Royal Armouries Museum at Leeds

Royal Armouries Museum at Leeds

When you hear about “armouries”, you might think that the Royal Armouries is all about weapons in glass cases.

royal armouries museum leeds

But a visit to this spectacular museum will make you think again!

royal armouries weapons

Here’s what was displayed at staircase heading to the exhibition. Seriously, the arrangement of weapons is just fascinating!

Anyway, there are 5 galleries to explore – War, Tournament, Oriental, Self-Defense and Hunting.

royal armouries naked men

In the War Gallery, the first exhibition was some naked men. Yeah, it started with how human learned to fight without clothes.


A miniature of a catapult – reminds me of Age of Empires computer game. I always use this to destroy walls and castles!

men at arms display

Basically it’s about how human warfare evolve during the Middle Ages. And when gun powder was discovered and improvised, the machine guns were created.

the gatling principple

All sorts of machine guns are available, cool right?

Makes me feel like handling one and shooting at crazy zombies in Left 4 Dead 2!

machine gun


Anyway, while walking around the gallery, here’s what was spotted.

star wars stromtrooper display

A Star Wars Stormtrooper trapped in a glass case. Weapons and characters that exist in fictional movies are also displayed huh.

Besides that, interactive displays are located everywhere, therefore allowing visitors to experience hands on with the history.

interactive display fail

Cool idea. Touch the screen to start but there’s no screen at all. Interactive screen FAIL!

By the way, I personally think this is funny. Look.

soldier 1400

This is the guy from the year 1400.

soldier 1700

Then it’s the same guy in 1700. Still alive eh.

soldier 2000

And then in 2000 – it’s still the exact same guy! He’s still alive and kickin!

Okay, I know it’s the same guy, probably some employee. But to think that he lived through 600 years in the presentation is just funny! No?

The Tournament Gallery includes weapons for tournaments ages ago.

clay-pigeon shooting guns

There is a display of guns for clay-pigeon shooting. I’ve seen the digital version in gaming arcades.

tournament joustling

And figures for jousting tournaments.

weapon rifles

Then, more guns can be seen at the Hunting Gallery. You know, looking at the rifles made me feel like taking one, hunt down some Zombies and shoot the hell out of them!

left 4 dead 2 zombie die


Okay, enough of zombies.

royal armouries museum leeds display

Afterwards, we proceeded to the Oriental Gallery, where weaponry from Asia is featured.

japanese armour

The display mainly features the Japanese with their monster-looking headgear and samurai swords.

traditional dagger keris

Another prominent feature is the traditional daggers, also known as keris by the natives.

All in all, there are lots more to be seen than what I’ve shared here. The visit took almost 3 hours, just imagine how large it is.

And towards the end, we were greeted by a body armour.

steel body armour

Something’s definitely not right about it.

What’s that round thing bulging out between the legs?

ball of steel

So I experimented it and yes, it’s the well-known legendary… wait for it…


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  1. ok pic #2: i was astonished

    # 7: lower that a bit more and you would really be shooting from your own gun and i am sure zombie sure die hahahhaa

    # 2nd last pic: got key or not? hahahah

  2. Have been following your blog. But I guess this’s the first time am writing a comment. haha. Great post and keep it up. You’re the next KennySia.

  3. hahaha i like the way you end your post! so funny. The place look so amazing. If i only have a chance to visit that place. Hey i like Left 4 dead too! its nice to be here again have a great day!

  4. ohkayyyy.. ball of steel huh.. aiya, need la something like that to cup the user’s balls.. wait not yet fight kena kick there already kiok.. this place is cool.. i so want to go!

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