The Journey from KLIA to UK

The Journey from KLIA to UK

This is a very outdated entry regarding my trip to Europe, but I think it’s the best time to write about it.

MH0004 to london

Ever since I came back from Europe, I sometimes reminisce about the going-to-UK journey. It was really an experience. Mum said that I’m so lucky to be able to visit Europe at such an age. Yes thanks mum, and dad as well.

Anyway, regarding my 12-hours flight from KLIA to London, and also a little from London to Leeds.

klia terminal

I reached KLIA and passed the security border quite early. To be honest, I was very excited.

mas plane

When I saw the MAS plane, I got more excited. So this was the plane that took me half way across the globe.

On the other hand, I was pretty nervous. Have you watched Final Destination 1? The plane KABOOM after taking off?

clouds on flight

Okay I sound insane, but the took off was successful. And that’s when I told myself “Europe, here I come!”.

12-hours on a flight was quite an experience. It felt like ages – you keep looking forward to reaching London but when you look at the time – 11 hours 30 minutes to go. Why so slow wan?

screen on plane

This was the screen that accompanied me most of the time. I watched movies with it, check flight details and stared blankly at it as well.

food on flight

One of my meals during the flight.

magnum mini

Magnum Mini too.

snacks on plane

And more snacks given to eat, probably to kill time. But I took at most 2 minutes to finish them up.

I couldn’t sleep much since it was a morning flight. Hence, the 12-hours on board is actually 12 hours of day time in Malaysia. Perhaps just a short nap.

chess vs computer

I even tried to beat the computer in chess several times. And look! I managed to win the computer gamer in the end! It’s not easy to outsmart Artificial Intelligence you know. =P

Also, all passengers to UK are required to fill up the UK Border Agency Landing Card.

uk border agency landing card

I didn’t have a pen with me, and the lady beside was kind enough to lend one. Don’t think she’ll read this though. Aiya, should’ve told her I’m blogging on! =P

Anyway, the plane landed safely at Heathrow Airport at about 3.45pm UK time.

sky view from plane

By the time it touched down at London, it was almost sunset. By the way, did you know that during Winter season, the sun sets at 4pm? Yes, it does.

And as I walked out from the plane, I can feel the cold atmosphere immediately. It’s definitely not because of some mega air-conditioner, it’s the temperature.

heathrow terminal 4

After retrieving the luggage, I went straight to London Underground station – to take a train to Kings Cross Station.

london underground train ticket

Without an Oyster Card, a flat rate of ₤4.00 (RM22.40) will be charged to any destination in London.

Anyway, it took almost an hour to reach Kings Cross Station.

kings cross station london

So yes, this is the famous Kings Cross, where Harry Potter and His 9 3/4 Platform was filmed.

trains at kings cross station

I can vividly remember being there for 2 hours, waiting for my train. I sat, looked at the ang mohs and wondered how long more I’ve to wait. Took ages as well.

east cost train ticket

The ticket issued for the trains are pretty cool. In fact, I’m still keeping all the train tickets I used over there. For memories, no doubt.

As for the journey to Leeds, it took about 2 hours.

east cost train

So in the train, all I did was wait – again.

Oh yeah, I received an e-mail from East Coast trains recently. Boy, that made me miss traveling about UK with trains.

Then, at approximately 11pm UK time (7am in Malaysia, the next day) I finally reached my final destination – Leeds!

leeds railway station

In the end, after about 24 hours of moving around the globe, I was finally able to rest!

As I’m typing this entry, I really wish I can experience this amazing journey all over again. But unfortunately, all I can do now is to…

Look back and smile that it happened. =)

84 thoughts on “The Journey from KLIA to UK

  1. I’m so envy with you! I always wish that I’ve a chance to go England travel too! Btw, I thought you’d have tested whether that 9 3/4 platform is real? :P

  2. UK oh UK. When will I set my foot upon ye soil.
    The wait is excruciating, I can tell. I almost cried even when it’s only a three-hour flight. Can’t imagine sitting through all those hours.

