Sending Postcards: Uncensored Version

Sending Postcards: Uncensored Version

When I was in UK, I thought of sending postcards back to my parents back in Malaysia. Wanna show that I’m such a good son mah. =)

These are the postcards I sent, and they took about 2 weeks to reach.

london postcard

A random one from London.

disneyland paris postcard

Disneyland postcard from Disneyland Paris.

paris postcard

Paris postcard from Champs Elysées.

Anyway, there’s an interesting conversation based these postcards, thanks to my “creative” friends. So here’s the story.


I was having lunch with my friends and a few of them started talking.

Jonathan: Hey Ken, why not you do something more constructive?
Carly: Hey Jonathan no, the right word should be “productive”.

Michael: Yeah, go out and do something more productive!
Ken: I want to go to the post office across the road to send some postcards.
Michael: You wanna send postcards?
Ken: Yeah, send postcards!
Michael: So, that’s how you guys say “it”! Send postcards!

I stared at him dumbfounded.

Michael: So how many postcards are you sending?
Ken: Three.

london disneyland paris postcards

Michael: Only threeeeee?
Ken: Then what… what do you expect me to say? A million postcards!? O.o

Michael: If you’re only sending three postcards, chances of them reaching the intended recipient will be low! But if you’re sending a million postcards, one will definitely reach!
Ken: …

Michael: Do you need envelopes? It’ll be MUCH safer.
Ken: I don’t need envelopes since they’re just postcards.
Michael: Yeah, I get it. It’ll be much convenient since you don’t have to buy the “envelopes”! Saves money too.

Oh my, a simple sending-postcards intention has turned into some, “perverted” discussion! Something like this…

postcard sperms

Then I went to the washroom, to water the toilet bowl and I went back to the table.

Michael: So Ken, did you send any emails in the toilet?
Ken: No, I deleted some junks and spam emails.
Carly: Wah, like that also can filter?
Ken: Oh yeah, the postcards are in the draft section! Waiting to be sent!


See my friends. They are so perverted!

98 thoughts on “Sending Postcards: Uncensored Version

  1. i would assume delete spam and junk emails means the same thing from one same “source” right? lol.. guys and insinuations – they’re like band of brothers! HAHA

  2. Gee, ure fren ARE perverted..only person wf ‘dt’ brain can undstd wat dey meant exctly. ure fren a crack one. same ere :) its gd ting too u hv frens lyk dt. meks u hepi all d tym,.nyeh~

  3. Your friends remind me of my friend; we call him “Hamsap Boy”. But there’s a difference. My friend can say something purely innocent, but because it comes out of his mouth, it can sound so naughty and kinky! Cheekiness seems to be his innate nature.

    This is one hilarious post. :)

  4. my college used to send postcards to my parents but my mother didn’t keep them and i somehow miss those postcards because there were pictures of my class on the postcards.

  5. I love postcards!! The Disney one is so cute! I belong to Postcrossing, so I get to receive postcards from everywhere even though I’m too poor to travel now :)

  6. Two weeks! That’s long. Mail to NZ takes only one week from here. You didn’t buy those cards sealed in plastic…with stickers at strategic places? Hehehehehe!!!!

  7. hahaha bradder… u also a guy shld know us guys can ‘pervertise’ anything leh. Heck, take an ordinary spoon also can make it xXx or OoO. lolz

    looks like fun leh… when u balik?

  8. i sent the TITS and CATS one from London often and sometimes… it get censored…heeee

    that is productive…

    Nowadays..postage cost a bomb . 1 pound man.. = RM7! not worth it.

  9. Hi Ken, ha ha, your postcards reminds me of the same thing too when I was in London wayyyy back in 1962.
    Used to post back one every week….takes 2 weeks to arrive too.
    I guess I must have posted more than 200 too, ha ha.
    Love your postcards.
    You have a nice day, Lee.

  10. LOL! totally unexpected. Such an ordinary post could become entertaining thanks to your friend. Nice postcards :) Oh! and first time seeing you post on Innit till top10.

    P.S: Nanged you :)

  11. OMG.. can’t imagine what other ‘conversations’ and other ‘subjects’ can be changed into the uncensored innocent chat. waaaayyy to creative for my liking. but it was a great read, tho ;)

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