development at KL???? grrr.. wish my career is based on Ipoh.. then can buy one..

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