  3. WOW the inflight meal had definitely changed over the years…since i was last on MAS to london in ehhh……2000 AHHAHAAHAHAHAHHAHAH

  4. Sure is a lot of fun. I’m thinking about the 12 hours flight. The most hours I had were 5 hours I think. And that bores me, thank gawd I traveled with my family, at least that’s fun XD

  5. I think flying is a natural fear in most people. Being so high up in the sky, it’s easy to have random crazy thoughts like the airplane wing breaking off (thought of that before) Anyhoo…, when I come back from from vacationing, I always have a nice bowl of gingko porridge to reverse the effect of airplane foods and elevation. For some reasons, flying cause my skin to dry out guess cuz of the high attitude.

  6. At least you had computer games to play. I was on Air Asia X so there really was nothing to do but winking and dozing off and winking and dozing off all the 12-hrs journey. Haha! I really love to go to England but then the thought of the grueling 12 hours is quite a setback. But the good thing is, knowing that it was such long hours you went thru to get there, you tend to try all you can to enjoy the trip.

  7. I can almost feel your excitement too while reading this post.. many of us do, i think, esp the trip is our first trip to the ang mo land.. my first trip was in 1984, to London… i was overexcited that i didnt know that i had this air sickness.. vomitted and vomitted till my surname also cannot remember.. LOL.. coming back, i was smarter, i took a tablet and felt much better all the way.. phew!
    so when is your next trip and where to?

  8. after the flight is all over, a few weeks has passed and NOW you write about ur flight to UK.

    like, woot, speaking of delayed reactions. :P

    and woot! magnum mini on MAS! i want one! xD

  9. i have an experience take a flight to Oman, i dream than the planee kaboom n fall down to the forest! shit, when i wake up i still inside the plane… and thinking about Final destination …gr… but still safe reach destination. so…. final destination is just a movie

  10. honestly, i never had a chance to ride on an airplane… maybe it will drive me so crazy… as if I’m panicking and will act ridiculously
    have a great day kenwooi and happy blogging

  11. cool, totally reminded me of my first time flying to uk in 2008 to continue my study…

    and the actual filming location in harry potter is st pancras station, not king’s cross even though they put a model trolley halfway through a barrier as a symbol…

    and yeah, travelling across the uk by train is the BEST thing i like here =p!!!

  12. I love love the fourth pic… and I always wanna capture such scene when I’m up in the air,but I used to think that no electronics gadgets up in the air :((( and I missed capturing it all the time..

    ZOMG,you meals make me starvy now,VERY.I just woke up ;/

    *nice post ,afterall *

  13. I think the “travelling time” is one of the most awesome time on a trip!

    especially whilst waiting in the airport… i always feel swarm with a sense of dejavu. the feeling that.. arhhh im gonna embark in one amazing journey and the feeling of maturity..

    okok. that might just be me..

    anyway, europe is awesome aye =)

  14. The UK? Man, cool. I wish I can go there too someday. And nice pics BTW. Very crisp. You should’ve taken a picture with a British chick.

  15. And i’m smiling too reading this entry.. Already been quite a long time didn’t board a plane.. Missing the moment where we can eat on board.. Ahaks.. MAS got plenty choices of food and tastes good as well.. Ngee..

  16. london is very nice place hor! :) but the 4 pounds per trip without oyster card is crazy! I paid once for that and decided I was quite out of my mind Haha!

  17. Thanks for sharing your journey with details flying with MAS from KLIA and travel with trains all the journey to Leeds.
    I guess I must get ready “Oyster Card” if possible when traveling in UK via train.
    I guess you were traveling alone as I believed it is not an easy journey as well.
    I believe for sure it is amazing and wonderful memory when you look back…

  18. hello..i just read your blog your journey from klia to london. really interesting!..huhu…actually, i really wanted to go london before i die..hahaha…so, wanted to ask you about budget going there. please. i don’t know who to ask.

    Email me your questions. :)

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